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  1. I like Silver.

    I like Blaze.

    I hate how Sonic '06 portrayed their friendship with each other (among many, many other things, of course).

    1. Zaysho


      Out of curiosity, do we know if Blaze was even planned to be included early on, or was she thrown in because she was a character no one actually complained about when Rush was released? She seems so tacked on that you could handle it without her and just make Silver team up with Amy and Cream in the present and get the same arc.

    2. Komodin


      I dunno, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was indeed a last-minute addition to the game, considering she don't really interact with anyone other than Silver, not even Mephiles or Sonic in KIngdom Valley.

    3. azoo


      Since the plot of 06 is about a princess from SOLeanna that has to do with FLAMES of Disaster, I'm almost certain 06 was once about Blaze until SOME IDIOT said "nah quasirealistic human princess will be much better". Especially since Blaze was conjured up by Uekawa back when there were thoughts of an SA3 way back when.


    4. Ripe


      Yeah, 06 did a terrible job on it. But honestly, it's hard to think even a thing that 06 storywise didn't fuck up.

    5. Wraith


      So Blaze could be in Sonic's dimension right now instead of being shipped off to the other one, she could be friends with all the good characters instead of Silver, and Elise wouldn't exist?

      How do we change the timeline

    6. azoo


      She also would've been directly shipped with Sonic

      you see wraith, we are in the bad future

    7. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Given the stated goal of the project, I don't think Blaze was ever planned in Elise's role. I would sooner put it down to the Soleanna stuff being written first then only learning Blaze's schtick when they decided to include her at a later point. 

    8. C4k3



      With a phone and a microwave.


    9. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Oh, and the fire theme would be for the same reason as the whale in Wave Ocean; it's one of the many mirrors to Sonic Adventure. 

    10. azoo


      Imagine though: Blaze is the princess of Soleanna, which holds 7 gems called the Sol Emeralds, which were used once long ago to seal the ancient monster Solaris. The monster cursed a single warrior with an eternal flame that if tampered with could cause cataclysmic results, but through determination the warrior defeated the beast and sealed it away into a jeweled scepter.

      The warrior was then made queen of her country, and then her following generations had to continue carrying the torch as leaders of their land. Until one day on the date of the new princess's inauguration into power, a man who claims to have come from another dimension appears..

    11. Komodin


      ... Darn, now I want that to be an actual game story, and I know that Sonic Team will never pull that off right. :(

    12. Solister


      I think that the SEGA can use some '06 elements in other games, such as local. I really want, that SEGA make a game that passed in Soleanna. I think until they could use Elise, since she does not involve polemic topics, I think it's okay.

      I do not know much of the story of Sonic 06 then I do not know if it really could happen.
    13. azoo


      Eggman's goal in this hypothetical 06 rewrite (which he supervaguely explains to her in public) is that he wants to release Solaris from it's scepter and use the Sol Emeralds to bind it's power, but the only key to releasing it is to extract the princess's control of her flames, which will reawaken the beast from it's eternal slumber.

      From behind Eggman's battleship however comes Sonic, acting silly and teasing around Eggman and doing cool action around his robots, making quick smalltalk to Blaze before grabbing her hand and running off to the nearest hiding spot.

      Blaze then forces her hand off of his after they get away, doing cool flips away (impressing Sonic) and asks what he's doing and why he didn't let her handle this herself. Sonic then asks her how she doesn't know about Eggman, being such a big time villain and all, and then Blaze asks him how he doesn't know the upcoming PRINCESS OF THE WORLD.

      Sonic and Blaze, both kinda confused, stammer for a bit before Blaze realizes he must've come from another dimension with that Eggman guy, and Sonic realizes he's not in Kansas anymore. He and Tails snuck onto Eggman's big suspicious airship in hopes of getting to the bottom of his currently suspicious activity before it started, and ended up here in the middle of these shenanigans and just played the entire previous scene by ear.

      Blaze then states that despite being thankful for saving her, she doesn't need Sonic's help saving her country and needs to prepare for war. Sonic says "are you sure you don't need any help? I doubt you've got the kinda speed I got to take this dude on" and she responds "yeah ok watch me" and then zooms off, leaving Sonic going "oh. wow." Suddenly Tails calls him on Sonic's little OVA looking satellite watch going "Sonic?! Sonic?? Are you there?" and Sonic's all like "woah Tails I almost forgot, are you alright?" and he's like "Yeah also holy crap we're not in Kansas anymore" and Sonic is like "yep" and Tails is like "this is cool. This is really dang cool I'm hype. Also I'm making plans on finding where Eggman's hiding, where are you, also come meet up with me back near where we entered this place so we can find out where to go" and Sonic's like "k also there's this princess girl WHOS FAST AND DOES FLIPS" and Tails is like "oooo Sonic likes a girl instead of the other way around for a change" and Sonic is like "SHUT UP" etc etc

      You hear Sonic and Tails chattering on his watch thing fade as you see a mysterious not-hedgehog stand on top of a building, looking over him. "Hmmm... is that really him?" he ponders.

      End scene.


      You guys wanted more of this, well there you go

    14. Wraith


      And then Silver dies, right?

    15. azoo



      But nah Silver's from the future and is here to fix the woeful past which caused this apocalypse by trying to throw Sonic back into his timeline and keep him from meddling with what happens here, which eventually causes Blaze to lose control of her power, reawaken the beast and cause the world's greatest cataclysm.

      also i'm writing this whole thing now, great job me

    16. Wraith


      And then he dies

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