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  1. The next episode of Twilight Wings is up, featuring Oleana The next one features Allister I need a gif of Mr. Rime tap-dancing..
  2. I'd like to be in the meeting that decided the conception & approval of the "Magic Hands" item in SA2.

    1. Diogenes


      it's probably a callback to the early concept for the series of grabbing and throwing things.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      This concept could be easily savagable. Just canonize Tangle already

    3. JezMM


      When I unlocked it, it always came across as something daft they just put in for people (mainly kids) to have fun with when in that sort of mood where you don't play the level properly, you just experiment and mess around in the space.

  3. I'm nicknaming my Galarian Slowbro Parastrike!

  4. Alright, now that the English Site has updated, we have more information on the DLC. We also have some new artwork of the G-Max Galar Starters using their G-Max Moves. New Pokémon New Galarian Forms New Gigantamax Forms Urshifu's Signature Moves & Ability New Human Character New Feature: Cram-o-matic Move Tutors & New Moves New Feature: Max Soup New Feature: Dynamax Adventure New Feature: Galarian Star Tournament
  5. A new Japanese Trailer shows Galarian Slowbro for the first time & a release date for the DLC being June 17th.
  6. Big bad boys from outer space,

    here to body slam the human race,

  7. Here are the Results of the Mayo VS Ketchup Rematch: Popularity: 44.75% < 55.25% = 1 Point for Team Ketchup Solo Wins: 51.71% > 48.29% = 1 Point for Team Mayo Team Wins: 49.62% < 50.38% = 1 Point for Team Ketchup Final Results: 2 < 1 = Team Ketcup Wins! It was fun coming back to Splatoon since the Final Fest
  8. ...you sure about that? People have been discussing Tails' current role in the games since Colors. Meanwhile, we're still trying to figure out how Shadow can be written without being too overpowered or too edgy.
  9. I actually don't remember what's coming up next for Knuckles in his Anniversary issue...
  10. We have a small video of the combat in English
  11. The Sailor Moon redraw meme has created some interesting artwork.


    1. Tornado


      It's kind of interesting that the meme has had a second wind, because I remember seeing art of this redraw thing last last year.

  12. Demon Slayer was a wild ride.

  13. Maybe cheering from the audience will fill a gauge for a move, like in Thousand Year Door.
  14. Wait, this comes out in 2 months? EDIT: The Japanese Site shows off a brand battle system that looks like a mix of old and new elements.
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