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  1. I just try my best to grind, even though it is pretty awful that microtransacations seem to be heavily pushed in how much grinding is required out of you. It's nice to have nearly every character in the series, but at the same time... it's pretty crappy the amount of wumpa coins we get. I love CTR: Nitro Fueled, but it's hard to support it when somebody like Activision is behind it. I genuinely believe that Beenox is a huge Crash Bandicoot fan, especially with the small and large references they have put in to every game in the entire franchise. It just kinda sucks that Activision is in charge of the series, but who knows if this series would even still have games being published if it weren't for Activision.

  2. I think a character like Banjo, even if not on Nintendo platforms, could still make it on. I doubt he will, but he still has a bigger chance on getting on due to his history with Nintendo. At least with Phil Spencer he was just replying to a fan instead of flat out saying "Make sure to put Banjo in Smash, guys!". 


    I mean, I can understand if the company wants the character in there, but if they have literally nothing to do with Nintendo then they really shouldn't be saying stuff like that. Just looks like a desperate attempt for attention to their own ip to give it more advertising. 

  3. Rick May has throat cancer? Well that sucks. :/ Hope he gets better.

    I'm actually surprised that Soldier and Engie were Other Darrined. Nolan sounded really sounded like them. Maybe I just need to watch it again.



    Well, North only voiced Soldier for one line. The rest was all Rick May, so yeah, you can really hear the difference between the two, it's right at the end when the soldier shouts before being thrown by the monster. 

  4. Wes Anderson is probably one of my all-time favorite directors, for one he usually or pretty much always has Bill Murray with a role in all of his films except for like one, and his stories are written so well with the characters standing-out with their distinctive personalities, and most of them are all hilarious in their own ways.


    My favorite film is totally the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, it has Bill Murray in the lead role, and it's one of Wes Anderson's finest in my opinion. The film is really hilarious and I love all of it, it has a great cast of huge names that all really play their roles great and are all hilarious in their own right. It's also really dramatic at times, and the final moments of the film are really sad, but I'm glad they kind-of pushed on instead of focusing on the sad moment that happened, and that's why this is probably one of my favorites. It has a certain charm, and best of all Bill Murray is in the lead role. What could possibly go wrong in that?


    My second favorite, and the one most deserving of a sequel is Fantastic Mr. Fox. I really, really loved this film, and it's also the first Wes Anderson film I've ever seen. Nobody else in my family liked it when we went to see it, but I loved the fuck out of it. It's hilarious, the film is brilliant in it's writing of comedy and drama, and all of the characters bring something new to the table. It's one of Wes Anderson's finest works, just alone for how well he wrote and delivered the characters in the film. This film needs a sequel, come on FOX, give them the money.


    Over-all, Wes Anderson is a brilliant director and you all need to see his movies atleast once. Everyone in the world should, and not just because they have Bill Murray in them, but because they're written brilliant as well, but especially because of Bill Murray.

  5. Trailer



    Mario Party 10 is the next installment in the Mario Party series coming exclusively coming to Wii U, and featuring Bowser as the main character pretty much as he is the main selling point in the trailer and was mentioned several times. It was revealed this year at E3, and it still seems to keep the shitty car thing from Mario Party 9...god damn, I don't care if they keep it, but I'd rather them atleast put it in as atleast an option over the main part of the game. 


    Eh, I don't know about this one, I guess it could be cool, but Mario Party really hasn't been good since like 5. Yeah, well, Mario Party 10 everybody, lets get hyped?

  6. Day 28: Most Anticipated Game

    It's hard to choose just one game I'm getting excited for, so I'll choose multiple.

    Uncharted 4


    I fucking love the Uncharted games, and I am super hyped for the new one coming to PS4 sometime soon, hopefully the release will be revealed at E3. Damn, I just am looking forward to this game and we haven't even seen gameplay of it, that's the power of Naughty Dog. I just hope Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan are back, or atleast Victor Sullivan. Can't have an Uncharted game without Victor God Damn Sullivan, it wouldn't be the same, but I'll buy it day one either way.


    Batman: Arkham Knight


    I fucking love Batman, he is one of my all-time favorite superheroes, and his villains and storylines are usually if always the best. The Rocksteady games bring out the best of the Batman mythos and takes it to new heights, and I can't fucking wait for the finale. The gameplay will probably be the best it's ever been, and the story will be featuring my favorite Batman villain as the main villain, Scarecrow! I can't wait to see how things turn out, especially due to this being the finale and how the last game ended.


