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  1. It looks like the Collector's Edition of Sonic Mania was leaked. The website playwebgamez lists the PC Version of it. If you want to pre-order it, it will sent you to amazon.com, but the site isn't available (yet). Source: Sonic Mania Collector's Edition - PC
  2. Actually the small Classic Sonic icon is an annotation from YouTube. The YouTube Channel "Sonic Games" uploaded this screenshot. I don't think it's real as well.
  3. Here is the very first sneak peek of Sonic in his LEGO appearance. Edit: It looks like Mark Warburton deleted the tweets. Maybe it was too early to showcase the figure?
  4. Here are the first photos of the Selection and you're able to pre-order it via Amazon for $59.98. Sources: http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/soundcolumn/senoue/20160610_001060/ ; Amazon.com | Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Selection
  5. I just want to mention, that this Footage isn't from the latest "Sonic Appreciation Event". This Footage is 6 month old now and was shown on the Tokjo Joypolis Event in June 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHTdzQXMCkw
  6. On the official Japanese Mario & Sonic 5 Website, there are Seak Peeks from Severeal Events. You can also see some new Characters in Action, like Omega, Zazz, Zavok, Rosalina, Rouge etc. Source: Mario & Sonic 5 - Official Japanese Websitehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgeq82hClwY
  7. There is actually no doubt that there will be a Christmas Event. Last month, there was a livestream on Periscope (which isn't available to rewatch anymore), where you could see Sticks in an alternative outfit. Looks really Christmassy if you ask me.
  8. I tried to look up the NA Release date. But sadly it's just a typical placeholder date - December 31, 2015. But now you are able to pre-order Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. Amazon.com: Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice
  9. It could be just a placeholder, but it's better than nothing - according to Amazon Germany, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will be released on November 27, 2015.
  10. I actually don't know if this Box Art was posted before, but according to this, the 3DS Version of this game will have Amiibo Support. Guess it's safe to say that the Wii U counterpart will have one as well. Sure, it's not an evidence, that new Amiibo figures going to be made. Source: NintendoEverything
  11. Yes, we're collecting eggs! Anyway, here is a short description about the global challenge and another features, which are only available for the iOS version at the moment.
  12. Sonic sure has really nice waiting animations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6jpLJrUBpo
  13. Happy birthday, nice letters in your username.

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