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  1. I think you interpreted that tweet backwards...the tweet was explaining that the "performed strongly / most popular Sonic title in 15 years" was about the sales, as it was placed in the summary of the results (sales) section, which is separate from the review section.
  2. Hm, I don't think that's necessarily specific to the Hedgehog Engine; from what I've read it's just lighting. Though I could be wrong on that. Reference: https://info.sonicretro.org/Hedgehog_Engine Point is though, Hedgehog Engine ain't got nothing to do with the gameplay. Don't worry, a lot of people get that wrong. Doesn't help when Sonic Team advertises "HEDGEHOG ENGINE 2!" without too much explanation in their trailers. People wouldn't think to think that they're talking about their lighting/rendering engine of all things in a trailer. And yeah Forces is pretty clunky. They should've built the gameplay off Generations rather than Lost World.
  3. From the modding scene, it seems like Forces' gameplay engine was built on top of Lost World rather than Unleashed/Colors/Generations. Quite bewildering, but that's the reason why there's pretty binary acceleration along with other quirks from Lost World such as Sonic losing all his speed when manually jumping on an enemy and the lack of momentum being maintained sometimes when landing. Sonic Team was proud of the Hedgehog Engine they built for Unleashed, so they advertised it in the startup logos for that game only (they were also looking to license it to other companies at the time, so that may have been the main reason for the up-front advertisement), but it was definitely also used in Generations, and to a scaled back degree in Lost World as well. And remember (you're kinda melding the graphics + control talk, so not sure if you know), Hedgehog Engine (1 and 2) are graphical lighting engines - they have nothing to do with controls or gameplay whatsoever.
  4. ...did you even try testing it? The very first enemies, even, in Space Port do attack. I will give you that they attack so slowly that it probably doesn't make a difference, but you can't just say that they don't attack at all :/
  5. The AI-less enemies were only at the beginning at the level to educate the player on the boost and homing attacks. All the enemies beyond that point definitely shoot you. Whoever brought up the AI-less enemies didn't bother to test beyond the beginning of the level.
  6. As far as we know, yeah. Anyways, impressions on the Modern Sonic side of things from the PS4 demo: - Sonic's new tiers of acceleration are very odd. You hold forward, go a little bit...then you burst off with full running speed. No in-between...kinda clunky. - Sonic tends to "clip" the ground when he lands, so to speak. As in, when he lands, it feels like he doesn't retain his in-air speed and just slows drastically upon hitting the ground sometimes. - Air boost is very satisfying. If you use it quickly, Sonic bursts upwards a bit into the air. If you hold the air boost, Sonic does a beautiful forward arc as he drops, maintaining the boost fully as long as you hold the button. This is for one thing I can say is definitely an improvement to the Unleashed/Colors/Generations formula. - Sonic doesn't lose momentum anymore when he's midair, at all. Woo! Jump forward and maintain your speed! - ...unfortunately, he also doesn't pick up any momentum from standstills, ala Lost World, making it very clunky at low speeds. Hoping that it's just the "Dash" section activators that are making it like this (Generations modders, you prob know that I'm talking about). - As many have said, the level design philosophy and complexity is a step down from Generations. It's still quite a blast, but it should've absolutely been Generations-tier at the very least, though. Also, I found out if you jump right before a slope, Sonic gains a nice angle boost: So all in all, yes a step down from Generations, it should absolutely be improved, but also not the..."End of the World", so to speak.
  7. First Emergency Communication (9/13/2017): From the official Sonic Japanese channel. A message from Knuckles. Translation from YouTube comment: Second Emergency Communication (9/15/2017): Transcription and translation from YouTube comment:
  8. Really loving the very, very low delay with the homing attack. Gives Sonic much more flow. (Footage starts at around 2:57, homing attacks 3:09) EDIT: replaced video link with a new one, original got removed for whatever reason.
  9. Uh... Unleashed was E10. Black Knight was E10. Lost World was also E10. EDIT: And 06 was E10 as well.
  10. After all these years...SEGA has put the game back onto the App Store, and released bug fixes for the crashing issues. EDIT: Looks like my save file was wiped. Just like what happened with Episode I when they released fixes.
  11. Played through Windy Hill and Desert Ruins, no performance issues here running at 2560x1440, other than the UI elements and the pre-rendered cutscenes being really quite blurry 😕
  12. Mhm, it's been a little wonky with the subscriptions lately. For example, I didn't receive Part 2 until like a week after like Part 4 arrived.
  13. There's a new update out for Sonic Dash. It adds a day/night system to your runs.
  14. Hm, that seems awfully familiar (from Guilt Tripping):
  15. It seems like some people, including me, are not getting ads whatsoever, like I posted earlier in response to another guy who also doesn't have ads: I haven't purchased anything with money either. Odd though that you're still getting the free ad revives...
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