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  1. Just got out of A Quiet Place 2. Pretty strong follow up and I really loved Cillian Murphy’s character, but damn that ending.

    1. T-Min


      I forgot A Quiet Place 2 was even happening.

    2. Winston


      I forgot for a while myself but I've been going to the theater like once a week and saw it finally came out lmao. I remember it was supposed to come out like a week after all the shut downs happened in the U.S. and Krasinski didn't want it released unless people could go see it in theaters. Similar thing happened with that James Bond movie that hasn't come out yet. Don't even know when that's releasing, I think like November. 

    3. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      i can't believe they were in a library the whole time

  2. I'm really happy with one of my commissions. It's so cool seeing a character you created through text fully realized with artwork. 

  3. If Tails is playable, it is extremely odd to leave him out of the announcement trailer. That'd be a pretty big deal and get a lot of people excited to be able to play as him. They could just be waiting to drop a trailer with it towards release or something. I can see them not wanting to rework cutscenes for Tails though, so I could imagine them just blocking him off from certain acts and not allow him to fight bosses like they did in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. I do wonder if they'll give Tails a boost, or a move similar to it though. Maybe he'll just run on the ground and when he fills up his boost meter, he just flies when pressed instead and somehow goes faster than on foot?
  4. Just got out of Cruella, and it’s fine. Probably the most entertaining out of all their recent live-action classic Disney movie remakes, or whatever this thing is. Prequel to a cartoon but in live action. 

  5. I’m glad this game makes you feel that way if this does turn out to be the truth. I don’t know what my dream Sonic game would be at this point, but I do love the way SA1 plays. Multiple playable characters has never been much of thing for me as I really only care if they get Sonic right, but if they can manage to add in elements that make exploring fun for the other characters or unique to them, then I’m all for it. Maybe it won’t be for this game particularly, but if this proves to be a commercial and critical success, I wouldn’t be surprised if a sequel tries to bring in the other characters.
  6. The fact it was described that way leads me to believe that the most important thing to them was the way Sonic controls in this open environment, which is promising. If they fill up the world with things to do and make it massive enough, it could be fantastic.
  7. Sonic in an open world could be lots of fun, and the whole circle enemies to destroy them thing reminds me of that one power-up from Pac-Man World 3. Granted, this sounds much more fun and open even if the 4chan leaker said it was very repetitive. It just heavily depends on how Sonic controls. It could just be a lucky guess, but until we get more info, I’m going to choose to believe the guy. Running around a huge world at a fast pace sounds like it could work for Sonic, but this is Sonic Team so we’ll have to see. It depends on the scope, but I’m very much for a game where simply booting it up just to explore the massive world is fun on its own. It’s good replay value.
  8. I really wanted Colors on PC more than anything which is why I was excited for the port but lol. Epic Games. 

  9. I didn't hate it but the Collection was disappointing and that teaser at the end was hilarious. 

  10. Yeah, this is a bit lame not gonna lie. I wanted the Taxman versions of Sonic 1 and 2, but I much rather would have them released individually than like this. It's nice to finally have S3&K back, but it's not like I don't have it already on other platforms and it's not different than on those platforms either, and CD is... CD. If they wanted to focus on Classic Era, at least include literally everything with things like Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic Spinball, the Game Gear games, etc.
  11. It's really nice having Roger back. I didn't expect this at all. 

  12. I'm really happy to see this and really did not expect this to happen. I believe people were talking about it the other day as a possibility, but man, I am so happy to have Roger back as Sonic! My personal favorite seems to change a lot, but I enjoy having the consistency so I'm happy that he'll be staying! I think this was a smart move to keep Roger too, as I'm sure it gave SEGA a lot of good grace with the fans for listening to most of us in wanting Roger to stay. He seems like a nice dude and genuinely enjoys playing the character so hopefully he plays him for many more years to come.
  13. I "left" the fanbase for a while, but Mania very much got me reinvested in the series. I oddly wasn't even really that excited for the 25th Anniversary show like I am this one. I think the video they released was really well done and it honestly made me happy to be back in the fanbase again. I'm looking forward to what they have to announce, and a lot of the 30th Anniversary merchandise has me interested. I haven't gotten Sonic merchandise in a long time so I'll probably pick something up this year.
  14. That’s a lot of notifications. I wonder if something happened!

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Oh yes sir, it' happ'nin

    2. Kuzu


      Come back on Thursday. 

    3. OnerousRiot


      Yessir! The one Sonic event we've been basically expecting for the past while got announced.

    4. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      today is merely the calm before the storm, lad

  15. I was always disappointed in the original Spider-Man movies when the villains died, but it served the plot well, and as I've gotten older I understand that for plot reasons. Fantastic movies to this day... 


    but I'm excited Spider-Man No Way Home will apparently feature both Alfred Molina Doc Ock and Willem Dafoe Green Goblin... and I am extremely excited to see those two interact. Such great characters. 


    1. Winston



      I'm a bit worried about Ock though since he was never really a bad guy in the Raimi movies. I wonder if they'll even address that in No Way Home. I mean, he was the bad guy of 2, but it's mostly because of the arms manipulating him and in the end he became himself again. Comics Ock really isn't like the Raimi version (although I think the Raimi version fits better for a movie), and Molina said this is the exact Ock of Spider-Man 2. I could understand it if Molina was being MCU Ock who is more comic accurate and just happened to be cast again in the role because he's great... but he's Raimi Ock.


    2. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon


      I'm worried about the Doc Ock thing too.

      But Jace we gotten more insight on the Willem Dafoe bit? I hope that's not another stupid MCU fakeout at this point.


    3. Winston



      From what I can tell, Willem Dafoe is the main villain of No Way Home and he's playing the Raimi Goblin. A lot of leakers seem pretty adamant about it so I can only hope it's true. 


    4. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer


      So Holland is da hero, and William is....


      ..da foe.

      Sorry, I had to. 😂😂


    5. AlphaRuby



      No worries, Ock will turn out to be some random schmuck called Dave Bhals.


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