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  1. That really isn't saying much of anything considering how bland Unleashed was. That second thing is so easy to misinterpret I'm not even going to bother.
  2. I now question if you've played the game, since it is possible to move at slower speeds. The controls are very poor at those low speeds but it is still possible.
  3. Obviously not, though I can't see Sonic Team improving unless they actually put time and care into the games instead of milking their cash cow as much as possible. I don't care if that means there won't be at least one Sonic title churned out each year as long as there's actually some noteworthy effort put into it. And I'm not talking about graphics, since those are the least important thing for them to waste their time on (and I still think it's asinine that they would put more effort into a graphics engine than a gameplay one, especially since good gameplay is timeless while those graphics will be outdated soon enough. Need proof, just look at the classics. Solid gameplay even if 16-bit is out of date)
  4. Are Silver fans just backward in the head or something?

    1. Komodin


      Nah, they're just silly.

    2. The Dead Skin

      The Dead Skin

      More proof that opinions have no place on Earth!

    3. Meemz
    4. Silver*
    5. Ebby


      I love Silver. But someone needs to do something about the grown men obsessing over these silly ponies.

    6. Tornado


      ♫ Who's a silly Pony'

      You're a silly Pony.

      Who is. You is. Applejack. ♫

    7. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Hey, no stereotyping the Silver fanbase!

    8. Silver*


      dysfunctionality runs in all character fanbases;

    9. Silverfang


      I read this as "silver fangs"

    10. VisionaryofSUPER


      Hurr Durr, opinions make me rawr.

    11. Soniman


      Comic Silver

    12. Big Boss (legendsneverdie)
  5. Not really an indicator. Both Adventures allowed Sonic to do that, but as Casinopolois showed, the physics still blew chunks where it actually mattered.
  6. Haven't encountered any instance of that; hell, I can tell that even City Escape can be cleared without using the analog stick since springs and HA targets guide the way. The latest video showed Rooftop Run with enemies lined up against the wall in an ascending order; pretty clear what that was unless you're willingly blind. There are literally 2 paths, with plenty of chokepoints between them so you can get back up. That isn't about skill, and it certainly has nothing to do with good bounce physics, since those are still absent.
  7. I just hope they actually do end this boostfest crap like Iizuka hinted at, since it just isn't working as far as I care and the level design looks like an even more dumbed down version of Unleashed Wii, complete with very few alternate paths and all are HA spam to get there.
  8. Shade struck me as being a really cheap way for the writers to avoid even having to come up with a plot, copying the entire Dark Legion arc with a few slight alterations. She also infringed on other characters getting development, like that earlier fancharacter post summed up. Only characters to somewhat come out better were Big and Rouge, with Big not being near as annoyingly written and Rouge's intro flirting with Sonic only to throw Amy's lie back in her face; but also lost out on any comedic infighting with Knuckles. Beyond that... meh.
  9. The Quick Time Events are still there, just like they were in Colors, they just exist to send the boost gauge beyond it's limit now. Had TS said something like "Use less automated sequences, slow Sonic back to Classic/Adventure speeds, and tighten the controls so that he isn't slipping all over the place trying to platform vertically in 3D", then he'd get a lot less flak. Too bad, ^^
  10. Not to side with TS, but...Pickle, Chip/Power Ranger slow mo golem flight into PunchOut multiple times boss fight, Orbot, Tails' QTE flights, etc.
  11. Delivery man, delivery man, does whatever a courier can.Transports packages, any size. Brushes off Mantle, just like flies. Oh yeah, here comes the delivery man!

    1. Neon


      Spectacular, Spetacular delivery man!

    2. Flame Reaver

      Flame Reaver

      *Falken Punches Neon*

    3. Neon


      You kinda set me up for that. =P

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