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  1. Tails is heavier and Knuckles is poking his claws into his flesh. Way to go Sonic X.
  2. Dr. Eggman is probably my favorite gaming villian, but it gets old having the same villian after a while. I've wanted to see Metal Sonic return as a Major Villian, also Mephiles to return. Mephiles has a less chance of returning because of how bad 06 was. I'm not very fond of Nega, he seems to much like Eggman, I don't want Eggman Nega to be a major villian for a change of pace because he's pretty much Eggman with different hair color and different color clothes. I would really love to see a new Villian to take the spotlight though.
  3. Will Sonic Generations have another piece of character artwork today?

    1. Spooky Mulder

      Spooky Mulder

      Is there any reason to expect that?

    2. Winston


      Yes, because it has happened weekly. On July 16th they revealed Classic Metal Sonic, on July 23rd they revealed Classic and Modern Tails, and it has been a week today.

    3. frokenok3


      You think? I think it was just a coincidence but hey i don't mind.

  4. Not really, gamestop has Generations -PS3/360- releasing on November 1st. The 3DS Version will be releasing November 25th in the UK.
  5. I bet this will be the plot. "Dr. Eggman and Classic Dr. Eggman -I hope to god they call him Robotnik- have teamed-up and have created a strange creature named "Time Eater". Time Eater will destroy time and both Sonic's of both Generations."
  6. In 2 days we will see more character artwork..we will see whose next. The reason I say 2 days is because on the 16th they released artwork of Classic Metal Sonic, on the 23rd they released artwork of Classic and Modern Tails. So maybe in 2 days we will see another one?
  7. Well yeah, but SEGA is saying "No more Classic Characters will be in the game." Do you think they are telling the truth, hiding the characters, or seeing what Classic Characters fans want in the game? The world will never know -until November 1st of course- Maybe that doesn't mean Co-Op, maybe it means they'll follow you like in Sonic 2.
  8. If Classic Sonic and Classic Tails are going to be the only Classic Characters, where did Classic Metal Sonic and Classic Robotnik -3DS Version, Rumored for PS3/360- come from? They have to be hiding something.
  9. What if Eggman Team made a game that featured Sonic as the main-character!

    1. BlazingTales
    2. Nepenthe


      Sonic doesn't deserve his own game because the franchise is still in a rut. We need to focus on the foundations and get Eggman absolutely perfect before taking a chance on giving Sonic a game.

    3. Unknown User
    4. BlazingTales


      Nepenthe only says that because she hates Sonic. Begone with you, hater!

    5. Winston


      Eggman will always be better than Sonic!

    6. Shockhog


      His name's Robotnik! None of you are real fans!

    7. Nepenthe


      BlazingTales is just one of those fans who'll settle for less! >(

    8. ChikaBoing


      The games can only get good again if he is back to being called Robotnik!

    9. Winston


      Dr. Robotnik is awesome, but they will never change it back from Eggman =(

    10. azoo


      @Nepenthe: "BlazingTales is just one of those fans who'll settle for less! >("

      I lol'd. Have a friend who's just like that. XD

    11. BakingBluePotatoe


      Sonic? THAT ANNOYING BLUE PEST!? Nonsense!

    12. Unknown User

      Unknown User

      Remember the original Robotnik 1, 2, and 3? They decided to make a 4 to please us but it was EGGMAN 4. Screw Eggman Team and SEGA!

    13. Winston


      I know, Eggman 4 was terrible!

    14. Unknown User

      Unknown User

      Ugh. He's legs are too tall, his nose is too wide, and worst of all he isnt round enough!

  10. Who here wants "Eggman Adventure 3"?

    1. Unknown User
    2. Tatsumaki


      NO WAY


    3. Unknown User

      Unknown User

      I've been waiting since 2001 for this. -_____-

    4. Tatsumaki



      I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

    5. redhellc


      Is eggman the speed gameplay?

    6. Silencer226


      You know what they say the more the... ya know what that line pissed me off so much I'm not even gonna type it out...

    7. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      The Eggman Adventure games are stupid shit for modern fags. They need to make REAL Eggman the Genius 4 WITH REAL PHYSICS SEGA!!!!! AND HIS NAME IS NOT SONIC ITS MR. NEEDLEMOUSE!!!!

  11. Wait, wasn't Adventure and 06 open environment?
  12. What if Generations has a team-work thing in the Seaside Hill level. That'd be flippin' awesome, in Modern Sonic's team it will have Modern Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, and on Classic Sonic's it will have Classic Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. That'd be awesome.
  13. I hope, I'm still wanting Metal Madness and Radical Highway. The good thing is Sonic Generations is rumored to have Downloadable Stages, so Stages that don't make it in the game can become downloadable.
  14. I severly wish they would have never released that demo, so we could find out everything about the game while it keeps coming. Instead of spoiling all at once.
  15. I have to agree, hacking into the game and finding out "Every Single Feature". It just doesnt seem right, it reveals every character, every stage, and all the power-ups, it just doesn't make sense.
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