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  1. I remember you! wish you were still around, even if it was a year ago allot did happen, hope your having a great day!

  2. Beat me to it. xD Just leave it to the modders and we'll play those levels soon enough providing there's not some game specific gimmick...
  3. I'm not buying a Wii-U just for one game...Not even a PC version
  4. Mini Preview: That's right, I'm adding a Chao Garden to my game. The Chao Garden will most likely make an appearance in the SAGE demo with many other new features and additions.
  5. Going for a SAGE release for my fangame since its been more than half a year since I released a demo. And next time, I'll check my profile posts more often unlike last time =/

  6. Well, I posted the video on SFGHQ quite a while ago but still, Video update....yay...I should keep all my game posts up to date [media=] Need to find a better screen capturing program that agrees with GameMaker. Anyway, next demo will hopefully get released before SAGE depending on my work load and how fast I complete all the necessary features that I plan to add.
  7. While the review did have some valid points, I agree with others. 5 is way to harsh. 6-7 is probably the best. Also on a side note, the comments section is so mind numbingly dumb(or its full of trolls). I'm ashamed for even reading them
  8. Sounds pretty good so far. I also am making a Sonic RPG and a lot of the features you mentioned do sound similar to what I'm doing. (Party Member Abilites, how stats are used.) Though there are some differences with what I would have done, it really depends if this is like Crisis Core where you only control 1 player only or Persona and Chrono Trigger where you control a party.
  9. LOL. 16 minute rant about why Sonic 06 sucked. Still, you should have mentioned how bad the VA's were as well because their work did make the story more of a joke. I can say you did better than me. I only lasted to flame core as Sonic before I returned it
  10. You'd think this would be part of Modern Gameplay but NO, they give him that boring slide. Aww well, looking forward for more updates to this. @Gravitylol - :/ Not really a fan of the Original Sonic Drift. I prefer the spin more but thats just me.
  11. I love Extra Credits. Education and entertaining. Becoming a Game Designer, bad writing, Call of Juarez: The Cartel and true female characters are my favourites. Work conditions is also another good one
  12. @Wearied Flames: Unfortunatly, that's just how the Sonic Revival engine works. I am still trying to make it closer and closer to feel like the Mega Drive games but I don't think that I'll be able to change much more. @Diogenes:It's like valor Form from Kingdom Hearts. Powered up version of Sora but if overused, you activate Anti form. At the moment, the forms are unbalanced for testing purposes but later on, An Additional stat will be required along with the rings to activate superform and ring consumption will be faster. Superform in this can be used say in boss fights to try and get the upper hand but sacrifice rings, Action stages, allows easier access through certain parts of a level, Chaos Control Teleport to out of reach areas and assist in combat areas. If you saw the plot section as well, its also a plot device. Well, thats my boring explanation and some people probably can play without it. As for level layout being only speed...I'm redoing the first stage to include more platforming with the multiple paths. I don't want it to be only speed.
  13. Mega Drive Era: Best: Difficult choice. Either Sonic CD or Sonic 2 Worst: Between Flickies Island and Sonic Blast Dreamcast Era Best: SA2 Worst: Sonic Rush (Hated the music, ugly 3d models) Modern: Best: Sonic Generations Worst: Sonic 2006. Bought it second hand to try it out and I returned it 2 hours later.
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