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  1. Cyberblade


    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz Ram: 6GB Video Card Chipset: Nvidia GeForce 8500GT Video Card Ram: 256MB Video Card Core Clock: 600 MHz Storage: 1.5TB Internal hard drive Operating Systems: Ubuntu 10.04 64bit (Main) / Windows 7 Professional 32 bit (Bought before upgrade to 64 bit CPU) Monitors: 19" widescreen LCD 1440x900 + 26" widescreen LCD 1920x1200, Ubuntu registers both at 3360x1200 TV Tuner: Kworld PlusTV ATSC 115 Overall, I think I've got a rather nice setup, aside from the aging video card. I'd like to replace it with 2 new Nvidia GT series in SLI, but money's always an issue. I upgrade it every now and again, but it probably won't be upgraded for a while now. As for games, typically I'm more of an emulation guy, so I can emulate just about anything pre GCN without trouble, haven't tried to emulate modern consoles yet. Have played WOW in WINE in Ubuntu, but I didn't really keep with it.
  2. LOVE your current avatar :D

  3. I don't recall hearing any faults with the original phat DS, but man did the DS lite fail on so many levels. But I think I've made my rant about it's shittiness often enough. As for an early purchase, I'm pretty likely to do it myself. Theres usually at least one game that will last me ages of replay at launch, and a number of stellar games that come out within the next year. Given 3DSware, there should be some small things in between to keep anyones attention for a little bit, at least if Nintendo pushes it a little better than DSiWare.
  4. I do appreciate the enthusiasm from the both of you, but I think you need to realize the horse is dead. I enjoyed Winds while it was going, but it died almost a year ago. If these posts had been made then, maybe it'd still be going or properly finished, but they weren't. Since then my character Cyber, Summers character Lucky, and Cake have all dramatically changed, it's a really awkward step back to even think of how to write their past selves, but that's not the only thing weighing this down. On my end, the big killer is probably that I just don't have any interest in continuing it, but that interest has probably been gone a while. Soma, in many respects you've taken Winds and attempted to turn it into your own RP. Serniel, the demons, Katura attempting to turn the group into dragons, it all seems to take attention away from the main original plot/characters and make Tory the main center of the story because his character actually does have the role of world savior, which is something I wanted to avoid any character in this story having from the very beginning. This was always meant to have a tight knit character development story with a side of action against villains who would cause damage to all of the characters. But those villains were overshadowed by Serniel who would destroy the world if left unchecked, while Hunter and Magnus would just destroy a city and a few lives. That is quite probably what has destroyed my interest in the story, but it's a combination of all of the above really. I just can't continue this further. I'm really sorry, but I'm requesting to have this topic locked. Thanks for your participation, but your current efforts are too little too late.
  5. Hi! Do you have hotmail? haha I thin I've heard my boyfriend mention that he has you on his contact list, so I'm guessing you do. add me?

  6. If you're really all that concerned about the extra cost of the poke walker, buy it a little later used because inevitably when used they'll be sold seperately. Its not like an extra week orso wait will kill you.
  7. Honestly if you want a good idea of how a homing attack would work within a classic 2d Sonic game, go over to Sonic Retro and download the Sonic 1 hack, Sonic Megamix. If Sega has paid any attention to the fans attempts at making amazing classic-like Sonic games, they could really learn to do things right. The homing attack can work within the 2d setting if used properly, but using it to just throw in lines of enemies necessary to cross a bottomless pit is definitely not the way to do it. Hopefully Sega has learned better than to just do something like that.
  8. I'm interested, but I have yet to hear if they've fixed the major issue I had with the first one. Can I play the game without being able to get up, make a sandwich, use the restroom, and listen to the entirety of Inna Gadda Da Vida waiting for it to reload after I inevitably die? That was the only major downside of the original, the horrifying load times.
  9. This is the same guy Exacticus, yes :)

