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  1. Good News: I finally unlocked Motorsport Tawna. Now I can focus on unlocking the other Grand Prix stuff like the Flag Packs, Twilight Wheels, & Character Skins (Is there a Tawna Pink Paint Job?) Bad News: Apparently, you can get stuck under the door to the shortcut in Tiger Temple...
  2. I noticed Shadow Mewtwo's finisher the first time, but I got distracted by the fast moving car in that one battle. Speaking of which, thanks to @Perkilator, here are some comparsions
  3. Wait a minute... no wonder those animations look familiar, they're almost 1 to 1 literally copied from Pokken Tournament DX!
  4. Embargos are starting to lift. We have the Opening Movie, thanks to GameXplain, where things go from 0 to 60 real quick.
  5. Message me a link to what you're talking about. There will be a Sword/Shield Switch Lite available on November 8th with cyan and pink buttons on the front and Zacian & Zamazenta on the back
  6. The results for the Steel Type Move Name are in
  7. Of course, we would randomly get news on a Monday. While we still don't know the Boxart Legends's information & Impidimp still doesn't have a bio and official art yet, we do have some more confirmed info from the Angry Smoker Rumor. There's also an art book for these games but I couldn't find a big enough picture of it and it was incomplete. Japanese Trailer New Pokémon Yamper Category: Puppy Pokémon Type: Electric Height: 1' Weight: 29.8 lbs. Ability: Ball Fetch Alcremie Category: Cream Pokémon Type: Fairy Height: 1' Weight: 1.1 lbs. Ability: Sweet Veil Rolycoly Category: Coal Pokémon Type: Rock Height: 1' Weight: 26.5 lbs. Abilities: Steam Engine/Heatproof Duraludon Category: Alloy Pokémon Type: Steel/Dragon Height: 5'11" Weight: 88.2 lbs. Abilities: Light Metal/Heavy Metal Gigantamax Gigantamax Drednaw Type: Water/Rock Abilities: Strong Jaw/Shell Armor Height: 78'9"+ Weight: ????.? lbs. Gigantamax Corviknight Type: Flying/Steel Abilities: Pressure/Unnerve Height: 45'11"+ Weight: ????.? lbs. Gigantamax Alcremie Type: Fairy Ability: Sweet Vei Height: 98'5"+ Weight: ????.? lbs. Galar Pokémon League, Gym Challenge, & Champion Cup New Human Characters I guess that explains the Rose shaped stadium on the northern part of the map. Yeah, there's something...off about these 2... Bea is a Version Exclusive Gym Leader for Sword. In one of the Trailers, she uses a Hitmontop on her team. Allister is Version Exclusive to Shield. In one of the trailers, he uses a Mimikyu on his team. Galar Champion Leon ...who is Raihan? Version Exclusives Deino & Jangmo-o & Bea's Fighting Gym are exclusive to Sword while Larvitar & Goomy & Allister's Ghost Gym are exclusive to Shield. Other Stuff There's some kind of Poke Ball mascot in the back here.
  8. According to my account (US Account), the Championship Leaderboard has 289,967 Players and the Nitro Board has 707,970 Players: 5% of 289,967 is 35398.5 or 35,399th Place or higher. The person currently in 1st Place in the Championship Leaderboard has 11,750 Trophies. I'm in 4,084th Place with 1,214 Trophies. 5% of 707,970 is 35407.1 or 35,407th Place or higher. The person currently in 1st Place in the Nitro Leaderboard has collected 109,320 Nitro Points. I'm in 11,607th Place with 22,385 Nitro Points. I was originally doing worse. To unlock all of the Tier Unlockables, you only need 42,000 Nitro Points. Seriously, the tournament has only been up for 6 days and people have played enough to unlock all 3 tiers of unlockables twice!
  9. Good News: Somehow, I'm still in the 5% of the Championship/Trophy & Nitro Leaderboards. Bad News: I really hate that if you mess up the jump for the biggest ramp in Oxide Station, you can end up in a earlier part of the level and will probably end up in 6th-8th Place.
  10. I want Tangle and Pink Wisp to fuse. Imagine getting hit by Pink Spikes Tangle.
  11. ...you ever go so fast during a race that you throw a Bowling Bomb in front of you and almost crash into it?
  12. Sure! My PSN ID is Sonictrainer (current avatar is Spider-Man). Anyone is welcome to add me and I'm willing to help with challenges between breaks to let my right thumb heal...😅 Going online with a party is the best way to get more of the Challenges as well as get more Wumpa Coins. The closest thing is the Crash Bandicoot Wiki. I had to go back and look to see who Zem and Zam were. I don't think there's a manual for this game. Crash Biker is the best skin in the game.
  13. Also, if you buy the Nitro Squad without their Motorsport Skin Pack, you can buy the Motorsport Skin Pack later at a discount. Also, tonight starts the weekend bonus plus the daily bonus so get big money!
  14. ...or someone forgot to color her pants...
  15. Limit Battles in online mode are now based on hits you can get on the other team with items instead of the "Last Kart Standing" rules
  16. ...Yes, I did have fun in the match I just played....but I don't feel like doing a survey right now.
  17. Reverse Speeding - Win a race while driving in reverse the whole last lap.


    1. SonicWind


      Yeah, I don't think I can do that one.

    2. TCB


      I guess I can't do any of these challenges for another couple of hours. Even then...i don't think I'll be skilled enough to even get Twana...

    3. Ryannumber1gamer



      The daily challenges reset every day and are relatively easy. If you get one of the Nitro Girls, they also give a boost on Nitro gained.

  18. I love some of the new changes: Online Matches now end with the Victory Podiums The Nitro Kart Bosses and Real Velo have a Velo Version of Aku-Aku/Uka Uka Mask The Grand Prix Challenges/Nitro can be completed/collected across different Modes Nitro Collected seems to allow lower prices of stuff in the Pit Shop However, there is one glitch I've noticed. The Leaderboard for races seems to be off sometimes. During a race where I was second but didn't finish before time run out, I somehow ended up in Last Place...
  19. Sonictrainer


    New Trailer for the Cuphead DLC
  20. Well, there was the Villa in Platinum that was similar to this. Also, while we don't know for sure just yet, that sounds like what Pokémon Home is supposed to be.
  21. Just had a issue where it didn't let me purchase the "Electron Aqua" Paint Job from the Pit Shop. EDIT: Just found out this will be fixed in the patch that comes with the first Grand Prix Wednesday.
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