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  1. Chuckle
    Sonictrainer reacted to Pawn in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    People are already looking for Sinnoh hints lol
  2. Chuckle
    Sonictrainer reacted to Soniman in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    You never been to Las Vegas?
  3. Thumbs Up
    Sonictrainer reacted to Blue Blood in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    To be real for like, two seconds, I'd really appreciate it if games were authentic in a particularly subtle way; character names, skin colour and attire. We've got a variety of skin colours for major NPCs, which is great. But the UK has such a huge population of people from Asian/Middle Eastern and African. I'm talking India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, the Caribbean, and huge swathes of the world all over. The UK (or England at the very least because I'm not seeing so much Scottish/Welsh influence) is very much a melting pot of cultures. They already picked "curry and rice" as the regional dish, so it would be a really nice if they casually continued that influence with character names coming from a wide pool as well. I think Alola had a handful of Hawaiian names in addition to "generic" ones heard all over in English-speaking countries, so it would be cool if they were casually more inclusive here. 
    I would love it if that's the case, but I won't hold out hope really. It's just that touch of casually including racial and cultural diversity that I'd love to see, very much in part because I'm British and Pokémon is always set in a somewhere idealised reflection of our world. They didn't manage this with Kalos, but they did get more quite into it with Alola. I don't expect that the games will reach the level of casual, normalised representation that they possibly could, and I won't hold that against them. I'm kind of just thinking out loud here. It really bugs me that there was that whole supposed "white washing" controversy regarding fanart of Nessa, because there are so few other black characters, or anyone who's not white really.
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    Sonictrainer reacted to Pawn in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    Fucking hats mate
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    Sonictrainer reacted to Petrifying Panda in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    They sound like they could be actual British towns/cities. Motostoke reminds me of Basingstoke. Love it!
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    Sonictrainer reacted to Pumpkin Spice Ultima in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Raw Cover B of issue 22.

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    Sonictrainer reacted to Pawn in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    Pokémaniac outfit? lol
    EDIT: Oh nevermind, I didn't realise you could do Raids with NPCs. Also:
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    Sonictrainer reacted to Blue Blood in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    And here is Nintendo Life's preview which I'm watching at the moment:
    Reading those snippets in @Pawn's post above too also sounds very positive.
    EDIT: Confirmed that your mother is called "Mum" and not "Mom". Thank fuck. This is Pokémon Britain/England. 
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    Sonictrainer reacted to Pawn in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    Previews are rolling out:
    Game Informer
    The Verge
    3D Juegos - Translation of interesting points by ResetEra:
    I love the location names. So far we have:
    Wedgehurst – the first small town home to Professor Magnolia’s lab
    Slumbering Weald - the neighbouring forest
    Motostoke - the red brick city
    EDIT: This made me laugh

    "Ahem. Don't mind me"
  10. Promotion
    Sonictrainer reacted to Ivo-goji in Dr. Eggman's Good Deeds   
    That reminds me of the Twitter Takeover where Eggman gets a question about Maria and immediately stops reading it and suggests they move on to a different question, out of consideration for Shadow.
    It's more utilitarian, but Eggman has also behaved civilly towards Shadow and Rouge on occasions where it made as much sense for them to be enemies, like during their scenes together in Next Gen.  Eggman is usually rather polite towards Rouge compared to how he interacts with other characters (he probably remembers how she never openly betrayed him in SA2).  Made funnier in Team Sonic Racing when she attacks him on the track and he says "Rouge, I thought you liked me."
  11. Promotion
    Sonictrainer reacted to Dr. Mechano in Dr. Eggman's Good Deeds   
    Ah yes. I adore how Eggman treats Metal Sonic with an almost fatherly sort of affection in the IDW comics.
    We actually see this in the games too, in the Mario and Sonic series, such as Eggman gently patting Metal on the head in the London 2012 opening:

    This even comes back in Rio 2016, in Eggman's and Metal's team victory animation. Eggman is so proud of his number-one robot! 
    More of this "fatherly" role comes across in Winter 2010 DS, he feels embarrassed that Metal Sonic witnessed him lose to the heroes, mirroring Bowser's own shame at losing in front of Bowser Jr.:

