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  1. Yeah nah, you're obviously one of those stunted development weirdos who are strange enough to hate a fictional character from a cartoon hedgehog series. It's weird how you people always target female characters for this sort of hate.
  2. >Marine, Wave, Tangle, Cream Anyway, you could have at least said "I'm a manchild who hates fictional characters" and that would have sufficed.
  3. People always liked Sonic as an animated series and a comic more than a video game anyway
  4. 1) Tails used to be 11. 2) Kid characters that act like kids in a series that is supposed to be a slightly edgy (the original meaning, not the "CRINGE LOLZ" meaning), action-adventure series is unnecessary. Tails at least acts like a 16 year old, every other child character in Sonic acts like a child. 3) What do you think is a good female character design for Sonic then?
  5. Well, in any good work of fiction; fantasy or not, character motivations, characterization, &c, has always been realistic for it to be well-written. Yeah pretty much Shadow is the only character not named Sonic allowed to be cool. It's pretty sad honestly.
  6. You think Classic Amy is the best design of her until you realize she had better and cooler designs. This is how she looked in the manga. Pretty much different looking from Sonic overall. Then SEGA takes her in the games and downgrades her design (and age) into a pink Sonic clone with a weird clashing palette Sometimes comic artists drew her in a way that was better than what we got (even standard classic amy is way, way better with upturned quills simply because it doesn't look like sonic) Then we get this, which IS pretty boring to be fair, and her quills don't even look like a hedgehog's, but it's a thousand times better than the "8 year old pink Sonic in a tutu" garbage. But imo this (fan-made) design is the best looking I've seen for her since it combines her classic design with more maturity than her modern. Anyyyyyyyyyyyway.. I don't dislike her, Sega Classic Amy's design is just boring and ugly. I don't like her being a child and I don't like her looking like Sonic in a dress. I wonder why the only female character has to be 8, you know?
  7. Tbh I'm thinking the same. Honestly it's mostly because I quite dislike Classic Amy's design. She's a 8 year old and pink sonic in a tutu, she's not going to be interesting at all.
  8. Fleetway Amy's still feminine, she just doesn't swoon over Sonic and act silly and lovey-dovey. Most women don't act like that, period, unless they're pre-teens which STC Amy wasn't.. so.
  9. 1) All of your complaints can be pretty much summed up to the rushed production, forcing stupid plots that shouldn't have existed, ect. There wasn't anything new said. 2) Who cares about Tails. Seriously. Especially in the cartoons he's been nothing more than just the kid sidekick. He was more useful and interesting in the games. 3) The story and plotline is pretty heavily flawed overall but I like Manic as a character.
  10. What do you guys think of Amy's characterization? I still prefer her STC self.
  11. Wow, long time no see. IIRC it's been at least five or so years since I last recall seeing you here. How have you been?

  12. I still can't get over how SoJ basically refused to print out Sonic games during the Saturn days. I STILL think they purposely sabotaged the series because it wasn't too big in their home country and you know how crabby those Japanese businessmen can get. They just didn't UNDERSTAND how loved and adored Sonic was in the West and pretty much everywhere else but Japan. They REFUSED to take advantage of it. Now with Sonic's popularity waning, but especially in Japan where his presence is almost non-existent, you can tell SEGA is purposely taking its budget and shifting their focuses else where, even though there is still a hungry and attentive public to a GOOD Sonic game as Mania shewn. Could you imagine a 3D Game as polished and excellent as Mania? My god. It's just a really tragic situation all around. I hate to see this to my blue hedgehog.
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