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  1. Eh. Depends. The NES version is easy to get used to IMO, but it's true the SNES versions takes much longer.
  2. ..; wut ? how the hell do you hold the controller ? I personally think SMB and TLL's controls are pretty easy to get used to... I know it's just your opinion but I'm curious about what do you back it up with. Is it because of the physics ?
  3. Yeah, SMB and TLL weren't much less convenient than the SNES versions actually, unlike what everyone thinks. Both games have a level select after you beat them, and TLL can let you start back from the same world if you get a Game Over. I think the game is pretty fun tho.
  4. I beat the SNES version twice. Pretty fun game.
  5. Maybe, maybe not. if Nintendo REALLY wants the majority of Sega, they could even buy most of the major employees who already found another job. That's many famous IPs we're talking about - House of the Dead, Sonic, Nights, Bayonetta... It's not a matter of them already knowing how to replicate Sonic gameplay or not or something. Sonic gameplay isn't hard to replicate, and considering there are HUNDREDS of experts at Nintendo, I can very well see them manage to study, learn and train on how to make good Sonic levels and be ready to make a Sonic game two months later. Also, EAD is VERY good with platformers, and made Zelda and F-Zero, so hell, they could make a Sonic Adventure 3. Monolith Soft is good with adventure games too. Also Retro has proved they can learn and replicate a game quick, so learning how to replicate physics and graphics would be easy for them. Nintendo may have never made a Sonic game, but I'm pretty sure they have the cards in hands to learn how to, and to make a great game as that. As for the issue of Sonic not being as wide anymore... Considering Sonic's history with Nintendo consoles already (Sonic Advance, Battle, Heroes and Shadow being mainly developped for GameCube, Secret Rings, Black Knight, Colors, Rush...), I'm not sure there's any Sonic fan out there who REALLY doesn't want a Nintendo console if they don't already have one. As for people who don't know about Sonic yet and don't have a Nintendo console and don't want one - let's hope Nintendo manages reaching to them someday. As for people who are Sonic fans not having a Nintendo console and not being able to buy one... hey, it's Sega going bankrupt, guys. There's no way it can go well for everyone.
  6. If Nintendo take over Sonic, they won't make it a mix of Mario and F-Zero or something. Nintendo knows what the fuck they're doing, and they're certainly not going to mis-use an IP - a famous one as that. If Nintendo bought Sonic and Sega died, I bet my ass Sonic Team would just go and become a Nintendo subsidiary, and the Nintendo Sonic Team would be made of all old members plus getting support from other Nintendo subsidiaries. And even if that wasn't the case, Nintendo wouldn't take away the spirit of the series, they know what they do, and they know changing the spirit of a new IP to make it more like the stuff they already have is a very bad idea.
  7. If Sega goes almost bankrupt, Nintendo buys them, making Sega plus its subsidiaries part of Nintendo, before pumping out AWESOME Nintendo x Sega games using Sega's IPs, and adding Sega characters to Smash Bros. A nerd can dream. But really, that'd be good for everyone - Sega merges with Nintendo (or rather is entirely bought by it), the vast majority of Sega employees keep their job under Nintendo, Nintendo saves Sega's IPs and gains money too, and happy rainbows everywhere.
  8. I'd say it's kinda dumb he announces it now, if anything. He could have waited some time after April Fools' Day, to avoid making people being illusive and thinking it's an early or late April Fool. But oh well. I'll just forget about the series now.
  9. And before that, it was a Mario Head Rickroll.
  10. Holy shit. If this is an April Fool, I love Alvin so much he can get all my money I don't have yet. What if he was doing this to move things a bit so that people can be interested again and he can release the next episode ? Announcing it a week from April 1st, the "The End?" with the question mark only appearing after a few seconds... This will be very dramatic either way.
  11. I am Dr. Mario and I am saving lives. Great news. This is exciting.
  12. I'm not referring to that. Well, not just to that. I'm also and mostly reffering to the song list, and the credits. Beside for Sonic CD. Why ?
  13. ^ This thread is not about canon. Doesn't matter if you think Sonic Advance is canon or not, for instance. It's a matter of being part of the main line of games or being a sidestory (it having happened or not isn't the subject). Also, in Generations, the sound list works like that: main series games with three tracks, then spin-offes with one track for each. But Sonic CD is an oddball: it has three tracks yet is in the spin-off side in Gens HD, and only has two tracks in 3DS too. As for Shadow and Sonic 4, even though these scream "main series", they are seen as spin-offes.
  14. Classic physics are much closer to the real thing. Level variety is better (but who cares) (the tropes are: green, casino, forest, beach, city, ruins, park). I personally think level design is mostly equal. Graphics aren't the best but they're not shit IMO. There are more bonuses, and they're better IMO. The levels are maybe a bit shorter, but it's better for pick-up-and-play. And I think both Emerald Coast acts are better than anything in Generations HD. Modern Sonic levels are more straight-lined though, but again that's better for the pick-up-and-play style. Classic Sonic levels are copies of the original for the first three zones, and originals (but more straight, like Sonic 1 or Sonic CD's levels) for the 4 remaining zones. However, he also learns the Homming Attack, and you need to use it. That doesn't make the levels less fun, but it makes them quite less classic. I personally don't really care - it's not like levels were a clusterfuck of homming attacks like in Sonic 4. It's just good to find faster pathes, really. It's not like he gained boost or something. About bonuses, you can unlock different statues and concept art than in the HD version, and the song list is different too - plus you can listen to it with the console closed and earphones. The 3DS version also lacks Red Rings, and the only way exploration is encouraged is to look for higher paths to go faster. But in all truth, it's not as bad as everyone claims. You might want to try it out first, considering it may be a "love it or hate it" kind of game. But if you ask me, it's quite good and fun to speedrun
  15. IMO, when a game has two vastly different versions, I consider them to be two parts of the same game. Buy Generations 3DS for the full set of levels and bonuses, buy M&S3 3DS for the full set of events and the story mode. I like SG 3DS but didn't get to buy M&S3 3DS yet.
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