    Obviously being ashamed of losing isn't a "good deed," but I think the way he reacts to Metal Sonic specifically - and how it parallels Bowser's reaction to Bowser Jr. - sort of paints Eggman in somewhat paternal light to Metal. Instead of just treating him like a common minion or blaming him for his loss, Eggman simply wishes Metal didn't have to see him like that.
    I just love how proud Eggman is of Metal; not just in a "This is my tool/weapon, I did a good job making it" but like, actually taking pride in his accomplishments, praising him, showing him affection, etc. All this even after his betrayal in Heroes. I'm glad the two of them have something of a positive relationship now.
  12. Promotion
    Sonictrainer reacted to Dr. Mechano in Dr. Eggman's Good Deeds   
    This is true! Eggman genuinely, canonically likes Chao and thinks they're cute. Even in Team Sonic Racing, Eggman is sweet to the Chao and tells them how adorable he thinks they are.
    Also, now with sound! Gotta love that "Yooosh" Eggman does when petting Chao:
    For a maniacal supervillain, Eggman's a lot nicer to the Chao than Knuckles' ancestors were. 
    And actually, this Chao talk reminds me! Other Robotniks from non-game media have been shown to care for pets as well! Here are the Robotniks who've had literal "Pet the Dog" moments!
    AoStH Robotnik's Pet: Spalding

    In "Sonic is Running," we learn that Robotnik has a spitting cobra named Spalding. Not even, like, a robotic snake or something. He just owns and cares for an actual living reptile, and seems rather fond of them.
    I'm glad Robotnik gave Spalding a good home!
    SatAM Robotnik's Pet: Cluck

    One of the few creatures SatAM Robotnik showed any empathy toward, Cluck was his beloved pet robot chicken.
    And man, Robotnik loved this bird. He was constantly doting on them and showing genuine affection. It doesn't excuse Julian's atrociousness at all, don't misunderstand me. But it is interesting to see at least one being on the show that he truly loved and cared for.
    Sonic X Comic Eggman - Cheese Clones

    These guys are a little ambiguous as to whether they count as "pets."
    Eggman took a DNA sample from Cheese and cloned a bunch of Chao that he kept in his own garden, and used a special signal to evolve them into Dark Chao - using them as adorable little minions for one of his schemes.
    So this could be considered an example of Eggman just using the cloned Chao for his own selfish ends, but he is pretty nice and affectionate toward them. He pets them, gives them a spacious garden to live in, and compliments them on their cuteness. When they become rambunctious Dark Chao, he even gives them space to trash parts of his base, letting them enact their more aggressive tendencies. I'm going to say Eggman loved and cared for these Chao, and didn't just treat them as expendable tools for his plans.
  13. Promotion
    Sonictrainer reacted to DabigRG in Dr. Eggman's Good Deeds   
    Or the private vacation spot for them connected to the Egg Carrier.
    Which he's embarrassed about.  
  14. Promotion
    Sonictrainer reacted to Ivo-goji in Dr. Eggman's Good Deeds   
    The purest example:

    Not to forget his ordering the Chaotix to locate and protect wild Chao from Metal Sonic in Heroes, or sheltering a whole garden of them in Cryptic Castle during Shadow the Hedgehog.
  15. Promotion
    Sonictrainer reacted to HywelAtTheMoon in Dr. Eggman's Good Deeds   
    I guess you could count the time Eggman spent as Mr. Tinker in the early issues of the IDW comics. 
    For those who haven't read them, the comics take place after Sonic Forces. Eggman vanished, but was found in a small village (issue 4), completely missing his memory. He would likely have stayed that way if he hadn't been subjected to a little "therapy"... 
    Sonic says it himself. He isn't faking the amnesia for an ulterior motive.
  16. Thumbs Up
    Sonictrainer reacted to Dr. Mechano in Dr. Eggman's Good Deeds   
    Yet another:
    Sonic X - Eggman cooks for Bokkun

