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  1. Would you yourself buy DLC accessories for the Custom Hero?
  2. Some interesting info
  3. Most of the characters I'm going to make are going to be from the TV shows, Archie Comics, and outside of Sonic like 5 Nights At Freddy's, Pokemon, Digimon, and Looney Tunes. None of these are new Sonic Characters.
  4. New Single Player Trailer from tonight's Direct:
  5. Landing and Explosion Gifs by Sonic Gifs on Tumblr
  6. I saw this coming
  7. It still sounds like a remix of the Sonic Unleashed Day and Night Boss themes to me
  8. What are some new powers and abilities you'd like to see on the new guy?
  9. I'm pretty sure the logic was that Sonic Advance manages to keep the classic gameplay and physics while having 4 characters (like Tails in Sonic 2, Knuckles in 3, and now Amy), new zones, enemes, and bosses (none of them which are remixed like in Pocket Adventure except for 2 Bosses in the Final Zone), a new special stage (no Halfpipe Highways here), and other features. Even the boxart looks like a Sonic 4 game. Sonic Pocket Adventure is like a Handheld Generations of the Genesis Triology only but with Classic Sonic having Green eyes, Sonic 2 got too much love, and someone decided to change the names of some levels to hide the fact. There's nothing new there except a few Bosses. Sonic Advance and Sonic Mania still have original levels and Tails and Knuckles playable, though. Also, a true Sonic 4 should never copy and paste all of its Zones from Sonic 2.
  10. But instead of this... it's actually more like the train from Sunset Park Zone or Rail Canyon... and in order to take it out, you have to run across each of the cars or its body segments and take it apart like the Ghost Whale from Blizzard Peaks?
  11. If Green Hill Zone is now a desert, I was thinking that near the end Classic Sonic has to fight a giant Sandworm Badnik.
  12. Metal/Scrap Sanctuary Zone Badnik Plant Zone Music Paradise Zone Prison Palace Zone Omulet Park Zone Eggman Enterprises Zone
  13. We may get some Pokemon news this week.
  14. If Eggman got control over 99% of the world, would the world instantly become like the Bad Future of Little Planet or would that take some time? Little Planet doesn't have any...resistance. He changed the entire world before using Chaos Control in Advance 3, but not all of his "empires" were factories. "Sunset Hill Zone" was "Green Hill" he himself created and it still had nature in it.