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  1. G.U.N. was responsible for bringing Gerald onboard before shutting the project down, killing Maria, locking Gerald up, making him lose his sanity and come up with said plan, and executing him before he literally tell them his plan before he's killed and they still do nothing about it. Also, let's not forget how they roadblock Team Heroes for most of the game. Agreed. Which character do you think will fight this time around? (Classic Sonic VS Shadow? Modern Sonic VS Metal Sonic? etc.)
  2. We don't know enough to know that's the case for Sonic Forces. Wait, what?
  4. Seeing that Ice Cap Zone has been remixed before in Sonic Drift 2 and Sonic Adventure, I don't see any issues with it reappearing in Sonic Mania.
  5. I'm kind of glad they didn't do this
  6. Marshadow Category: Gloomdweller Pokémon Type: Fighting/Ghost Height: 2'04" Weight: 48.9 lbs. Ability: Technician
  7. We are now officially 2 months away from the release of Sonic Mania. Since then we’ve seen previews of a much better version of Splash Hill Zone on South Island, made Flubber using a chemistry set on Westside Island, and time traveled to an altered Past on Little Planet. However, there is still one more Zone and one more iconic location from the classic games we haven’t really seen yet. Where in Knuckles’ home, the Floating Island (aka Angel Island), will we revisit in Mania? Sure we got to take out the trash in the Flying Battery Zone from Sonic & Knuckles there’s no guarantee it’s still flying over or near the island. So in this topic I wanted to discuss which of 8 Zones, from the first half of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, will be in the game. "Wait, aren't there 6 Zones in Sonic 3, if we’re not counting the other levels in Sonic & Knuckles?" Yes and No. There are 6 Single Player Zones in Sonic 3. However, I don't remember anyone saying that Zones exclusive to Competition Mode wouldn't get remixed (If someone did, my bad). If Sonic Mania can have 2 cancelled Zones fused together to create a brand new one and revisit a Past Version of a Zone in Sonic CD, nothing is impossible. So let’s review the original versions of the Sonic 3 Zones, what could happen in potential remixes, show support for our favorites, give positive feedback about our least favorites, and debate which of these Zones could be the lucky winner. NOTES: 1. All entries in the opening post are the Official Zones from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. This includes: All 6 of the Single Player Zones Chrome Gadget Zone and Endless Mine Zone from Competition Mode 2. Azure Lake Zone was not included in the list because it’s a Purple Hill following the Green Hill Zone theme and it’s been confirmed that the Green Hill Zone will be the only Zone of that trope in Sonic Mania. 3. Balloon Park Zone was also not included since it appears to be a section of the Carnival Night Zone. Plus, they’re both Circus variants of the Amusement Park Zone theme. 4. Finally, Desert Palace Zone was also not included because Mirage Saloon Zone already exists as the Desert Zone in Sonic Mania and represents it by having areas made of sand that collapses after Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles run over it. Angel Island Zone The first Zone Sonic and Tails start out in. This version of Angel Island Zone is a massive jungle with sandy beaches, different varieties of plants, and many secret caves. But then the Fire Nation came and everything changed. What was once a beautiful jungle preserved and untouched on the Floating Island is now target practice for Eggman’s bombers. Original Features: Pulleys that Sonic and Tails could swing on or zipline to reach new areas (we see the Ziplines in Green Hill Zone Act 2) Running around the inside of giant trees Platforming with moving rocks in the waterfalls Angel Island Zone Badniks & Bosses Monkey Dude is a Badnik based on chimpanzees and is an upgraded version of the Classic Badnik, Coconuts. Rhinobot is a Badnik based on rhino and was created based on the failures of Motobug. While Motobug was slow and only moved in one direction, as soon as Rhinobot sees Sonic and Tails, he’ll charge at them and is capable of U-turning. Catakiller Jr. is an upgraded version of an old Badnik called Catakiller, whose design is based on a caterpillar. Bloominator is a Badnik based on a flower. They shoot spiked balls out of its top but they can’t move from their positions. The Mini Boss in Angel Island Zone Act 1 is one of the Super Badniks we saw halfway through the Act. It uses bombs and its flamethrower against our heroes but is a cakewalk with the Flame Shield. Eggman appears at the end of Angel Island Zone Act 2 with a camouflaging mech that can also shoot