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  1. Why aosth? I was the only sonic show to follow the game characters sonic/tails/robotnik and badniks even if they are all off model. The show gets way to much hate.
  2. I really liked American Classic Sonic's look
  3. Super Sonic is fine but it would be nice to see a video of Classic Tails animations if you have them. Or at least a pic of Classic Tails doing something...
  4. Why read the comic if it has a main character that you don't like? Just do what any other sonic game fan does and ingore it. It's based of Sonic SATAM a show that you don't care for why keep reading it?
  5. I just want a picture of classic kunckles and amy please
  6. Classic Sonic but only because he represents good games 1,2,cd,3 in his main series. Unlike Modern Sonic with bad games like sa2,heroes,06,Unleashed in his main series. I don't care for the spinoff games from both era's really. But when it comes to looks Modern Sonic looks a million times better than his classic self.
  7. I don't see anything wrong with the design
  8. Holy Crap! Classic Sonic just did a michael jackson dance move at 6:22 Well Done SEGA
  9. I would his engrish is anoying he's just as bad as Jaleel White
  10. I just googled Mark Duggan he looks more arab than black to me
  11. Didn't amy come from the sonic japanese manga? How did she become canon?
  12. Iam also a classic fan and came just for Generations as well but i have no problems with any of the modern games and those who like them. Not all classic fans are like this guys
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