    Super Smash Brothers for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS


    I am also super excited for the new Smash Brothers, as it seems to improve alot of the problems I've had with the previous installments, and alot of the assist trophies and items seem alot more imaginative. Now, this games roster isn't anything special to me yet, but count me hyped if Reggie or Solid Snake are announced in Smash 4. Atleast Reggie, if Reggie is fucking announced that's it, I'm buying 500 copies of this game day one and sending 499 of them to an orphanage, even orphans should be shown the true love of Reggie Fils-Aime. Yeah, anyways, this game will surely be great, as it has been shown Sakurai has been working himself to death over getting this done and living up to everyone's expectations, so yeah, count me as hyped.


    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


    This will be the last one, but I saved the best for last. As I mentioned a while back in this topic, the Metal Gear series is my favorite series of all-time, as I love all the characters and the amazing story. I've been hyped for this game ever since it was announced, even though Kojima swore that The Phantom Pain wasn't a Metal Gear Solid game and was being made by people that were inspired by Metal Gear (Yeah, sure Kojima). Eventually, he announced it was MGSV, and I couldn't be any happier, the gameplay in Ground Zeroes was fantastic, and I can't wait to see how big it will be in Phantom Pain, as it is apparently /way/ larger than Ground Zeroes. This could also possibly be the last game to feature Big Boss, as after this into leads into the original Metal Gear games, if so, I bet you'll be going out with a bang Big Boss, but yeah, I can't wait for this game, or any of these games.

  7. Day 24: Favorite Controller

    PlayStation Controllers


    I grew up with the PlayStation, and the PlayStation line of systems is still my over-all favorite. The controller is really great too, I was going to mention just the DualShock 2 as I played with that one the most, but most of the controllers are pretty much the same but with just an added feature on the next system. The PSX controller from what I remember is a more generic PS2 controller, and the PS3 controller is just a wireless more advanced PS2 controller. The PS4 controller is alot more advanced however, as it has that new touch-pad, and the back has that blue light illuminating out of it. Over-all, I just love the PlayStation controller, no matter really what system it is used on. The dualshock is just all-around great. 

  8. Day 21: Most Memorable Unlockable

    Solid Snake - Super Smash Brothers Brawl


    Man, when I first saw Snake appear in Smash Bros. Brawl and had to face him, it was super cool. Snake is easily one of my favorite video game characters of all-time, and seeing him be available to be unlocked is just awesome. It was just a really cool day for me to finally get the screen that said that about Snake. Snake is probably my favorite Smash character, and this was just the beginning. It was just really awesome for me atleast, and I hope to see him back for Smash 4.

  9. Day 20: Favorite Side Character

    Victor God Damn Sullivan


    Victor Sullivan is amazing, and he is my favorite Uncharted character for a reason. Just look at him, he is a beautiful piece of artwork sculpted by the Gods themselves. Naughty Dog knew what they were doing when they created him, and they made him just as perfect as they imagined. Who doesn't like an old man that says god damn it alot, smokes a cigar, and jumps around shooting guns all day? He is a role model to all. I love Victor Sullivan, he will always be my favorite Uncharted character for a reason, and my favorite side character.

  10. Day 19: Favorite Antagonist

    Dr. Neo Cortex


    Yet another Crash Bandicoot character takes this spot. Sure, Cortex isn't the most threatening or dangerous looking guy, but behind it all he's pretty sinister and a genius. He's also fucking hilarious in Crash Twinsanity, which still stands as probably my favorite Crash Bandicoot tied with 2. Seriously, Cortex after Twinsanity is just the fucking best, he soon became my favorite Crash Bandicoot character after Twinsanity. Even in the Titans games, Cortex is the best part, it's like the writers focus on just Cortex being the main star, which is something I can't decline. Dr. Cortex is probably one of my favorite characters of all-time, and he is definitely my favorite antagonist. There are also alot others, such as Wheatley, the one and only Dr. Eggman, and Dr. Nefarious. Wow, that's weird, like all my favorite villains all have doctors in there names. But yeah, Cortex is certainly my favorite. 

  11. Day 18: Favorite Protagonist

    Crash Bandicoot


    Ah yeah, this bandicoot brings back all the memories. Crash Bandicoot was pretty much the first game character I ever loved, and Crash Bandicoot 2 was the first game I ever played. He brings back so many good memories, I just really love this orange idiot. He's funny to watch, his facial expressions are hilarious, and he's just a really cool looking character. Now, in recent years his looks have changed, but I will always love the original Crash Bandicoot before the Titans games, but the Titans games don't exist. Now I just hope one day this lovable guy comes back into the spotlight...hopefully at Sony's E3 conference. But yeah, Crash Bandicoot is my favorite protagonist in any game ever, because just look at him, how can't you love this guy? 

