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  1. So Trump’s going to get away with it. The lack of backbone in the Republican Party continues to astonish. You’d think they would stand up when they were nearly murdered a month ago by him and his terrorist supporters, but nope. No idea how anyone votes GOP anymore outside of being fully brainwashed.

    1. PaddyFancy


      Still got two impeachments to his name. None of the other presidents who were impeached got convicted anyway, and put it this way they won't allow another insurrection like that to happen again because that was just plain embarrassing for the greatest country in the world.

      On the other hand did the Democrates sleepwalk their way through the trial? Feels like once again they didn't do enough.

    2. Strickerx5


      I'm not surprised. After I learned that they needed 2/3rds of the senate and not just a majority, it was over. There just isn't that many reps willing to act for anyone but themselves.

      That whole party is basically in a holding pattern now. They know there's no way in hell to reach for anyone that's any shade of blue in this lifetime now and the population in the middle would be too difficult for their current structure to parse fully. They already loss an election by millions and haven't had the popular vote win in almost two decades. They're banking on what's left of the duck mob for the future and that overall turnout is a lot lower next time around.

      They are still 90% a trump party. They're not going to do anything to piss off that base. My guess is that he's going to run again in 2024 and they're whole goal over the next four years is to try to downplay it all so that they have the votes to get him (or someone like him) in. It's an all or nothing move as they're desperately flailing to grab any power they can.

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