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  1. You know, I really enjoyed it, if only cause it's a Mario Party clone with Sonic characters. True it may be bad, but this is a game me and brothers would play for a while. We probably would still play it if only the second Dreamcast controller didn't break.
  2. On the Tails thing, I always wondered, why was Tails awarded an emerald when Sonic just saved the city from chaos (pun intended) and got nothing? Never made since to me at all. Why wouldn't Sonic be awarded the emarald?
  3. My biggest problem is it is only useful in very specific sections. If it can have another use besides manuvering around Quick Step sections (which I'm not fond of) then I'd be okay but I honestly can't even think of a scenario where it can be useful. It's useful for dodging certain bosses but sometimes I feel like that one portion of the boss is a quickstep section in disguised. And in these sections, it's very noticble how Sonic has very slow turning. I'm sure there are sections where you can't even move left or right with the control stick and you have to rely solely on the quick step for movement.
  4. If a product is bought, isn't it ultimately up to the consumer for what they will with it, even if it's sell it to a store ripping off others buy overpricing used products. It's the same as selling an old watch to a friend, just in the form of a gaming retailer making money. Do the developers really deserve extra money of a product that was already fully payed for? Piracy and buying used things are totally different also. Piracy is literally like stealing while buying a used game is someone who payed for the game decides to sell it. Is it stealing if I buy a used car? I think people are looking at buying used games the wrong way. I for one don't buy used games but because I don't, I end up not buying many games because I can't afford them. I also agree that used games take away from potential sales but that is true for most everything else too. If Microsoft did go through with this I guess the pro would be no more having to look for rare games since they'll all be in one place. I don't know if the games would be on the console (which would suck if the console broke) or on an account (which I don't have but I hear MS is ban happy) but either way seems bad to me. I wouldn't want to buy games all over again if something happened. But maybe games will be cheaper.
  5. I give it a plus for not making you play the game 4 (or 5) different times like the others. No, I don't want to collect the damn chaos emeralds with another character just to unlock the Chao Garden or some other shit, thank you very much SA2. I surely don't want to play as ALL the characters to unlock the real ending. And for that, I thank SA3. I also enjoyed the team mechanics, but I wished the level design supported them instead of being a gigantic mess. The team mechanics made it feel like there were 20 different characters to choose from, even though most of the changed abilities were useless, it was still a cool concept to me. And I felt like the special stages weren't as hard to get to as SA2's were (I've had that game for almost 6 years now and only went to the special stages maybe three times, each time I failed to get it) and I manage to collect all the chao and chaos emeralds successfully (but it took way too damn long because I didn't have a guide). The story is almost not even there. Hell, I still don't know the plot to any of the SA games except the second one since Unleashed ripped it off kind of. And Sonic Advance is one of my favorite games, I still don't know what was happening. I loved the final boss and Chaos Angel though. It felt so climatic and Chaos Angel (along with Music Plant and Egg Rocket) is the reason I wished Generations 3DS remade Advance stages as well as Rush and Colors DS. Overall, I think the game is slightly below average. It has many flaws but I don't think they make the game absolutely unplayable. I still enjoy it from time to time.
  6. While I don't believe, I find it very unsettling how my sign (Cancer) describes me almost perfectly. It makes me wonder sometimes. But horoscopes and shit that tries to predict my future vaugely and isn't even close to being accurate can fuck right off.
  7. I did like like the controls better for the Werehog in the Wii version. I also have no problems with playing as him since he operates like a platformer but the real issue I have with Sonic UnWiished is how unbalanced it is. You literally get one short act of a Day Time level then up to at least 3 long acts of Night Time levels. That's the thing that pisses me off. People say SA2 is the worse offender of genre roulette, I have to disagree and say UnWiished is. At least in that game all 3 gameplays were somewhat equal in terms of levels. This is literally 35% Day Time level and 65% Night Time level. Hell maybe worse then that. I think it was just to make the game seem longer considering they can make night time levels quicker. That's my only real problem with the game. Also the shitty hub worlds and lack of Empire City and Mazuri kind of bothers me as well. EDIT because I apparently have terrible math.
  8. Another one I forgot was the Klonoa series. Some of the most underrated games in my opinion.
  9. I never found it as difficult as others make it out to be. Sure it was hard for me on my first try but I think I got it on my third one. And, I've never noticed that dashpad so I have to check that out.
  10. A Crash and Spyro games like the original. One can only dream...
  11. If anything, it's more like platformers in general are rivals of FPS, but I wouldn't even say that. Like others said, COD is just something that gets bashed because people think of it as a generic FPS that rereleases every year with little to know improvements, yet people will love it and call it groundbreaking and original. It's more of a thing to bash when you're fans of something directed towards younger audiences.
  12. Totally agree with you. Fuck every extra mission with them where you have to collect shit, I always end up spending like 30 minutes looking for the last object.
  13. So I watched a million playthroughs of this game and played demo but you don't reall experience it until you actually play it. I LOVE it. Weird cause I hate the demo. Graphics are good and it controls nicely. On another note, I fucked up so many times on Classic Green Hill but still got an S. whut? I'll post more impressions when I get more done. EDIT: Am I bad person for telling the girl I like I was going to sleep early while texting to keep playing this? Sonic>Social Life
  14. You can't really omit a game out of existance just because you don't like it or something it did. Until word of God says something about it being noncanon, I see nothing wrong with including ShtH in the Shadow saga, otherwise, you can't really just call SA2 and Heroes the Shadow Saga. Ecspecially considering Heroes isn't all that focused around Shadow. It maybe poorly done, but Shadow The Hedgehog (game) does exist. It sound like you guys are trying to act like it doesn't.
  15. So I'm done with exams in school so I can finish the game. I have to say, I really enjoyed getting the Fire Dragon's piece of song. I completed the Hero song quest out of order (I did Water, Thunder, then Fire) and I was so paranoid about getting that glitch. Luckily it didn't happen.
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