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    I like Sonic, video games in general and skiing.
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    Somewhere in the deep depths of Mystic Cave Zone......

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(IMPORTANT NOTE: I rarely come here anymore. If you want to get in touch, either hit me up on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChaosWarp or message me on Skype, which should be on my profile elsewhere. Just make sure you say you`re from SSMB and who you are from SSMB so I know I`m not adding a random) 

I like Sonic and other related crap. What else do you need to know? (This is a Sonic fourm after all).......
Okay, I'll type something better.......

Sup, I'm Chaos Warp. My first Sonic game was Sonic Mega Collection Plus, but what really got me into Sonic was Sonic Heroes, and my interest just grew and grew from there. Nowadays I'm not quite as into Sonic as I used to be but I still care enough to talk about the new main series games when they come out and play them and stuff. I'm probably just not nearly as obsessed as I used to be.

Other then Sonic, I love video games in general. Some of my favorite games are Bayonetta, Arkham City, L.A Noire, Super Smash Bros Melee/Smash series in general, Mario kart Double Dash/Mario kart series in general, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3d World, Kid Icarus: Uprising and platformers, racers, action/adventure games, fighting games, TPS's and (good) FPS's in general. I have a pretty broad taste in genres, honestly you're better off finding the genre I don't like: Turn-based RPGs or any turn-based game. Just can't get into them due to finding not having direct control of my character boring as hell.

I also love to ski, and I edit videos in my spare time. I am currently attending High School.

I've also been really getting into anime over the past year and a half or so. You can blame Gurren Lagann for that: I watched it and I utterly loved it and it's (one of) my favorite anime, favorite show, fuck favorite thing in general now. I just <3 it. I love the characters, the action, the plot, the over-the-top, intense and just badass nature of it, and I love how it gets my adrenaline flowing. I just am the biggest TTGL fanboy. But I'm also the biggest Cowboy Bebop fanboy, and I love that show for the slick film-noir meets future technology world and general atmosphere, the very well developed and human-like characters, the awesome soundtrack, and it's willingness to bend genres. Those are my 2 number one favorites, but my other faves are FMA Brotherhood and Code Geass. I like/love a lot more anime then that though, so if you want to see what I like, go check out my MAL here: http://myanimelist.net/profile/chaoswarp

I also love me a good movie, and my favorite movie franchise is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (my favorite in the franchise being The Avengers). I also love the Scott Pilgrim Movie (as well as Scott Pilgrim in general), and many others that aren't coming to mind right now.

In terms of fave Sonic games, my favorites are Sonic 3K (this one being my number one favorite), Sonic Generations, Sonic Adventure 1, and Sonic Advance 1.

Can't think of anything else, so yeah, that's it.
See you guys on the flip side!

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