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  1. The Greatest Youtube Videos You've Ever Seen

    Something tells me I'm gonna love this series. While I don't listen to them that much it's amazing that they got Blood on the Dance Floor to sing the theme song as well.
  2. It's time to start tweeting #BringBackToonami folks

    1. Big Boss (legendsneverdie)
    2. Ghostrick Dorklord
    3. KHCast
    4. PeanutButterDimond
    5. Jetronic


      time for battle?

    6. PeanutButterDimond


      Steve Blum ‏ @blumspew

      Remember only use (hashtag) BringBackToonami starting Sat at 10pm eastern into the night if we hope to trend. Until then use only #Toonami


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    7. Ekaje


      Don't have Twitter, wouldn't care if I did.

    8. PeanutButterDimond


      The lack of care for Toonami is disappointing.

    9. goku262002


      Crap, fucking no edit button. does these status postings have to be an exact Facebook clone?!...

      Did you hear about the weird schedule change coming up later this month?

    10. PeanutButterDimond


      What schedule change?

    11. Nate


      I would if I ever used Twitter...

    12. goku262002



      Nobody knows whats going on and [AS] has kept their mouth shut about it. so fuck knows whats happening, its possible though. and if it is, then good it'll piss off those 3 dicks above.

  3. Courage Revival?

    I really hope it does revive, because I had a dream a few months ago about a new episode, both segments were returns of old villains (One was Queen of the Black Puddle and the other one was Kings Ramses AKA the scariest bitches on the show)

    1. Patticus


      I am theoretically plausible, however.

  5. The opportunities of a new Sonic show down the line.

    Well, I couldn't stop thinking about a Sonic show so I made my idea into this: Only Season 1 Ideas are posted at the moment.
  6. SHOW IDEA: Sonic Evolution (Working Title)

    Pretty much this is my show idea that spun off of my post in the Sonic TV Show thread. Title: Sonic Evolution (Working Title) Rating: TV-Y7-FV Synopsis (Season 1): In the 22nd century, Animals have evolutioned into humanoid forms, and fit in well with quite easily. Sonic and friends are at war with Eggman and G.U.N. over the possession of the Chaos Emeralds after multiple proposed theories of how the emeralds could be used drives society's curiousity too far. Sonic and the gang must depend on the help of the Freedom Fighters and frenemies Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat in order to gather the chaos emeralds and set things right before the Emeralds' misuse goes to far. Seasons: 3 Episodes: 60 Characters: Protagonists (MAIN) Sonic the Hedgehog Miles Tails Prower Knuckles the Echidna Amy Rose Protagonists (RECURRING) Shadow the Hedgehog (Protagonist for the Most Part) Rouge the Bat (Protagonist for the Most Part) Vector the Crocodile Espio the Chameleon Charmy the Bee Sally Acorn Antoine D'Coolette Bunnie D'Coolette Rotor Walrus Mighty the Armadillo Antagonists Dr. Eggman General Black (G.U.N.) Metal Sonic Scourge the Hedgehog Fiona Fox Bean the Dynamite Bark the Polar Bear Episode Guide: Season 1: 1) Sonic Recall Sonic the Hedgehog and friends recall the backstory to how the war between Dr. Eggman and GUN began and how they got in the middle of it. 2) Sound Barrier Eggman invents a device that manipulates sound waves that slows down Sonic tremendously as a distraction to steal the next Chaos Emerald. 3) Fight for Freedom After having only 1 Chaos Emerald, the gang contacts their old friends, the Freedom Fighters to help, but Fiona Fox has other plans. 4) Two If By Sea (FILLER) Following Amy's request, the gang takes a day off at the beach, where wacky villain Bean strikes with his partner Bark the Polar Bear. 5) Mind Over Matter Eggman challenges Sonic to a fight against Metal Sonic for a Chaos Emerald. 6) The Forgotten Shadow opposes offered alliances with GUN and Eggman when neither side refuses to reveal information about Maria. 7) Guardian In a Knuckles-focused episode, the Echidna goes on a solo mission to retrieve the next Chaos Emerald and reconnects with his heritage along the way. 8) Cinos Devolution Eggman realizes everyone has an opposite form in a parallel universe, so he attempts to open up a portal to said universe in order to recruit the evil versions of the gang, but is only able to bring Sonic's opposite - Scourge into the world where he disarms Eggman's robots and Metal Sonic, then quickly befriends Fiona Fox. 9) Sonic 64 (FILLER) Sonic gets sucked into a videogame console and must find a way out before G.U.N. shuts him down. 10) Heads or Tails In a Tails-focused episode, Tails along with Amy go search for the missing Rotor when they are confronted by Fiona and Scourge, causing Tails to have heartbreaking memories. 11) Crash and Burn Eggman kidnaps Tails and forces him to do repairs on the recently injured Metal Sonic, but when Tails secretly reprograms Metal Sonic to be good, the scientist rejects him and works on an old model of Metal Sonic...Mecha Sonic. When Metal Sonic's repairs wear off, the two robots battle for the title of last one standing. 12) Seaweed Is Always Greener Sonic must learn to swim when Eggman sets his new base underwater in order to study ocean life and robotize it. 13) And Your Enemies Closer Eggman launches his attack on the Earth a month earlier than anticipated; G.U.N. and Sonic have a 3 month truce in order to defeat Eggman; Scourge and Fiona reveal they want to gather all seven emeralds and open a portal to Scourge's dimension and unleash the rest of the Anti-Freedom Fighters; The Chaotix want Knuckles back on their team; Sonic and Tails devise their own plan after being unable to trust anyone. 14) Chaos Control (1) Eggman sends robots all over the world as a decoy while he lures everyone into his base so he can steal all of the emeralds. 15) Chaos Control (2) Now that Sonic has transformed into Super Sonic, he tries to defeat Eggman, G.U.N. and Scourge before he runs out of energy, but plans are interrupted when Shadow has his own motive.
  7. The opportunities of a new Sonic show down the line.

