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  1. Another very interesting update found within some Java and XML files: class Collectables { // Emerald Count public static final int numChaosEmeralds = 7; public static final int numSuperEmeralds = 7; public static final int numTimeStones = 7; } <MENU> <EXTRAS> <DAGARDEN\> <VISUALMODE\> <LOCKON\> </EXTRAS> </MENU>
  2. Fair enough. I wasn't sure if I should have posted this rumour since there's a significant chance it could be fake, but at least it brought back some life to the Sonic 4 forum xD
  3. I just checked the chat log, he says he used an application called apktool v1.x to view the source of the .apk file. The guys at Retro know all this technical stuff so they could suss out if this is plausible or not. Also Taxman should know since it's his project.
  4. Haha sorry I was trying to do the whole cool mysterious thing. xD To tell the truth I'm not even sure if this is real, but I have a friend who I frequently skype with who headed down to Gamestop and did some snooping. It's not like him to troll but I'm still skeptical. He showed me his dumping software and the code extract, hope it's not fake cause it sounds awesome!
  5. (This isn't really a glitch, just how Sonic's skeletal structure in the character model moves): Go to Modern Sky Sanctuary, when you reach the dark inside area where you can either run down the spiral or grind on the edge, stop and grind the rail backwards (do this on the left side). Sonic should bump into a wall with his legs squashed! You could do this in Unleashed if you jumped on the hands of the 2 people talking outside the Spagonia University. Give it a try it's hilarious!
  6. Haha you actually got me there xD I should have worded this more carefully. I guess what I'm trying to say is I've encountered male 'Classic Fag Elitists' but the female fans are generally more open minded. @ Patch Black: That's kind of what I was trying to say but I didn't want to phrase it that way because I thought people might be offended haha
  7. No no no don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's bad or not bad whether they have any of these characteristics. I was recently having an argument with a friend who believes that all female Sonic fans are 'weird' and only like the anime-type areas of the fanbase, so I made this topic to try and prove him wrong xD
  8. I've never met a female Sonic fan in real life, and all the female Sonic fan's I've seen via online profiles usually fit the 'anime loving' art drawing stereotype. I'm certainly not trying to generalize, and I was just curious if anyone has encountered any hardcore female Sonic fans who's main interest is the games and not all that weird gross romance stuff. I mean girls that grew up with the Genesis games, are hardcore speed runners that can beat any hotshot male (such as myself xD). Are there actually girls that think characters like Blaze, Rouge and Sally are lame and think Sonic is badass because he's cool and not because he's cute or anything? Are you or have you encountered any of these female Sonic fans? (Sorry if I'm not clear but I think people will get what I'm trying to say). And I'm not meaning to offend or generalize here and I apologize if anyone is bothered by this topic.
  9. So Iizuka wants Sonic to explore more genres? What's left that Sonic hasn't done, seriously xD

    1. buba



      He will do a crossover with vocaloid

    2. Solkia


      Puzz- no

      RP- no

      Spor- eh

      Raci- no

      Platfo- lolwut


      First Person Shooter?

    3. sonfan1984


      *prays for a Sonic movie*

    4. Chocolate Cookie
    5. Solkia


      ^ you mean a sandbox game?

    6. Robogaman


      War themed hat simulator?

  10. I only have the Time Eater achievement left, I'm getting there but it's a real pain constantly restarting. I try not to rage too much since it's just a video game but it's really irritating when you need to hit him one more time and a piece of Rooftop Run slightly pokes you, which we all know is a serious attack....
  11. Anyone else think the whole White Space thing was an excuse for lazy animation? xD
  12. Using Super Sonic at the end of Modern Crisis City makes the dodging cars achievement even easier xD
  13. My post from SpikySprinter's topic in case anyone else is having trouble with the freeze glitch: I've had the game freeze in Modern Planet Wisp but not the race mission specifically. One thing you could try is defeating as many enemies as possible and breaking as many crates as possible. This means there will be less game objects in the map and it may reduce any lag which could be causing the freezing. Another tip would be letting your PS3 cool off a bit before trying again. Hope that helps.
  14. I've had the game freeze in the normal act of Modern Planet Wisp, it's the only stage that ever froze during my playthroughs besides Speed Highway freezing with the Time Break rocket/copter glitch. Before the game was released I remember the Green Hill demo (Classic Act) froze once but it seems they fixed that. Although the game freezing seems to be rare, I hope Sonic Team is reading this thread and hopefully they can release another patch to remedy this. Just curious did anyone notice any differences after the first patch?
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