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  1. Another Profile from the Facebook Group "Diamond Cutters"?
  2. Fanart created by Shenaniganza of some character model glitches
  3. All 24 Shifty Station has a Stage Name now. See if you can recall them and the Splatfests they were used in!
  4. I think most of the Eeveelutions should have optional methods to evolve via Stones like the original 3 anyway Espeon - Sun Stone Umbreon - Moon Stone Leafeon - Leaf Stone Glaceon - Ice Stone Sylveon - Shiny Stone Also, the exclusive moves Eevee gets in Let's Go should be Eeveelution exclusive moves in Sword/Shield.
  5. It's been unofficially revealed. In the last trailer, there's a quick shot of Sobble looking happy with a camping tent behind it. Also, in the Treehouse Live, they showed the trainer picking up items that seem to be ingredients.
  6. There's a Comic Book https://www.activision.com/cdn/crash/CTR_NF_COMIC.pdf
  7. A bio for Tangle was posted on the Facebook Group and an interview with Evan Stanley.
  8. D9TiA3xVUAEDDrm.jpg:large

    There's a Sonic Anniversary Sale for Switch Owners between June 17-24.

    1. Perkilator


      Couple years early for the big 30, huh?

    2. Soniman


      I own all these games 😔

    3. Thigolf


      That was quick for TSR, oof

  9. Here are the Results of the Unicorn VS Narwhal Splatfest: Votes: 39.01% < 60.99% Normal Clout: 49.89% < 50.11% Pro Clout: 48.89% < 51.11% Final Results: 0 < 3 TEAM NARWHAL WINS! Ok, this wasn't as bad as last time. ...also, I'm afraid of what's going to happen after the Final Fest...
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