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  1. Hey! Thanks! Currently it isnt going anywhere quick lol. I intend to pick it up again in the next few months. Ive got a few things to do before hand though, such as rebuild my website etc (why the links arnt working anymore) Will post here as soon as i have something!
  2. Lighting update. Its rather fun and challenging to come up with a new design that seems true to the original trilogy
  3. Think these colours work a bit better
  4. Hey mate Dont worry about the change in pitch, im kinda liking the sound of it. If anyone wants to feel creative and make some music for Chronos Runway and Chaos Origin that would be cool to hear Chronos Runway is currently meant to be a transition in time, Sonic act 1, Knuckles act 2 Chaos Origin is set when the chaos emeralds are first guarded by the echidnas, jungle / ruins setting Also im currently playing with concepts / styles for Temporal Mine Zone. All in 3ds max at the moment Here is a very basic starter piece
  5. Just saw this on the front page “Sonic Boom will not be replacing the original franchise.” Sigh of relief!
  6. Robotnik is looking good, the gameplay is looking decent i suppose. The designs are just no..just no
  7. Bit more playing with asset creation
  8. Nice job! Good to see some colors! I wont comment on art as I can you are still working on parts, to the game design! My only (constructive) criticism is that the second half of the stage doesn't look as thought out as the first. You have moved from multiple paths and jumps etc to a lot of straight platforms that look to go on that little bit too long, Points like the large loop might benefit from a camera change, rather than focusing on the path infront, you could switch focus to something exciting happening in the background while sonic continues to run. Def keep it up! Some great potential!
  9. Step one, the side scrolling camera
  10. Random Music Asset, could possibly change. Im looking at so much stuff right now You should all recognise this, but this part with an adjusted tempo, just fits my ideas perfectly
  11. Oh yes it is def high poly at the moment. My drawing skills are very lacking, so I make my concepts in 3ds max. A strange way of doing things, but I prefer it. Still no takers on characters?
  12. - any got some input on some characters?
  13. Ok little more information Main Story Mode Playable Characters - Characters will have their own levels within story mode Sonic (Past Levels) Knuckles (Future Levels) (Share other levels) Past/Future Signs (From CD) will take the role of links to special stage. Designed to warp the players back to Hidden Palace - wether it is the Chaos Emeralds that are being collected is yet to be determined. Story - Will describe this soon in spoiler tags Abilities After collecting the first time stone (first level) Both characters will have the ability to slow time upon reaching a certain number of rings (characters will still move at normal pace) - rings will then reduce as long as ability is active Further time abilities possible but not determined Character abilites - see below in time attack Time Attack Mode This mode will open up all levels (excluding some story boss fights) to all characters Will also include further playable characters - roster to be determined - With some help of you guys! All characters will have, spin dash, 3 unique abilities, the main time ability (also slows clock), and a drawback. To be balanced but open up different methods of play. Sonic Super spin dash - can smash through certain objects - loose walls etc Double Jump Figure 8 charge - Faster launch than normal spindash Drawback - Sonic will run out of breath underwater in half the normal time Knuckles Glide Wall Climb Knuckle smash - break through specific hard walls Drawback - Knuckles cant jump as high as other characters Tails Fly Time device - reduced amount of rings required for time slow down Swim Drawback - Tails's top speed isnt as high as other characters - Ok now I need others!! - post as many as you want! Looking for possibly another 5? I have ideas for Shadow and Metal Sonic - but would like to hear some input. I know this all might sound ambitious or you might love the sound of it, but if im going to do this im going to do it right
  14. Bit of work on the tail of the plane. Nothing much. I want the tornado to have similarities but slight design changes
  15. The time travel parts are intended to be plot devices for this. There will be some time related mechanics though, which I will explain soon To further your interest the Death Egg Past is intended to be during the time of Sonic 2 - Updated the screens on the BiPlane with todays updates
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