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  3. You have nothing to worry about; I find it hard to believe that the code when the lid closes is going to be no different than the one when you flick the Sleep switch. It will definitely make some games lose immersion, but the functionality should remain the same.
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  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  6. You guys shouldn't take a comment like Iizuka's so seriously. I take it with a grain of salt because there's no such thing as permanent in the Sonic Universe, except for rings and Emeralds. If it breathes, it's subject to anything. I actually thought Chao were gonna be permanent, where my homies at? So just relax and wait for Iizuka to come around.
  7. We need that in the US and Europe and that is How Nintendo Stole Christmas from the other Big 2... NAH, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.
  8. Well actually, I don't think they succeeded with the Year of Luigi campaign. It wasn't for lack of trying, but more could be done about it. I think Luigi's Mansion suffers badly from Nintendo Tax-isis right now, because for the price it is and the lack of marketing it had, it is not the first game that comes to my mind when I think "Year of Luigi" when it is the first one to represent it. NSLU is the one they are focusing on, even though it's just a DLC pack. They could have done a better job with it, which is sad, because I really like Luigi. Japan had a 3DS Luigi, why not here? And the least they could have done is create a Luigi Wiimote+. That would've been nice to own besides NSLU, or even better: a Collector's Edition of NSLU with a Luigi-themed Pro Controller, which actually ties pretty well with the last NSMBU patch, which now supports the Pro Controller.
  9. To me, one of the best things about gaming is memories, which sounds like nostalgia, and even though it goes hand on hand with it, I can also think of recent games that gave me new memories, like Bioshock Infinite or The Walking Dead as I mentioned sooner. With Galaxy, I don't have a particular memory other than fragments. That doesn't mean it was bad downright; in fact, I know it was glorious. But the simple things are usually the ones that stick with me. For example... I can name so many little things like that but I would be going off-topic, so I will just name 3 and keep it simple: Sonic Colors had some of this too, like , and Generations, well... It was nostalgia to the max, so doesn't really count. I don't expect a grand, Oscar-worthy performance from Sonic Team with LW, but if they can deliver one little scene that just sticks with you like that, that will be more than enough for me. And Aaron already hinted that we will see Eggman in a way we haven't before, so I am placing my bets that he will deliver it for me.
  10. I need to know the true definition of AAA, because I thought it was about this, according to Wiktionary: Now here's an example of an AAA's budget: http://articles.latimes.com/2009/nov/18/business/fi-ct-duty18 I am sure Galaxy must have costed at least $1 million, but no way it had a fifth of the budget CoD:MW2 did. We will never know for sure because Nintendo keeps that kind of data tight-lipped, but I just don't see it. Putting that into perspective, that is the reason why I don't see Nintendo's titles as AAA. Review-wise and quality-wise, sure, but going by the definition, there is just no way those games were expensive.
  11. I keep saying this but what Nintendo needs to do is bundle one of their must-haves (Pikmin 3, NSBU, SM3DW, MK8, whatever) AND price drop on top of that. That's what they have to do. They need to sacrifice one of their biggest titles so that once people have the system, they will feel inclined to buy the other ones. Or even better: have customers buy a Wii U and get an online code voucher to download ONE FREE game of their CHOICE from the eShop. You want Pikmin 3? Go right ahead. Or maybe you would rather get WWHD? That works too. They just need to eat the cost of one digital download and get the system in people's houses. The rest is win.
  12. You implied that I like to throw my money away. It wasn't intentional. As I got newer games, the ones that I liked playing more just became a bigger part of my gaming routine, which put my previous games on the side. This is really off-topic though. I just wanted to clarify that. About your preferences, I can respect them. It's one of those situations where we will just have to wait for the game to come out and see what they did, but I am inclined to believe the length will be similar to previous titles. Maybe this new title will give the replayability I usually seek, but who knows... I can only think of one current-gen platformer that was long in terms of length: Super Mario Galaxy (1 and 2 - but I actually prefer the first one). But that was a game that after I 100% it, I never touched again. I will be honest with you that when I look at the short-term approach, Super Mario Galaxy beats Sonic Generations badly; much superior story, much better length, slightly superior gamplay, and even the graphics are gorgeous, especially given the limited hardware (Galaxy in HD would have been orgasmic). Super Mario Galaxy is a masterpiece and a must-play if you love platformers. But then, if I come back to it, it will be through a new file. Unlike Sonic, I cannot name a SINGLE Galaxy level that was memorable - I just remember bits and pieces, like Luigi's rescue in a Boo Castle or one of the Piranha bosses. And Galaxy's levels are some of the best design I have ever seen in a Mario game, but still are forgettable. But with Generations, I can remember something from every Act, whether it's the corkscrew or the Gun Truck or the floor falling at the end of Sky Sanctuary. And those little things make me come back for more, aside from trying to do it better, faster, stronger. Edit: Although I have to admit, a lot of it is nostalgia. But even if we were to take another title, like Colors for example - there are memorable pieces, like Sonic running at the beginning of Starlight Carnival, or the beautiful grass at the beginning of Planet Wisp, or the rollercoasters of Asteroid Coaster.