  12. Day 17: Best Combat

    The Batman Arkham Games


    This has been said a few times in the topic already, but I really love the combat in the Arkham games. It's really fun, and it just gets better and better with each installment. It's fast, fluid and makes you feel really powerful, and makes you try to think of combos you can pull off with your different gadgets in combat. It's just altogether really fun, and probably one of the only games where I actually like getting put into a room with 20 bad guys to fight. I also love the challenge maps where you get to fight as many people as you can in many rounds. It's just altogether a really fun time, and I'm sure Arkham Knight will perfect it even more. 

  13. Day 16: Most Tragic/Saddest Moment

    The Walking Dead

    The Death of Lee

    videoglide-snapshot3_0180.jpgSpoilers even though most people that care have already played or spoiled the game by now, but still spoilers. Lee dies at the end of the fifth episode, which was one of the saddest moments I've ever viewed in video game history. I nearly cried, hell, I probably had a few tears from my eyes. The emotion in this scene is just too strong for me, and I really didn't want to lose Lee as he became apart of me through-out the episodes. Seeing him die was one of the hardest things in this game to see happen. It's one of my favorite moments in gaming history, and it's probably alot of other peoples too. We'll see if you can top this, Season 2. JUST DON'T KILL KENNY

  14. Day 14: Favorite Story

    The Walking Dead


    The Walking Dead game is one of my favorite story-driven games of all-time. It is intense, dramatic, and filled with characters lovable and unlovable. So far, Season 2 is pretty great, but I don't know if it will live up to the amazing story of Season 1, it's still early on though. Season 1 had you play as Lee Everett, as you were put in the midst of a zombie apocalypse while in a police car after murdering the person your wife had an affair on. Shortly after, the car wrecks and Lee must run to some house to hide, there he finds Clementine and the journey begins.


    Now TellTale games main focus is pretty much story telling, as their main area of expertise is in point and click titles, but this one really outshines the rest in every aspect. I feel with these characters through-out the entire game series, and I recommend everyone to go out and buy it even if they already know how it ends (which the ending is pretty damn shocking if you don't know how it does.), I played it knowing what already happened, but damn it was still fucking great. You should get it, it's on pretty much everything except Nintendo consoles, seriously get Season 1, and then get Season 2. Great games with a story that really drags you into it, and this is the only thing related to the Walking Dead I have ever played, watched or read, and I'm a huge fan of this game. Seriously, just get it if you haven't already. 

  15. Day 13: Most Disappointing Game

    Duke Nukem Forever


    This game was in development for fucking ever, and I was still getting more and more hyped for it as the time went on. Now let me tell you, I was probably a bit too young to be playing Duke Nukem when I first played Duke Nukem 3D, which was probably one of my first games I've ever played, but only because my step Dad loved himself some Duke Nukem. Me and my step dad were both hyped as shit for this game, and we pre-ordered it and went the first day to pick it up, and just damn, me and him were both just so fucking miserable after we played this game for like 30 minutes. This was just a poor man's Duke Nukem was what we thought.


    This game could've been something amazing, something Duke fans would have loved, but they wanted to make it shitty and "modern" if I can call it that. It's ironic how this game makes fun of modern FPS things while using what modern FPS have, it's really funny. Overall, this game isn't horrible or anything, it's not Sonic '06, but it's a horrible, horrible Duke Nukem game. If this had nothing to do with Duke Nukem, I could probably stomach it a little, but overall this game is just a disappointment. You better get it right next time, if there is a next time. 

  16. Day 11: Most Frustrating Moment

    Final Battle - BioShock Infinite


    Now don't get me wrong, this is a great game, but god damn the final level/battle/mission in this game is just fucking difficult, depending on the difficulty. I couldn't beat this at all on normal mode, because god damn it's just so hard to focus on taking down all the blimps and shit while also protecting the main power core or whatever. It might just be me, but this level was really fucking hard to me. I could never beat it until one day I just got really lucky somehow, but yeah, this was just extremely frustrating to me.

  17. Day 10: Most Immersive Game

    Portal 2

    pressdemo_glados0033a.jpgNow Portal 2 is the sequel to Portal, a game I didn't really care for that much, it wasn't a bad game or anything, I just didn't find Portal very interesting. Now, when I got Portal 2 I really fucking loved it, I feel like they made the things that were good in Portal and made them ten times better while also improving many things. When you first enter Portal 2, they make you feel right at home by introducing Wheatley, one of my favorite characters in gaming, because Wheatley is just great. Glad0s is back as well and she is just as good as before, and even more menacing. It really makes you feel like apart of the world when you have to escape from Glad0s with Wheatley and stuff, and even when you get to the older part of Aperture, you feel like you got there yourself after a big journey. It's just a really great, immersive game. I was going to say Half-Life 2, but I really just love Portal 2 way more than Half-Life 2. That's just me though, but yeah, I find this to be my most immersive game. 

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