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  1. It was never confirmed. The Werehog's life icon i was left in the demo files. That could mean anything.....
  2. Tomorrow I'll.

    1. Crystal Kingfisher

      Crystal Kingfisher

      Funny, I was just singing that song to myself today.

      CUT THE MONITORS! CUT THE MONITORS! CUT THE MONITORS! Well, we all love a good PINGAS joke. How about we move on to the cutting of the MONITORS!

      I invented--Sonic's two-tailed friend. And it only took me 15 minutes to invent!

    1. eXtaticus


      Attack of the Killer Homophones Part 2: Electric Boogaloo!

      No, I don't know either...

    2. Cola


      It sure is BORING around here. I wonder what Eggman's up to!

    3. Woun
  3. SonikkuForever this is a great thread you made, You deserve the rep+.
  4. Loading....

    1. T-Min


      You're doing it wrong. It's >>>NOW LOADING

  5. Hopefully someday a Sonic Riders game will be on PS3.
  6. They know were are starving. They laugh at us as they read the forums.
  7. Eggman in Sonic Colours is the best Eggman IMO. There are a few good jokes here and there and his personality is tremendously better.
  8. Is there a clean version of this song available anywhere or has it not been released yet?
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