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  1. I'm okay with the way he is now. " I'll avenge you maria" and "who am i?" got annoying after a while.
  2. Oh god I just had a flashback to the fight against knuckles in sa1... " Oh no. Oh no. Oh no." Thank god they aren't THAT easy anymore...
  3. LOL I never noticed how ridiculous that smile was.
  4. I beat it in a night and holy SHIT did my wrist hurt. It's not really a bad game though. The controls were annoying, but they weren't that bad. TBH, I think the main issue people have is just "OMG SONIC HAZ A SWORD DIS GAEM SUCKZ!!!1".
  5. Looks fine to me... Maybe a bit longer than usual but eh. I miss sonic's smile from the adventure artwork though...
  6. Sonic bosses have pretty much always been easy if you ask me. Personally I see it as a staple of the series.
  7. It was terrible, but whenever i play it it makes me sad lol. When you get that one, fun glitch-free playthrough of a level, it makes you think about how good it could have been. But yeah,it still sucked.
  8. 52 Seconds in, gave up. Seriously, that was worse than the game itself.
  9. Wait a minute, people thought heroes was bad? o.0 I don't really want to sound like everyone on here, but I agree that unleashed did not deserve the hate that it got. The Wii version on the other hand did not deserve the praise that it got.
  10. I pretty much agree with everyone here. Unleashed and generations are doing it best.
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