    After Decoe and Bocoe temporarily abandon the Eggman Empire, Eggman's left without either of them to take care of the household chores. So does he shove the work onto another robot? Nah, Eggman steps up and does it himself - notably attempting to make Bokkun breakfast.
    He's, uh... not a very good cook. But he still tried to make Bokkun something to eat. Bokkun - being a robot - probably doesn't need to eat to survive, so this isn't even just Eggman being pragmatic and feeding his crew just because he has to. He knows Bokkun enjoys food, and tries his best to make some for him in his chefs' absence. While it doesn't go as planned, it's still a nice gesture on Eggman's part.
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    Sonictrainer reacted to Dr. Mechano in Luigi's Mansion 3 - Switch, Halloween 2019   
    I'm liking the Virtual Boo; a nice nod to the Game Boy Horror.
    I'm hoping it'll still have the GBH's scan functionality, complete with Luigi commentary, like the first game. It was so great to hear Luigi's perspective on the various parts of the mansion, and I'd love for that feature to return.
  18. Thumbs Up
    Sonictrainer reacted to Cayenne in Luigi's Mansion 3 - Switch, Halloween 2019   
    More videos from GameXplain:
  19. Thumbs Up
    Sonictrainer reacted to FFWF in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    A while back, I was mulling over ideas (entirely hypothetical, of course) for a sort of Pokemon-based disaster emergency game; something that would lean on all the edgy Pokedex fluff to create scenarios where you'd have to deal with Magcargo setting everything in their vicinity aflame, Tyranitar destroying mountains, and so on.  But something like that could be imported into the canon, too, as a way of showcasing a region's Pokemon and having the Pokedex lore mean something.  "Suddenly, Dyna Portals appear across Galar, and ordinary Pokemon are growing enormous and causing havoc!"  That would work.  Of course, for all we know, that could literally be the plot.
    I'm not at all opposed to humans having a place in the plot, because I think ultimately the plots of Pokemon games have to be about how humans and Pokemon relate to one another; but I think XY was a demonstration of how exhausted the standard model of the series had become.  Sun/Moon was a welcome breath of fresh air, but was definitely a story about humans rather than about Pokemon.  The difficulty is in actually telling a story about a partnership between you and a specific Pokemon whilst still giving you absolute choice over your entire team at any time; although Nebby, I think, was an attempt to circumvent that problem...
  20. Thumbs Up
    Sonictrainer reacted to Zaysho in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    This weirdly makes me think of the Pokémon Ranger stuff. I haven't played those games, so I only have some cursory knowledge of them, but the idea of having to calm down rampaging Pokémon or whatever sounds like it'd be pretty fun and scale back on the the evergrowing stable of corny evil bosses that spell out how evil they are (though I thought Aether/Skull were better about this).
  21. Chuckle
    Sonictrainer reacted to Pawn in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    Apparently this is from the back cover of the official art book (included in the Japanese Pokémon Center edition of the game):

    EDIT - Full image:
  22. Promotion
    Sonictrainer got a reaction from Spookilator in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    The Special Pikachu, Eevee, & Meowth that can Gigantmax cannot evolve.
  23. Promotion
    Sonictrainer got a reaction from Blue Blood in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    The Special Pikachu, Eevee, & Meowth that can Gigantmax cannot evolve.
  24. Thumbs Up
    Sonictrainer reacted to Sean in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    I think Pokémon's strongest potential lies in slice of life and episodic moments, which is where I actually think the anime does very well. I never cared for the main plots and it's rather disappointing that side stories like the aforementioned creation of Mewtwo have largely been dropped from the picture. NPCs aren't ever important either, the only reason to talk to everyone in a town is to see if any of them give you an item. I don't think the games even need an evil team or plot-relevant legendary, just giving each town its own mini-plot would go a long way in helping me become more invested in what's going on
  25. Thumbs Up
    Sonictrainer reacted to Pawn in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    I've said it before, but I'd love the games to include more developed side stories about specific Pokémon important to the region. Take something like Mewtwo in Gen 1 or the Slowpoke town in Gen 2, but make more of them. You can involve interesting human characters and Pokémon alike that don't necessarily have to take centre stage in the larger journey.
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