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  1. Amy crushes on Sonic Amy gets the Metal Virus by touching Sonic/coming in contact with Zombots Amy turns into a Zombot Sonic has to deal with fighting/avoiding her Man, where have I heard this story before? She doesn't. She literally asks herself why she's doing it in the first panel we see her in this issue. The only reason why she's doing this is because she wants to help with the cleanup after the whole Metal Overload saga and now with the Metal Virus outbreak. It's not like hitting things with hammers is a solution at the moment.
  2. Me thinks it could be a Mimic Octopus.
  3. 2 Fast Facts from Tracy Yardley on Twitter. Personally, it looks more menacing from that angle.
  4. Here is the manual for Team Sonic Racing. https://www.sonicthehedgehog.com/tsr/manual/en/index.html?pid=0
  5. A Magikarp & Gyarados t-shirt that won in a Pokemon t-shirt contest will appear in Sword/Shield. Also, it's confirmed that next month's Coro coro will have actual news.
  6. Here are the Results of the yesterday's Splatfest: Time Travel VS Teleportation: Votes: 41.34% < 58.66% Normal Clout: 49.42% < 50.58% Pro Clout: 49.47% < 50.53% Final Results: 0 < 3 TEAM TELEPORTATION WINS Man, this one was brutal for Team Time Travel. Most of my matches ended up with my team getting cornered or completely destroyed.
  7. There's a Hammer Power-Up that was shown in the Japanese Version of the Direct
  8. Super Mario Maker 2 is getting its own Nintendo Direct tomorrow!
  9. Abe returns in Oddworld: Soul Storm. Article by Eurogamer: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-05-13-oddworld-soulstorm-the-quintology-is-back-on
  10. I think mega muck that turns people and plants into Metal Slimes is a little more advanced than what he can normally withstand.
  11. Yeah, that sounds more like Marine the Raccoon than Tangle.
  12. Merch for this week seems to be a Chao T-shirt and cup
  13. Question for any Tech Savvy Members: Today, when I turned my computer on, I noticed a black shadow going across my screen, almost if I put a gradient down in Photoshop.

    Is there any quick tips to fix this or should I just send it somewhere to get repaired? It's a Samsung LCD Monitor if that helps.

  14. Here are the results of the Hare VS Tortoise SpringFest: Votes: 43.79% < 56.21% Normal Clout: 52.11% > 47.89% Pro Clout: 50.61% > 49.39% Final Results: 2 > 1 TEAM HARE WINS!
  15. Besides some of the non-moderated ones... here are some cool designs
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