    Eh, even though alot of people would thumbs down on that, I do believe if they rewrite him (and a few other characters) well enough, it could work. And how does it sounds like ShtH O.o
  8. The opportunities of a new Sonic show down the line.

    I've always wanted a new Sonic show. My preferences if you might ask (no one will ask but Imma put it anyways) - Produced in 720-1080p HD (Though this is already a likely factor) - 2D Animation,With Design like the Sonic Unleashed/Sonic Colors/Sonic Generations manga - Take 1 or 2 elements from the past cartoons. - Elements from the comics and the games - Set on Earth for the most part (I believe this will set an appeal for younger viewers, you don't need a human protagonist however) - Characters from the video games and comics - Story Arcs that last most of the season - Filler Episodes that don't get in the middle of the plot outside out of the occasional breather episodes so the show isn't to fast paced. - Have Eggman be the main villain, but instead of getting screwed over, he actually either commands or has a strong serious alliance with other villians - Chaos Emeralds play an important role in every other story arc (maybe even one so it won't get tiring) - A balanced mixture of action and comedy, so a serious tone nor a comedic tone won't overshadow each other. - ORIGINAL Story Arcs (Maybe a mini-arc, episode or movie/special based off a game) - Super Transformations don't come in till the middle/end of the first or second season. - After revealed, Super Transformations aren't overused and abused. - Even though the main setting is Earth, have story arcs take them till different cities, planets and universes. Things I would love to see: - Have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy as the main characters. - The Chaotix having recurring roles but slowly transition to important semi-main roles. - Have Shadow be an anti-hero who from the start doesn't support the villain but isn't 100% on Sonic's side - Bring in Silver (It's not impossible to make him likeable to everyone) Blaze, etc. - Sally Acorn and the Freedom Fighters as an ally - On-going but VERY minor love triangle plot between Sonic, Amy and Sally. - Scourge as a serious threat and villain but only appears every now and then (Who wouldn't want to see an animated Super Scourge vs Super Sonic fight?) - 26 episodes per season. - 3 Seasons atleast. - Sol Emeralds have a role in atleast one arc. - Have Mephiles, he has alot of potential to be the End Game Ultimate Threat in a last season (or have him buildup to be one) - Humans don't have any leading roles (G.U.N. can be an frenemy) - Death not being huge, but not being afraid to show it either.
  9. THIS is why MLP FiM rocks

    1. Steve


      If that is why it "rocks", then I'm glad I stay far away from it.

    2. Alexander


      It's cool when Bugs Bunny does it.

    3. Big Boss (legendsneverdie)

      Big Boss (legendsneverdie)

      You just ruined everything for me.

    4. A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      Tiranno can go flip a flapjack.

  10. Everybody please watch and sign the petition for the love of anime! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvdlO_JhKVg

    1. \gunther


      Doesn't the 3DS have Netflix, which has a wide selection of Japanimation?

    2. Ghostrick Dorklord

      Ghostrick Dorklord

      People have the silliest ideas. :P

  11. Where to contact?

    Thanks for the email! But yeah the club director demands approval first.
  12. Where to contact?

    Hey guys, I want to show Sonic X to the kids of the Boys and Girls Club this summer, but the club director said I need to get written approval first. Who would I need to contact first to get permission? SEGA, Sonic Team, TMS Entertainment, 4Kids? If so, where would I contact them? Help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Komodin's meh meme...meh

    1. Komodin


      Yeah... I actually agree.

  14. Sonic 4 Episode 2 made my cousins orgasm just from the screenshots

    1. Komodin


      Sure hope they cleaned up afterwards...

    2. SRB2Unleashed