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  1. Far Cry 5 is a blast, and semis were put by God into Hope County for the express purpose of ramming into cultist vehicles at top speed. If only the speed weren't capped on the PS4 version, you could probably send some of the smaller trucks into orbit, which did happen once (to me) when my boat spawned directly under a seaplane and flipped both. Glorious.
  2. Toys R Us corporate has apparently done some rather unwholesome things, so it's not that surprising that their liquidation sale in some areas is so tame. Frankly I'm not that sad that they're going belly up - Toys R Us has always seemed pricey to me.
  3. Axl.EXE

    Mega Man

    It amuses me that you think Capcom actually cares about fans of any of the Megaman franchises at this point. Even Sonic doesn't get this level of treatement from Sega, and Sega can only make truly good games by outsourcing.
  4. Considering their getting wrecked by lawsuits had nothing to do with censorship, I doubt it.
  5. Only the oldest remember me, because they thought me gone for ever. I return, beg for mercy but find it not.
  6. I don't need an introduction.
  7. The last time Germany had this much fun, 60 million people died. If they play that well in the final, they'll win the next WC, too.
  8. The Battle of Midway was less one-sided than that game. gg no re Spain
  9. So apparently Spain is Fire type.

    1. Wil348


      Considering how hot it usually is there I'm not surprised.

  10. There is nothing wrong with obsessing over Bebop's soundtrack.
  11. I've more-or-less been playing this daily to get dat ADFX-01 Morgan. And just like my oldfriends on an Ace Combat forum I frequent stated, it's shockingly mediocre, and the laser is terribly nerfed. On the other hand, the F-4G mauls ground targets like a lawn mower. Just got my Tomcat to Level 2 and will probably try for either the Superbug or the A-10 next. As for the game itself, while the free campaign is painfully short [and the price for unlocking the levels with credits painfully high], the Online Co-op is where it really shines. This is exactly what an Ace Combat online game should play like. Even if there are morons going after my ground targets in a MiG.
  12. Welcome to the board where the oldfriends goes to die. :3
  13. Has anyone seen this? What makes it funnier is that this isn't abridged at all. This is ADV Studios genuinely saying 'fuck it' to a script and making their own, with sex jokes and period humor.
  14. Ace Combat Infinity comes out tomorrow. Is YOUR body ready?

  15. Site? Also, as for what I'm listening to atm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqbWJYzMhvc There are two kinds of people: People who like Studio Ghibli movie soundtracks, and liars.
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