  13. Before I begin, let me just say that what you just did is 10 times better than what the media is doing NOW. You at least are giving suggestions instead of just downright bashing Nintendo to the ground, and I appreciate that. But some of it I agree and some of it I disagree, so I have to dissect your post accordingly: I agree. If they don't implement online on something so core like Mario today, especially when they were the pioneers of 3D platforming with him, then what the hell is Miiverse for? Again, you are talking about the lack of online on Wii U, and again, I agree. The Wii U promised more online connectivity but they are not delivering it; ironically, they are promoting the 3DS' Image Share feature, where you can take screenshots of 3DS games saved on your SD Card and upload to facebook or Twitter directly from the 3DS. Why can't the Wii U have that too? Now I have to ask: When has AAA become such a good thing? I never thought of Mario or Zelda as AAA; I find it hard to believe that the budget costs for those series run into hundreds of millions of dollars. Kid Icarus is a reinvention of a 20 year old series so there was little to no familiarity between Uprising and the original and that's why Nintendo allowed it to have such creative freedom away from its predecessor. The day Zelda gets voice acting will be the day gaming dies, because what made the original Zelda so enticing was the idea of taking your imagination to this fantasy world, and adding voices or other modern gaming concepts - like achievements, will just take away from immersion. Link has always been mute, and if they add voice to every Zelda character minus Link, it will be anti-climactic, but even worse would be giving Link a voice. After all, we all have our own interpretations of Link, and by giving him a voice, like giving Samus a voice (and character), will create sure division in the community, and that's the last thing Nintendo needs right now. And Skyward Sword ranks on my top 3 favorite Zelda titles of all time by the way; it was far from safe with its Motion-Plus gameplay and it actually worked! They are building it competently, but not in terms of power, but rather price. Although I have to agree that the system needs a price drop badly or at the very least, needs to be bundled with another game alongside Nintendoland. If they bundled Pikmin 3 with the same price they have it going now, word of mouth over the quality of that game (spoiler: it's damn good) would spread like wildfire and Nintendo would get the sales they desperately need. Nintendo doesn't fight power with power; they march to the beat of their own drum, and I admire that. I don't want Nintendo to make an Xbox or Playstation clone. Gameplay > Graphics. Let's ignore Mario's 25th, because that was aimed directly at Mario fans, and let's ignore MGS HD and Ico/Shadow, which have been out for a while so their prices have lowered accordingly. I agree that WWHD is too high priced for what it is, and should have been priced competitively at $40 like KH1.5HD. With that said, KH is third-party, which means they have to put out a competitive price right now, especially with the PS4 coming out not long after, while WWHD is a Wii U-exclusive, and as we know, there's not a lot of good Wii U titles out right now. Scarcity drives demand; sad, but true. Another question is who has the higher fanbase? KH or Zelda? But I agree that the Nintendo Tax is bullshit. The 3DS' 3D is garbage and we all know that. Nintendo does too because they barely mention it now. The Gamepad being a gimmick? Too early to tell. All I can say is when it comes to the Gamepad, it unfortunately suffers from being a terrible concept to sell to the consumer, but it is a great one. It's true when people say you have to play with it for a while to get it, and that's the Wii U's biggest flaw. I have yet to see a marketing strategy that truly captures what the Wii U is all about, and some of it is from lack of trying, and others, it's just poor communication. All I am saying is just like you are tired of people acting pitiful towards Nintendo (I wasn't by the way), I am also tired of people just bitching with no actual solutions to the problem. In any aspect of life, I respect those who tell me that they have a problem with something but also deliver a possible solution. Otherwise, it's just downright whining.
  14. I get where you are coming from, but... Not everyone can afford to buy games constantly, and as much as it sounds like I am contradicting myself by saying that I do think Colors and Generations are short (when it comes to playing through them once), I felt like I got the $60 worth off of Generations that I paid for, and that's because of how much I replayed those levels. We are talking about giving Sonic titles a one-trip length of at least 10 hours, and I can guarantee you I have spent at least 50 on Generations and probably 30 on Unleashed. It's really down to what you like and this is another one of those "there is no right or wrong here" situations, because you like to experience multiple games at least once, especially when so many come out one after the other. I have a lot of games sitting on my shelf that I haven't beaten yet: Skyrim, Dark Souls, AC II Revelations, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Haven't played any of it), Kid Icarus... I would rather spend my limited time on something that I know I will enjoy within a certain amount of time, even though I already played the same levels before, because it gives me the joy that I expect from it. I am currently doing that with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. New Leaf is a really good example because at the core of it, you literally only have 2 "levels": the town and the island, but it's jam-packed with content even if it requires a lot of repetition to enjoy it. And the game doesn't even have an ending, so does that mean it's worth infinity dollars? It really comes down to the fact that if you don't like Sonic titles today, why play them? And I mean it when I say that there's nothing wrong with anyone's tastes here, but I do believe that ST is now stepping in the right direction with their production values, even if they are only taking one step at time. Besides, there are so many other great games out there. I don't want Sonic to be a one-time-play, 10+ hour franchise and I think that's where the disappointment comes in for those who expect value from it with those standards. For reference, see "Tetris" and "Guitar Hero/Rock Band".
