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    I have no idea what to put here
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    I like Sonic, video games in general and skiing.
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    Somewhere in the deep depths of Mystic Cave Zone......

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    bmxskiawesomeness55 (say you're from SSMB when adding me)
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    chaoswarp19 (say you're from SSMB when adding me)
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    chaoswarp19 (say you're from SSMB when adding me)

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    1. Ristar


      what just happened

    2. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      The shield ran out for 8 Jigglypuffs at the same time

    3. Ristar


      I mean, I haven´t played the game, but I think the shield doesn´t do any damage, right? I don´t know how they got killed then :V


    4. spinny


      Jigglypuff's shield break sends it upward at a vertical angle at a ridiculous speed unlike any other character pretty much ensuring it gets KO'd once a shield break happens unless there's a ceiling above

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