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  1. Took my son there a few months ago. It's shit. Tons of broken games, dirty, over crowed. Sonic Forces fits right in with that shit hole.
  2. As long as we keep getting Mania type games I don't care about Sonic Teams efforts anymore. They stink.
  3. Considering the game sold like shit I really don't think Sega are going to be making much bank on this DLC.
  4. Do we the fans have the high ground though? As long as we have the high ground we good.
  5. I don't care one way or the other about it being in the game when there are shit loads of customization options anyway. I do think holding something like this back as some sort of special DLC is a bit ridiculous though. Like does this really excite anyone?
  6. Fudge up the gameplay, fudge up the story/continuity! At least Sonic Team are consistent!
  7. Game needs a good Super fight honestly. Ending with another Colors boss rehash was lame as fuck. Especially since lot of us joked that it would end likethat before release. Plus it would be nice to get some actual Infinite closure.
  8. I think they just aren't very good. It's still a job they're getting paid to do.
  9. Don't see the point of the HE2 since out looks almost identical to HE1. If anything Unleashed and Generations look better imo.
  10. I love Sonic. The first Sonic for the Genesis is the first game I can remember beating on my own. I was 8 and untill then I didn't even know games had endings. From that moment onward I felt a special connection with the series. Seeing the downward spiral the series went on was tough but then a few games (Colors, Generations) gave me some hope. Now Forces comes along and feels incredibly phoned in. It's like they weren't even trying with the level design in this one. I don't want to go through that bullshit with the series again. Especially when Mania COMPLETELY shamed the so called "Sonic Team". If Forces is the best they can do, or are willing to do then fuck em.
  11. Meh, if they stop making them so be it. Why should I care when they usually put in a piss poor effort anyway? It's like getting mad that a shitty restaurant that occasionally has decent food is closing down.
  12. Is there a reason why he just vanishes after the last fight with him? He's a real thing and not an illusion so I don't get it. Unless he was an illusion of the real Infinite. Which would be dumb.
  13. So, is Super Sonic just locked away for no good reason then? This freaking company makes no damn sense. What the hell is their decision process based on?
  14. Well I wonder if this will be a wake up call to Sega/Sonic Team. I don't want 3D Sonic to die but if this is the best they got then can't say I'll really miss it.
  15. Well technically if he was working for Eggman he was already evil, but yeah the reason he became Infinite is dumb as fuck.
  16. Probably on to make another mediocre Sonic game.
  17. Told them to make Rouge's chest bigger and then release a game for psvr. J/k I told them to focus on one gameplay style, to stop over using 2D gameplay, and the levels in Forces were too short and simple.
  18. The original CGI trailer was nothing since you can't judge anything from it. As soon as we started seeing gameplay I was iffy on it since it looked too basic and simplified compared to Generations. Then every new piece of info that dropped did the opposite of what it was intended to do and decreased my hype substantially. Especially the revelation of the avatar and it's bad gameplay.
  19. If they can make Sonic's friends playable in the 3D games in the same vein as the classics then I'm fine with that. I definitely never want to see completely different gameplay styles ever again though. They can't even get one gameplay style completely right.
  20. Feels good to see the game getting such bad reviews. I hope Sonic Team cries themselves to sleep. I really do hope it bombs so they have to seriously rethink 3D Sonic. I just want better for the series.
  21. I mean, most of us have seen the entire game already. I don't need a reviewer to tell me it's bad. Just like if it got great reviews I would still personally think it looks bad.
  22. The stages are so stupidly short that Super Sonic isn't even an exciting aspect for this game. Wow! You got to be Super Sonic for 30 seconds! Why the hell are the stages so fucking short?! Like, the game looks mediocre as hell but if it at least had decent length Modern stages I could still manage to squeeze some enjoyment out of it. The stages feel like they end just as you're getting into it. It's like they went out of their way to make sure most people would be disappointed by every single aspect of the game.
  23. I watched a bunch of the secret stages on YouTube. Seems every one of them is nothing but 2D gameplay. :/
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