  15. No, but that doesn't mean they should make it difficult for them to do so either. I get this feeling that some of you just want the Wii U to fail. If Nintendo fucked up in the past, fine, I understand. But in today's gaming world, everyone is a criminal by now and will pay for it. I don't have to mention MS, and in case you forget, Sony has done terrible decisions in the past as well (OtherOS, PSP Marcus campaign). My point is that, yes, Nintendo needs to stop walking around in circles and actually DO something, but we don't need the media getting in their way and making it difficult for them. If Nintendo doesn't step up, then they have no one to blame but themselves at that point. Otherwise, they need to stop bullying them.
  16. Nothing. I liked the extra missions, but you play them once and then you are done with them. I agree we should have them, but the core levels have to take priority on development. I want LW to be the game I keep coming back to shave off seconds and milliseconds over time, like Generations was for a while. I think Generations nailed that aspect even though it flunked in the story department and overall length (yes, I wish Generations was longer too, but if they did so at the expense of poorer level designs, I would take that wish back). Now, that I agree with. I think that Sonic titles are over priced for what they are. Just the other day, I went to my local K-Mart and I saw Sonic Generations for $20 and I thought to myself "What a steal!" I paid $60 for it and to the Sonic fan in me, I felt that the price was justified. To the average non-Sonic fan, hell no. I don't think LW should be $60 either, especially when the gameplay will be so different it might divide us once again. I personally think it should be $50 and unless there's a pre-order incentive going on, I might even wait for an opportunity to buy it at that price then.
  17. And that's the problem with Sonic level design. If a level is designed in a way that players don't feel compelled to play it over and over again, then they have failed at it. On most other platformers this wouldn't be an issue, but for a series like Sonic that encourages speedrunning or leaderboards, the levels have to be addictive. Edit: With Unleashed Day, if I know the level well, I can clear it on average within 4-5 minutes. I think that's a good length for later levels. But then you have Jungle Joyride for example, and that drags on for too long. It's fun to do it within 5 minutes when you're good at it, but most of us won't feel the urge to do so. Eggmanland is the bane of most of our existences. I think Colors nailed lengths well, with Act 1's being a decent length, and mini Acts afterwards that focus on a certain gameplay, but the flaw with Colors is the reliance on score more than time, meaning you can artificially bump your score for S Ranks with Wisp-spamming. I think Lost World has to take the best from Colors and the best from Generations and I will be happy, but I would rather have an addictive "5-hour" game than a 10-hour play-it-once game instead.
  18. Do you guys forget why you even play Sonic games???? If you think Sonic should be a 20 hour game that you play once and then put it back in the shelf, Sonic is not the franchise for you. Let's put titles that artificially increased replayability: that includes the Adventure games, Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, '06, and Night Unleashed. Let's take what's left: the Genesis titles, and Day Unleashed to today. The levels in those games are for the most part short, because they are intended to be played over and over and over and over again. Each time you find a new path or you play the same path faster, better, not taking as many hits, etc... Sonic is at his best when it's about perfecting your gameplay. It's not about becoming immersed in the Greatest Story Ever Told in the History of Gaming. It's about being the best you can be through practice, practice, and practice. Edit: My goal is not to tell people how to play Sonic, but just to keep their expectations in the right places.
  19. These analysts need to suck it. Nintendo already knows they are at a shit spot, they don't need to be reminded everyday of it. Instead of adding salt to the wound, what reporters need to do right now is either tell their audiences the potential that the Wii U has or how the Wii U can be better. Nintendo needs to stick around, and that's not the fanboy in me talking. If you love Sony or Microsoft, you want Nintendo so succeed because competition drives innovation and good prices too.
  20. Actually I could see (and I hope) those 2 3DS being: I don't think it would be difficult for Nintendo to add the same skin to a red 3DS XL to cater to the Y crowd.
  21. tenchibr

    Game Grumps

    Sounds to me like Arin is blaming Jon, almost like his hand was forced into rushing the new format of the show. I think some of it is BS (primarily how Arin in Jon's farewell video came off as dishonest - to me, at least), but he's right that some things just deserve to be in the past.
  22. That was exactly what I meant. With regards to being a "spin-off", I disagree that the gameplay HAS to be different for it to be a spin-off. For all the complaining about the lack of emphasis on story in recent Sonic titles, that was exactly the strength in the Storybook titles (granted, the gameplay being shitty helped tip the scale). The next step in a hypothetical Storybook title would have to be Greek/Norse mythology lore. I believe there is potential in the parkour system on a setting like Mount Olympus or the Underworld.
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