fireballs. Fire Shield also makes this easy. Remix Ideas: We could explore the beach part in Act 2 instead of just the jungle and caves They could turn the entire Act 2 into a fire themed Zone The Angel Island Zone could combine elements from all the Zones here or visit 2 Zones in 2 different Acts to present Sonic 3 as a whole Hydro City Zone The 2nd Zone in the game is an underground city of water, made up of mechanisms to transport water throughout the island and trap intruders that happen to fall in. Original Features: The infamous strong underwater current sections Fans Conveyor belts Escape from the Crushing Wall sequence Spiral slides and tubes Hydro City Zone Badniks & Bosses Pointdexter is a Badnik based on a puffer fish. They periodically release and retract their spikes. Turbo Spiker is a snail Badnik that’s an upgraded version of Spiker from Hill Top Zone. If Sonic and Tails get close, they fire off the drill on their backs and dash back and forth across the ground. Blastoid is a Badnik based on a turret that fires projectiles diagonally. It doesn’t move though and the Bubble Shield will deflect the projectiles. Bugernaut is an upgraded version of the fly Badnik, Whisp. They travel in swarms although Sonic and Tails can’t destroy the smaller ones. Mega Chopper is an upgraded version of the piranha Badnik, Chopper. However, Mega Chopper is smaller and acts like an underwater parasite. If Sonic and Tails get bitten, they won’t be able to Spin Jump and roll into balls. To make matters worse, the Ring Counter will start to decrease and kill them if it reaches 0. Jawz is a Badnik based on a shark and is not to be confused with Jaws, the piranha Badnik from the Labyrinth Zone. However, Jawz can swim underwater and fly outside of it in groups. They also explode. The Mini Boss in Hydro City Zone Act 1 is a Super Badnik that fights Sonic and Tails in curved pool of water. It’s will try to dive in and dash into them and then use a small turbine to spin them around like a washing machine. Eggman appears at the end of Hydro City Zone Act 2 to fight Sonic and Tails with water tornadoes and grenades. Remix Ideas: …I honestly couldn’t think of anything Marble Garden Zone The 3rd Zone in the game is a mountainous of ruins filled with plants and spiked, crushing pillars. Original Features: Spin Switches (As seen in the picture) Spinning Tops Tar pits Platforming with moving rocks in the waterfalls Earthquakes The vertical running poles (as seen in the new Stardust Speedway Zone) The rising and lowering spiky platform Marble Garden Zone Badniks & Bosses Bubbles is a Badnik similar to Pointdexter except it’s not underwater. Mantis is a Badnik based on a praying mantis. Unlike its cousin, Slicer from the Metropolis Zone, Mantis just stands in one spot and jumps. However, some them are hidden underground. Spiker is a Mimic Badnik that tries to looks a set of spikes. While their spikes can actually be used as Springs, they shoot projectiles from both sides of their bodies. The Mini Boss in Act 1 is a Super Badnik armed with drills. It’s similar to the Mystic Cave Zone Boss but will drill back down to try and get Sonic and Tails. Eggman appears at the end of Marble Garden Zone Act 2 with a drill of his own and will try to pierce Sonic and Tails in the sky. Remix Ideas: Also couldn’t think of anything… Carnival Night Zone The 4th Zone in the game is a massive Carnival Eggman must have built to make more Rings. At least that’s one theory for why it exists on the Island. Original Features: Balloons appear for the first time The Vertical Anti-Gravity pillars The Anti-gravity wheels from Scrap Brain Zone The Anti-gravity fans The weird lava platforms The 2-Way curved tubes (we see in them in Chemical Plant Zone Act 2) The power outage in Act 2 Cannons Carnival Night Zone Badniks & Bosses Clamer is a Badnik based on a Clam. When it’s closed, it can be used like a spring. When it’s open it can be destroyed but it also sits out its gun and fires a projectile. Batbot is an upgraded version of the Bat Badnik, Batbrain. Sparker (aka the Carnival Night Zone Variant of Blastoid because for some reason they have the same name in English) is a Badnik based on a grenade. It travels between the ground and ceiling by turning into electricity. The Mini Boss in Carnival Night Zone Act 1 is a Super Badnik armed with electricity and a spinning drill. Sonic and Tails have to trick it into getting hit by the drill to damage it before it destroys all of their leverage. Eggman appears at the end of Carnival Night Zone Act 2 with magnets to lift and drop a heavy green ball on Sonic and Tails Remix Ideas: The Barrel of Doom is the Boss of Act 1 Act 2 could be the “Balloon Park Zone” of the level, having an Animal/Zoo theme Thunder Shield could recharge stuff Ice