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  1. IIRC, this was my first time seeing the Modern Versions of the characters. I didn't have any problem with it and I still don't.
  2. At long as the Final Boss doesn't require me to fight without them, I'm OK with the Ring system. Although some of the Ring Based Challenges in Sonic Generations like the "1 Ring Run" would be interesting in this game.
  3. Some new information and teases:
  4. Here's a recap of everything we know so far
  5. Some cool fanart of Dulcy from Fini-mum
  6. Here's the Boxart
  7. New Information from the Nintendo Treehouse Presentation and Japanese Splatoon Twitter. One new weapon class that debuts in Splatoon 2 is called the "Splat Dualies". These are 2 guns that have their own reticle. They also allow Inklings to perform a dodge roll. After dodge rolling, the reticles become one, adding more power to the shot. Splat Rollers return with a new ability. Inklilngs can now fling ink vertically, for a long distance paint line. Splat Chargers have also been upgraded. Inklings can now hold the charge before firing. Nothing new about Splattershots have been revealed. The "Tenta Missiles" Special fires 4 homing missiles at 4 targets. This special is called the "Stingray" and fires a ink hose that can reach long distances and hit Inklings from behind walls. However, turning while firing it is slow. The "Inkjet" Special allows Inklings to fly and shot down at opponents. However, you can still be shot out of the sky and you return to your original position where you started the special, where opponents can wait to take you down. The "Splashdown" Special allows Inklings to do a mini ink explosion. It can be done immediately on the ground or with a Super Jump. This is the "Curling Bomb" which slides across the ground and bounces off walls.
  8. Have fun with this
  9. Here's a bigger image in case people wanted a new wallpaper. New Information from US Tumblr and Treehouse:
  10. I'm starting to miss Nabbit...
  11. Super Mario Odyssey has been announced today during the Nintendo Switch Presentation
  12. Splatoon 2 has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch
  13. Going back to the Zones Discussion, would you guys like to see the Death Egg return or get a brand new original Egg Zone?
  14. Huh, didn't know the Level Select said that. Anyway having a Modern Sonic game where the main characters don't actually talk, especially Sonic himself, is odd to me. That may be fine for Sonic Mania, but for Project 2017, I'd like him to actually speak and have interesting conversations with himself. It shouldn't be too hard if Classic Tails and Classic Eggman could talk just fine in Generations. Seriously, did Time Eater take his voice away? Also, hoping the time/space travel element is a better here.
  15. You mean Hidden Palace Zone?