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  1. I think you interpreted that tweet backwards...the tweet was explaining that the "performed strongly / most popular Sonic title in 15 years" was about the sales, as it was placed in the summary of the results (sales) section, which is separate from the review section.
  2. Yeah, I hear you. Some have speculated that Sonic Team may have another project in development, and this new development news kind of brings some decent hope to that theory. If Sonic Team turns out another project next year, my guess is that they may have wanted to toss a budget title out or something for whatever (possibly upper management) reason. The Hedgehog Engine 2 isn’t exclusive to Forces just like the original Hedgehog Engine wasn’t exclusive to Unleashed - it was used in Generations and Lost World, after all.
  3. Well, I doubt that the graphical team has the same people as the game team, so the question becomes of what were the game team people doing during the Hedgehog Engine development time...which was apparently just a couple of years of...concepts.
  4. The Hedgehog Engine doesn't really have anything to do with the graphical design of the game if that's what you're getting at (e.g. Forces' Green Hill having boring flat terrain with minimal backdrops vs Generations's Green Hill having pretty curvy terrain with massive amounts of detailed backdrops). Unleashed and Generations definitely have far better designed backdrops and terrain, but on a technical level the HE2 is superior to the HE1. Just check out especially the beginning of Sunset Heights for example: the reflection of the water, the global illumination from the sunset's light, and the shadows are definitely a step up from what the HE1 is capable of. And in the HE2, the lighting on terrain is actually rendered all in real-time unlike the HE1 where the majority of the lighting and shadows on the terrain were just simply pre-rendered into textures of the level, so it's much more robust. I just wish that their actual game design team had put that much thought, time, and detail that their graphical dev team put into the Hedgehog Engine into the actual gameplay as well
  5. https://www.famitsu.com/news/201711/11145786.html According to this (and Google Translate, which actually is translating this pretty well!), Sonic Team started basic engine and technological development of Forces about 4 years ago (mainly Hedgehog Engine 2 I'm assuming), with Forces' going through what I'm assuming was a concept phase a year after that, but the actual full-scale production of Sonic Forces began around last year. So instead of going the Unleashed route of 1.5 years of Hedgehog Engine development and 1.5 years of game development, they went through 3 years of Hedgehog Engine 2 development and decided to spend only 1 year of actual game development. So tl;dr timeline from this: 2013 - Sonic Team begins Hedgehog Engine 2 development 2014-2016 - Sonic Forces concept development with Nakamura's small team 2016-2017 - Actual Sonic Forces game development
  6. Hm, I don't think that's necessarily specific to the Hedgehog Engine; from what I've read it's just lighting. Though I could be wrong on that. Reference: https://info.sonicretro.org/Hedgehog_Engine Point is though, Hedgehog Engine ain't got nothing to do with the gameplay. Don't worry, a lot of people get that wrong. Doesn't help when Sonic Team advertises "HEDGEHOG ENGINE 2!" without too much explanation in their trailers. People wouldn't think to think that they're talking about their lighting/rendering engine of all things in a trailer. And yeah Forces is pretty clunky. They should've built the gameplay off Generations rather than Lost World.
  7. From the modding scene, it seems like Forces' gameplay engine was built on top of Lost World rather than Unleashed/Colors/Generations. Quite bewildering, but that's the reason why there's pretty binary acceleration along with other quirks from Lost World such as Sonic losing all his speed when manually jumping on an enemy and the lack of momentum being maintained sometimes when landing. Sonic Team was proud of the Hedgehog Engine they built for Unleashed, so they advertised it in the startup logos for that game only (they were also looking to license it to other companies at the time, so that may have been the main reason for the up-front advertisement), but it was definitely also used in Generations, and to a scaled back degree in Lost World as well. And remember (you're kinda melding the graphics + control talk, so not sure if you know), Hedgehog Engine (1 and 2) are graphical lighting engines - they have nothing to do with controls or gameplay whatsoever.
  8. Looks like I misread your original post then. It sounded to me like that you were saying that all of the enemies in Space Port didn't attack, and when you said the ones that do have AI attacked slowly, I thought you were referring to the Green Hill GIF I posted rather than the ones that did attack in Space Port. My mistake. Your refutation is also taken, as Space Port has inert enemies too. However, it's probably just the third tutorial level for the Avatar.
  9. Ah, okay. I went back and tested it fully and it looks like those specific 3 enemies in the beginning segment out of all of them in Space Port are the only ones without an AI. ...what the heck Sonic Team? ...I am wondering though, how did you end up choosing to test only those specific 3 AI-less enemies specifically in the middle of the beginning segment, and came to the conclusion that all the other robots in Space Port don't attack whatsoever? If that was your video, anyways. I would like to say again that I agree completely that all of them should have an AI and that when they do attack, they should attack in a not so laughably slow fashion. I don't mean to be rude, but you can't throw out deliberately wrong things like saying all of the robots in Space Port don't attack at all, again :/
  10. ...did you even try testing it? The very first enemies, even, in Space Port do attack. I will give you that they attack so slowly that it probably doesn't make a difference, but you can't just say that they don't attack at all :/
  11. The AI-less enemies were only at the beginning at the level to educate the player on the boost and homing attacks. All the enemies beyond that point definitely shoot you. Whoever brought up the AI-less enemies didn't bother to test beyond the beginning of the level.
  12. As far as we know, yeah. Anyways, impressions on the Modern Sonic side of things from the PS4 demo: - Sonic's new tiers of acceleration are very odd. You hold forward, go a little bit...then you burst off with full running speed. No in-between...kinda clunky. - Sonic tends to "clip" the ground when he lands, so to speak. As in, when he lands, it feels like he doesn't retain his in-air speed and just slows drastically upon hitting the ground sometimes. - Air boost is very satisfying. If you use it quickly, Sonic bursts upwards a bit into the air. If you hold the air boost, Sonic does a beautiful forward arc as he drops, maintaining the boost fully as long as you hold the button. This is for one thing I can say is definitely an improvement to the Unleashed/Colors/Generations formula. - Sonic doesn't lose momentum anymore when he's midair, at all. Woo! Jump forward and maintain your speed! - ...unfortunately, he also doesn't pick up any momentum from standstills, ala Lost World, making it very clunky at low speeds. Hoping that it's just the "Dash" section activators that are making it like this (Generations modders, you prob know that I'm talking about). - As many have said, the level design philosophy and complexity is a step down from Generations. It's still quite a blast, but it should've absolutely been Generations-tier at the very least, though. Also, I found out if you jump right before a slope, Sonic gains a nice angle boost: So all in all, yes a step down from Generations, it should absolutely be improved, but also not the..."End of the World", so to speak.
  13. You were never forced to rush with the whip. Pressing a direction in conjunction with using the whip the makes you rush forward with it; if you don't press a direction, you would do what the tweet shows.
  14. First Emergency Communication (9/13/2017): From the official Sonic Japanese channel. A message from Knuckles. Translation from YouTube comment: Second Emergency Communication (9/15/2017): Transcription and translation from YouTube comment:
  15. Really loving the very, very low delay with the homing attack. Gives Sonic much more flow. (Footage starts at around 2:57, homing attacks 3:09) EDIT: replaced video link with a new one, original got removed for whatever reason.
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