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  1. My good friend #AR gifted me Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R and The King Of Fighters 2002, but I haven't purchased anything myself yet. I might want to buy Transformers Devastation though, since I wanted that game and I'll save money by not buying the console version at full price, but the PC version which is on sale right now. 

  2. Sooo, i supposed you will not even give the chance to the sequel: "Phantom Bullet"?

    I'm almost half tempted to recommend Jango SAO2/Phantom Bullet as you've called it here (as a note, that's only a title of the first arc), because while the Phantom Bullet/GGO arc, while not as bad as ALO (2nd arc of SAO1), was pretty eh, Mother's Rosario, the arc that comes after (there is a brief 3 episode filler arc in between Rosario and GGO), is actually pretty good and probably SAO's strongest arc, so it might be worth it for that. I don't know. 

  3. From the looks of things it seems Konami meddling fucked up what was supposed to be Kojima's last masterpiece with more and more cut content appearing+the lies about microtransactions. Thanks Konami....

  4. Guess who started Psycho Passss :D

    So yea, I really liked the first episode and look forward to it. It feels like a fresh anime and unique to it....and soon, I will go through Season 2 and that will come to an end.

    Man, just ignore Season 2 and go straight to the movie. Season 2 is more or less irrelevant and it sucks, there'd only be 2 or 3 blanks you'd have to fill in. PP1 and 2 spoilers below.



    All you would miss is gaining some minor context on who Mika, a PP2 introduced character is, if you go straight to the movie you can just treat it like she's one of Akane's new team members she gained in the timeskip, and she's really not good in PP2 anyway so it might just be better to do that. There's 1 or 2 more inspectors on Akane's team in the movie from PP2 but they were minor in said PP2 anyway so you really don't miss anything. The last thing would be what Akane tells Sybil at the end of 2, she tells Sybil to branch out, which makes what Sybil does in the movie make a lot more sense, even if it still makes sense at the end of the context of Season 1. 


    I more or less just filled you in so finish Season 1, read this spoiler, and then watch the movie, lmao. 

  5. I would agree that the whole Fire Emblem Fates thing is more complicated than how Sakurai put it there, but he does have a point in that you can just play the game and never even bother with the feature. There's no punishment for NOT doing it. 

    Yeah I guess you can just ignore it, but it feels like the extension of FE's general shift to being more animu to sell copies to stay alive, which I'm not big on to begin with (Awakening was fine with it but then Fates comes along....). It's kind of annoying in that regard. 

  6. So I just got back from Ant Man. Really enjoyable movie overall. Had a lot of funny jokes (a lot of the henchmen/friends of Scott, especially the one who drives him home from jail when he gets out, were really funny), it felt like it understood the ridiculousness of the power set, "shrink down and talk to ants" and didn't play it fully seriously but at the same time still respected it and rolled with it for the whole movie. Not a mind blowingly amazing origin story like Iron Man 1 or Guardians Of The Galaxy, but a good, really enjoyable movie and origin story nonetheless. I would agree with Jacky and say it's roughly on the level of Cap 1. It's refreshing to see a story on a bit of a smaller scale with all the super big larger then life stuff going on in the MCU recently. No mass world threat, no huge battles, just a heist set up by a man motivated by the love of his daughter seeking redemption for his criminal past, and a old man looking to make sure his technology is used for evil and

    Making up with his daughter along the way 

    They did a really good job of acknowledging that this smaller scale story takes place in the massive scale MCU though, with really neat references and cameos, which is something I really like about the movie to be honest.

    After credits spoilers below:

    The first after credits scene was pretty cool, showing that Scott and Pym's daughter will have a romantic Ant Man and Wasp pairing/team up in the sequel probably, but the 2nd one was a lot more interesting. For some reason it was really quiet so I didn't get everything that was said (what I got was that they recovered Bucky, they can't tell tony cause they think Bucky's dead/other reasons, and they need to help him and somehow Ant Man can help, IDK why or how cause I didn't hear everything, can someone fill in the blanks for me?), but you can totally still tell it's a Civil War tie in. Ant Man seems like he'll be in Civil War at this rate. 

    All in all good movie, go see it. I really doubted this film because of all the production issues and the director swap+Marvel not even using Hank Pym as the main Ant-Man, but I'm happy it turned out good anyway. 

  7. Battle Tendency is my favorite part to be honest. Joseph is my favorite Jojo, and I love the non-serious tone, though it still managed to make me feel during the few more serious parts. Part 3, while I still like it, has too many meh and/or lackluster fights (which is a weakness when you have the "stand user of the week" formula), and Jotaro didn't start grow on me until roughly halfway through the 2nd season. I found him rather bland beforehand, though not as bland as Jonathan. My tier list so far is Part 2>Part 3>Part 1. Part 4 is pending a rank cause I've started reading that and it's good so far, I really like Joskue. 

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