  10. Spirit Tracks is the best DS Zelda game, Phantom Hourglass can't hold a candle to it. I've only got one tiny complaint. The Spirit Flute fucking sucks. It's a neat novelty, and for simple songs it does alright, but as soon as you get past the simple songs and into the duets later in the game that have you jump notes be prepared for a world of hurt. How Nintendo released the game with the Spirit Flute in such a state I don't know. So much experience putting musical instruments in Zelda games and they fuck up the one with the most potential to feel realistic. Otherwise the puzzles were a lot more fun (and less hand holding ftw), the train >>>> boat by far, and it's been an overall great game. The duets are a horrible blemish on Zelda's musical track record. Edit:
  11. Your problem? You own a DS lite. Seriously the original DS and DSi completely trump it a hundred times over in build quality. Ignoring my own personal experiences and opinions, I've heard of a similar problem before. If I recall correctly, sometimes grit ends up stuck in the very edge of the screen and the systems case, and that provides enough pressure to over-ride currently input. You could take some sort of very very thin item like a blade or a cheap plastic card (like a library card, or junk credit card, maybe even a note card would work) and try to get the grit out from under the edge, or you could take the system apart and clean the edges of the screen underneath of the plastic edge once the case and screen are separated. Both risk damaging the system tho, so it's up to you what you do. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  12. I think he's talking about Stealth's port of the game rather than the shitty one that Sega did. Stealth's proof of concept port showed that with a little effort the game could indeed run almost perfectly on the GBA. Check it out here. As for the Sonic Classic Collection, as long as the Sonic and Kncukles lock on is supported I may just consider picking it up at some point, but if like Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection it's not there, then it can go straight to the bargain bin for all I care.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  14. Prototype grabbed Hunter by the neck and slammed him through the walls of the building and directly into a support with an earth shattering thud that sent splinters of concrete and steel flying everywhere. Hunter hacked up blood even with his armor at full strength drawing a maniacal grin from Prototype, "I've been beating you senseless since the fight began! You never stood a chance!" Prototype dropped Hunters near lifeless body at the base of the support. Taking in a deep breath he sighed, "The stench of the demon king taints the air." His armor retracted and he calmed down, "It was unfortunate for you Hunter that he doesn't care about something like the demon king or power. He just likes to torment." His red eyes glowed from underneath his hair that flowed with the eerily calm breeze flowing through the building as he looked down at the beaten but alive Hunter. "And now he's just going to torment you with the reality that you're alive but unable to fight, unable to win. Knowing that no matter how much strength you seem to have you will never have that power you're so eager to obtain." He turned and made his way out the rubble their fight had caused, leaving the battered Hunter slip into unconsciousness. ------------------------------------- "This is a disaster." Magnus scowled, "The other facilities will be more than enough to enact my plans, but the incident here could arouse suspicion." He argued to himself out loud. "Maybe if I-" Magnus was cut short as the entire building shook around him hard enough to knock him off balance. "What the hell!?" Magnus cursed at the world around him as he continued up the stairs. The demons were going berserk, his prisoners escaped, and it was looking more and more like he was going to have to destroy one of his favorite buildings to turn it all around. The building shook again, Magnus paused as he climbed the stairs as the realization hit him. This building was destroying itself with him in it. Turning around he made his way back to the ground floor, "I'll let them chase the demons to their own demise." --------------------------------------- Ironbacks flash drive made a barely audible click as it was pushed into the computer. The room and Ironbacks face lit up as the computer booted out of standby. Typing a few things and slamming the enter key he grinned. "With this we can take out all of the new FEARs at one time." With a beep he removed the flash drive from the computer, "Alright, now to get my ass o~" he started to remark, getting cut off by the shaking of the building, "Oooouttttaaa... what the fuck was that?!" Looking around he could feel smaller tremors shaking through the building. "What are those idiots doing now?" He sighed slamming the door behind him as he ran out of the office. OOC: Sorry if it's not much, but I really couldn't come up with much. ^^; I've just move around a couple of characters and set a few things up, since I couldn't really picture too well what the group is going to do to fight those demons.
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