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  1. Shame SOPA probably won't be getting passed. Seeing this place condemned would have been a kick.

    1. Chibinuva


      E-25, you're a cruel bastard. *sees you're the hypocrite who I thought was banned* Oh, you again.

    2. Tornado


      Oh, he mad. How adorable.

    3. Voyant


      The amount of butt hurt in this post is hilarious.

    4. Senator NinjaShark
  2. There isn't even a hand in the pic, which was from forgetting to deal with the other arm; but that's not for this topic (neither should the rest of the rampant off-topic stuff; simply being able to drop things is a lot faster and avoids senseless derailments such as this). But whatever, think what you want, and I'll still apparently leave the pic be if it's not offending anyone in the art thread that isn't updated or bumped anyway. And no, masturbation isn't fine either; the rampant sexualization of her by the fanbase is what bugs me, which is what started this derailment...
  3. Nope, though apparently the compression caused a mod to think that. The full size image is still in my art thread, and you can see that she is not.
  4. Yup, but sadly this site is as plagued by retards as the SEGA Forum; the only difference is that SF has standards, even if they do allow fanbrats.
  5. It actually took me a while to think about this one, since while I invest thousands of hours into the Monster Hunter series, saying Tri seems wrong since the amount of content isn't exactly grand and I'm sure Tri G would easily eclipse it. There's also Banjo-Kazooie, but since others have already made pretty good posts about it already, there isn't much point since I'm not exactly the most detailed. Therefore, as a primarily handheld gamer, I finally decided on: I would have just said both since I did play them intermittently and they were great together (combined, you get the full story and the true final boss), but OoT did the time gimmick already so why not go with this half? ^^ This game kept me up long after I should have been, especially with how easy it was to just flip the system over and hide it under a pillow until parents checked and went to bed themselves, and it was the first Zelda game I actually completed (NES: never knew how to save, OoT: F'ing Water Temple... and I still have never completed either of those two, lol), so it has some extra nostalgia from that. There was also the witch, Maple, who had humorous modes of transportation that reminded me of a certain Halloween movie in which those same cleaning instruments were used to fly, ^^. Getting all the rings and items was entertaining, and years later seeing Din, Nayru, and Farore in Minish Cap reminded me of the good old days; so I can't really ignore this game (or these games if you want to count OoA).
  6. Okay, I finally managed to remember it, ^^ It might be an educational game, but it kept me entertained and trying to keep doing better in the races. I still have it somewhere at home since it's a fond memory for times when my memory actually manages to function properly.
  7. The first game I'd ever played was probably SMB/Duck Hunt on my grandparents' NES (it was left there by some of my older cousins for others to use since family visits almost always converge there). To this day I have completed neither of them, and it's due to having no skill as well as getting extremely bored of it by the time I skip to World 8. Duck Hunt is also repetitive, but it's also the game to cheat at by just sticking the light gun to the screen. I really preferred the sequel and did finish that one before moving on to the Genesis and thus getting trapped as a Sonic fan for the rest of time (though never even knew the DC existed until long after it was dead and gone.)
  8. Wonder if G&PT is related to SStB...

  9. Anyone else hoping that the original 3DS Zelda is the classic top-down view with a lot of 3D depth instead of trying to be another OoT?

    1. Thigolf
    2. Solkia


      God no. I hate the bird's-eye view style.

    3. Cola



      only for remakes

    4. Thigolf


      I kinda liked the fact that the Handheld Zelda games had this bird's eyes view. It's a nice tradition and I always had more fun with those games (besides PH)

    5. Thigolf


      Zelda Generations: Classic top down view Link meets 3D environment Link! :D

    6. VisionaryofSUPER


      I would be fine if it took advantage of the 3D like Mario 3D Land did. I'd really like to use my Roc's Feather again.

  10. E-25

    3D Sonic games

    Wasted potential has pretty much been a running theme for a good long while now (and it's not exclusive to the 3D games either). One of the biggest issues I have with the 3D games in particular, though; aside from the physics, level designs, and missed opportunities of using the cast in more creative way; is the sheer lack of boss fights and the rehashing of those bosses. Don't get me wrong, if you're allowed to play the same story as a different character (my mind says that as Tails' story in S3/S3&K), then it's fine and dandy to fight the same boss or a boss with a slight variant (Marble Garden being more tactical than as Sonic; Bigfoot/Flying Dog in SA2 could have been such a change, though ironically Flying Dog was easier due to those walls & gliding despite being near the middle of the story). The most annoying has been Colors; though Unleashed wasn't much better since Werehog was another fairly stupid filler idea, though it did give a slight bit better boss variety due to that.
  11. I can't remember who I was racing, but I literally rammed them with a star... They got saved from the bomb that then rotated into contact range and won by a very healthy margin... because I was having a stupid day, ^^
  12. Anyone else here like the concept of ghosts but doesn't really believe in them?

    1. Treacher


      Well, I think it'd be cool if you could scare/troll people after death.

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