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  1. why doesn't sonic just kill eggman? why does he allow him to continue to harm his friends? sonic needs to hold a public execution so no one ever terrorizes green hill again

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    2. Smock


      How could you joke about this? Spitting in the faces of innocent civilians who needlessly lost their lives?

    3. Smock


      According to Archie canon, the animals have their craniums removed, their brains jabbed full of sharp cables and wires connected to the robot's digital neural network, their eyes gouged out and replaced with robotic optic nerves, and other appendages removed depending on the type/specialty of the animal. Eggman doesn't use the animals to power the robots. He uses animals because their sentient brains can think more dynamically than any robot ever could.

      Honestly the worst part about it at that point is that they're still alive.

    4. DarkLight


      who the fuck cares about Archie

      And you're either a troll or just really really being oversensitive

    5. Smock


      Having different opinions makes me a troll now? Also, it was only extrapolated upon by Archie. The death was implied even in the early Japanese Sonic manuals.

    6. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      2016 is off to a good start

    7. Smock


      it would be better if sonic killed eggman tbh

    8. DarkLight


      I said you either a troll or just overthinking a fictional series about a blue super-fast hedgehog. Clearly now you're the latter.

      And I have no idea what Japanese manuals you've been reading, but Eggman being killed has never been a thing (nor should be) so really you're talking out of your ass. It's not in character for Sonic to kill Eggman, it never will be, it doesn't fit his character, etc. etc. 


    9. Smock


      I never said Eggman has been killed. Read the manuals. Educate yourself.

      Also, fine, if it's not in character it's not in character, but nobody should be calling Sonic a hero with the things that he allows to happen.

    10. DarkLight


      If you still insist on this is something Sonic should do, then you don't really seem to like Sonic (which is fine) or at least respect what his character is.

    11. TCB



    12. DarkLight
    13. Smock


      I don't respect anyone who allows onmicide when they can do something about it.

    14. Speeps


      Keep in mind Archie also said Sonic's name was Maurice, Titan Tails was a thing, Eggman was a robot from an alternate universe where he nuked Sonic and... this:


      But since a lot what you're saying comes from pre-reboot archie, there's this scene that may interest you from #197:



      So there we go, Archie Sonic didn't kill Eggman because he's needed to keep his zone stable. (Up until then, he was waiting for Zonic)

      As for the games, Sonic Lost World shows the badnik making process isn't nearly as painful than what you're saying they did in archie.

    15. TCB
    16. Smock


      Of course Sonic Lost World didn't show the gruesome parts; it's a kids game. The cues are still there, the subtext is still there. Like I said, read the Japanese manuals.

    17. DarkLight


      I'm just not going to bother now. I might've gotten visibly frustrated, so I'm just going to drop out of this meaningless chit-chat enjoy my day.

      Good day sir. 

    18. Smock


      Smart move, the wise know when to admit defeat.

    19. Speeps


      Which japanese manuals? The classic games only mention the animals in Sonic 1 according to the Retro translations and it's literally just Eggman saying "I've turned all the animals on the island into robots!".

    20. Smock


      The special editions for the Sega CD and 32X peripherals? You'd think this would be common knowledge here.

    21. Speeps


      Can you link which one you mean?

    22. Smock



      This was the first game I ever played, I'll admit when I first saw the Japanese manuals online years later I was a bit taken aback.


    23. Speeps


      I'm sorry friend, your childhood is a lie it seems :(


    24. Smock


      Naysayers of this tidibit of Sonic lore have long contested the legitimacy of the special edition games and have even attempted to wipe any trace of it from the internet, but I'll have you know I still own the game. The picture of the cover I posted above is in fact, a scanned picture of the box, thus the dodgy picture quality and shadows. Stay woke.

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