Cap Zone The 5th Zone in the game is the series’ first console snow Zone (Fast Fact: the first ever Ice Zone in a Sonic Game is Icy Isle from Sonic Arcade). Original Features in the Ice Cap Zone: Snowboarding (sure it was automated but still) Freezethrowers Icicle platforms The infamous looping slides Frozen objects (item boxes and springs) Momentum Swinging Platforms Bungee Platforms Ice Cap Zone Badniks & Bosses Star Pointers are ice versions of the Unidus Orbinauts. They use their icy spiked balls as projectiles leaving them wide open for a Spin Attack. Also, the Elemental Shields melt their ammo. Penguinator is a Badnik based on a penguin. They attack by sliding on their bellies and can be found in groups. The Mini Boss in Ice Cap Zone Act 1 is a Super Badnik that swings snowballs around itself as a shield. At the end of Ice Cap Zone Act 2, Eggman appears with a freezethrower that blows cold air in 3 directions. Remix Ideas: Have a snowboard area similar to Blizzard Peaks Zone Flame Shield can melt icy stuff Launch Base Zone The final Zone in the game was the first crash site of the Death Egg, surrounded by harbors and construction sites. Original Features in the Launch Base Zone: Being able to ride a Egg-O-Mobile (sure it was automated but still) Spinning Elevators Flamethrowers Launch Base Zone Badniks & Bosses Fybot 767 is a Badnik based on a bird. They appear when Sonic and Tails run past a sensor. Ribot is a Badnik based on frog. It swings weights from its arms. Orbinaut is a Classic Badnik based on a sea urchin. Despite its new colors and glare, it only uses its Spiked Balls as a shield. Snail Blaster is a Badnik based on a snail. They move slowly and can only be destroyed when they open their backs to fire their projectiles Corkney is a Badnik based on a laser. They move across rails and shoot lasers at Sonic and Tails. The Mini Boss in Launch Base Act 1 is a Super Badnik Eggman just put together. It swings 2 spiked balls really fast. At the end of Launch Base Zone Act 1, Eggman hops in a cannonball launching mech. The second Boss Mech Eggman uses shoots lasers and has a small spiked ball moving above his cockpit as a shield The Final Boss of the game is Big Arm, who flies around while trying to grab and body slam Sonic and Tails Remix Ideas: Now that the Death Egg is gone, it’d be interesting to see what happened to the ports here. I doubt Knuckles opened trade here... Chrome Gadget Zone The Chrome Gadget Zone is a mechanical base, possibly created by Eggman. Remix Ideas: Maybe a Badnik Factory... Endless Mine Zone A Mine located on the Floating Island (looks similar to Mystic Cave Zone). Remix Ideas: • Add the Badniks from the Mystic Cave Zone • Minecarts • Have a gimmick similar to the Pogo Spring from Sonic Chaos Discussion Questions 1. Out of these 8 Zones in Sonic 3, which one is your number 1 BEST pick for getting remixed in Sonic Mania? 2. Out of these 8 Zones in Sonic 3, which one is your number 1 WORST/LEAST BEST pick for getting remixed in Sonic Mania? 3. Are there any elements/Badniks/Bosses in Zones from Sonic 3 you'd like to see used in a brand new Zone? K. Do you think the cathedral Zone we’ve seen is actually the Sonic 3 Zone reimagined in Act 2?
  8. Here's a picture for comparsion. I liked the other Region Caps better than the Original one.
  9. Can we talk about how messed up the Capture Ability is?
  10. With the reveal of the Custom Heroes came the reveal of a new item called "Wispon", which are weapons that allow Custom Heroes to use specific Color Powers in unique without fusing to the Wisp like Sonic does. The only downsides so far is that from what we've seen, each Wispon can only use the Color Power it was designed for and there's still a limit to how much they can use the Color Power before it runs out. The Burst Wispon is powered by Red Wisps and allows Custom Heroes to use a Flamethrower and use a Burst Jump to reach higher areas. The Lightning Wispon is powered by Ivory Wisps and gives Custom Heroes a lightning whip and allows them to Lightspeed Dash/Ring Dash near Rings and apparently also enemies. There's also a Void Wispon powered by Violet Wisps. However, we haven't seen gameplay of it yet. There appears to be a number of Handheld Exclusive Wispons. I'm also not sure what collecting White Wisps does for the Custom Hero... Discussion Questions: 1. What Wisps/Wispons based on old Color Powers, would you like to see or predict will appear in Sonic Forces? 2. What are some new Wisps/Wispons that you'd like to see in Sonic Forces? 3. Do you think Badniks, Eggman, Metal Sonic, Chaos, Shadow, Zavok, and/or Infinite will also be able to use Wisps/Wispons against our heroes?
  11. Here's some E3 2017 Art
  12. Here's the boxart
  13. Some of that awesome official art shown at E3