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  1. To a certain extent, yeah actually. Good example is the live action Mario Bros movie. Its an atrocious piece of shit that had little to do with the franchise, but for some reason, I keep going back to it. It has this polarizing "so bad its good" quality that makes it an interesting anomaly. If Sonic matches that level of entertainment, then it will be successful like The Room, and Im ok with that. EDIT: Were on the same page Ryannumber1gamer. I posted my reply before reading yours.
  2. Alright let me ask a neutral question. Do you guys think the movie will be at least entertaining?
  3. Again, this relates to CAMEOS. Just characters wondering in the background, as Detective Pikachu perfectly showcases. And it would be the first time youd see these characters on the big screen. Nothing compares to an experience like that.
  4. Im just as concerned about the film's integrity as everyone else, but it doesnt mean that we can't steer it in the right direction. Fan contribution is a known thing these days for media, and if enough voices are heard, someone on the inside will listen. I realize its too late for reshoots, but our best bet right now, after waiting nearly 3 decades, is to at least see other characters besides Sonic and Robotnik appear somewhere. It would be SEGA throwing us a bone, which yeah, we have to beg for, but I think is worth the effort. Just imagine being in a packed theater and spotting all these characters from the franchise. You know youd be jumping outta your seat screaming "OMG its Ray the Squirrel" or something, even if the movie sucks. All Im saying is we can at least do something to soften the blow if the overall film itself doesnt please.
  5. First off, nobody is sure how this movie will pan out so its hard to jump to conclusions when a trailer hasnt been released yet. Plus this campaign pertains to ALL SONIC CHARACTERS, so request whoever you wanna see, its not just limited to the comics as its clearly stated. And even if the movie doesnt meet expectations, at least we had this rare opportunity to contribute as a community to give Sonic's friends a quick spotlight. It just seems to me that you come off as someone who's too lazy to take action and just remains complacent with the way things are. Cameos may not seem like much, but it would show that the people involved with the film including SEGA, cares about the fanbase to actually go the extra mile for us.
  6. So going back on the whole cameo idea, I took the liberty of creating a template that everyone can use to suggest whatever character they'd like to see appear, which can be shared and tweeted. I attached a couple examples below. Considering that Sonic and Robotnik are the only confirmed Sonic related cast, I felt it was an opportunity for Sonic fans to convince Paramount Pictures and Director Jeff Fowler, to use their CGI magic to incorporate our favorite characters as background cameos. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Mighty, Vector, ect. Basically, similar to what was showcased in the Detective Pikachu movie trailer. So, heres what you can do: Instructions: For those with Photoshop, download this layered PSD. https://ufile.io/j8s2h Search for a CGI version of your character on Google image search. Game characters are the easiest to find, but Archie, Fleetway, and such is a bit of a challenge. They do exist though. If you're unable to find a CGI version, then use a 2D one. As long as the studio heads and CGI FX artists can tell who it is. Find a transparent PNG version of that image. If not, then create one by removing the background and saving it out as a transparent PNG. Swap out the black silhouette for your character. Edit the [insert adjective] text to what your character would say. Or just edit the text however you want. Save out as a JPG. Tweet your image to @paramountpics @fowltown @sega and use these hashtags #sonicmovie #sonicthehedgehog #charactername (ie #raythesquirrel) Now consider this. On November 8, 2019, it will be 28 years since Sonic fans have waited for this monumental event. The best thing we can do, is make this an experience that justifies our patience. Even though we're talking quick second cameos wandering in the background, it would be a small victory to witness Sonic's friends giving us the long deserved big screen fan service that this film should provide. NOTE: I already created the entire Freedom Fighters set (Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, and Antonie) along with Mina Mongoose. If anyone wants to request those characters for the movie, simply download the set here to save you time. https://ufile.io/9xrou
  7. Well.....he is a shock "mouse" so the fur seems appropriate. This is just...wow...this is really happening. Pokemon and Sonic will be entering the real world in 2019. So after watching the trailer it perfectly illustrated my point about background characters. The first couple seconds, you see an assortment of different Pokemon just roaming a city street. Can you imagine that with Sonic? It CAN be done and more importantly, SHOULD be done.
  8. My assumption is that if Sonic ends up going back to his home world or if Tom gets transported there at the end, there should be other characters there to occupy the scene. I think in such a rare opportunity where nobody thought a Sonic movie would happen, after 27 YEARS of waiting, its at least worth a try. We now have communication platforms that we never knew would exist today to reach out to the production team and voice our thoughts. Twitter seems to be the most logical since everyone including people in entertainment are the most responsive there. It would be a small victory to be in a packed theater and watch everyone point out their favorite main/obscure characters just wandering around in the background. Plus considering how saturated this film is with generic humans, at this point, just having short second cameos would honestly suffice at this point. Twitter info in case anyone wants to reach out: Director Jeff Fowler: @fowltown Paramount Pictures: @ParamountPics
  9. Considering that were in the post-production CGI phase, do you think we should tweet out to Jeff Fowler and suggest certain characters for the FX artists add in? Not as main characters cause the film is already shot, but as background characters and cameos. Obviously, we need the core characters. Tails, Knuckles and Amy, but having other characters wandering around from the games, comics, and cartoons would be a nice love letter to the fans. I know It seems a bit extreme, but this is such a rare opportunity to where I think its worth a shot. Thoughts?
  10. Id say anything is possible at this point. Its now up to the CGI animators to add whatever and hopefully some of them are Sonic fans where they sneak in little nods to the franchise in general.
  11. I know its not much, but witnessing this happen was incredible. Ive always dreamt about a Sonic movie but to actually watch it being filmed in my area was just surreal. I missed the helicopter landing on the Salesforce tower though. Good thing someone filmed and posted it. Overall, Im glad we'll actually see the REAL San Francisco depicted in the movie.
  12. I drove past the filming in SF. I honestly wished they needed extras but it was just for an action scene it looks like.
  13. Lets try to refrain from political discussions. Its bad enough that its infected every social media platform I belong to. I come to entertainment forums to escape that crap cause I have no allegiance on either side. This is just another case of separating the art from the artist.
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