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  1. This game, man. I love it. I love the music most of all. I also enjoy the weather effects.
  2. No, OP. You should feel ashamed for even thinking of such an atrocity.
  3. *sigh* Here it goes. I'm just going to say my real name because my username is usually something dumb. My name is Gary. I enjoy sonic because most of my life I've lived as an only child. Having been bullied most of my life, Sonic was like an escape for me. I could hop into his world and escape mine. I have Asperger's Syndrome which is a form of Autism so, I don't socialize well and I'm kind of blunt. Don't take it personally, I'm just being the way God created me. I don't like arrogant or pushy people who can't take opinions. I try to respect opinions so please respect mine. I also can't stand Loudmouths (always try to force their opinions onto others) I can think of a few I've encountered already but I won't mention their names. Anyway, overall If I warm up to you after the initial shyness, I can be the most loyal friend you'll have. Betray me or be a jerk from the get-go and I'll most likely ignore you an forget your existence from there on out. Sorry for rambling, hope to maybe meet some of you on skype or something. cya!
  4. You're right, Wario. That was a ridiculous comparison. Sorry. "
  5. "You think ideals alone can change the sonic series?"

  6. Meh, it's a high-speed Zelda clone.... and I kind of enjoy it.
  7. Sonic Team needed an "original" character to compete with sonic, so they recolored super sonic and made him an angsty black emo. hedgehog.
  8. Fastest Sonic game, you say? Sonic 06. Sonic was so fast in that game you could barely control him in the mach speed sections!
  9. I would hate to see ol' pothead the porcupine return to be quite honest. However, if he MUST return, give him nights gameplay. Have him fly around the different levels and stuff. That would be kind of cool.
  10. Well, I understand exactly how you feel OP, I tried playing SA1 again. What a glitchy mess. Sonic Latest 3D games are the best Sonic's ever been in 3D, let's face it.
  11. Feeling particularly "nice" today.

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