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  1. ASRT PC you say? I am so gonna enter this competition then I just hope that 3DS's will be provided as I don't have my own :3
  2. My write up http://mxpxrocker56.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/marcustherocker-summer-of-sonic-2013/
  3. All I can say is...Holy Chaos Emeralds O.o This is probably the fastest selling SOS ever! Maybe we can beat that next year
  4. Cosplay contest announcement: http://2013.summerofsonic.com/news/event-announcement-summer-of-sonic-cosplay-contest
  5. Sonic Heroes on the PS2 and I loved it for the fun gameplay, cool graphics and the catchy soundtrack I mean sure the controls were awkward as hell at times but compared to Secret Rings, Heroes controls was a lot better. Even today I still love playing it even though I may suck and spend more time dying then actually getting to the goal
  6. I must admit I did panick when trying to book my ticket and even though I succeeded, I gave mine back as one of my friends had put my name down on their group ticket but I don't feel bad about giving mine away as it means that a few more people will have a chance come wave 2 I'm still going though I cannot wait for August 3rd
  7. Had some spares I did not need so I had my group ticket voided so there are spares as I already have my name on another group ticket giving others a chance on the next wave
  8. I managed to get 4 for me and my friends just in time PHEW!
  9. You know, even if Johnny doesn't come to SOS this year, I will not care as having Jun there is enough as like at SOS11, he will rock the house and bring it down like nobodies business
  10. The next of the SOS guests have been revealed in the form of composer and Crush 40 guitarist...JUN SENOUE http://2013.summerofsonic.com/news/guest-announcement-jun-senoue
  11. Coming soon from The Sonic Show
  12. Dang that sucks :/ Was really looking forward to seeing myself on camera being interviewed in the queue :/ Oh well Was a good short recap video anyway and I even saw myself a couple of times
  13. Ah the memories Quick question: will there be a proper 60 minute or so retrospective of this event just like there was for SOS11?
  14. I'm gonna go again as SOS11 and SOS12 were great so needless to say it would be rude not to attend SOS13 Will be easier for me to get to once again as all it will take is a train journey followed by a short walk just like SOS12 Roll on August 3rd
  15. Holy crapoly! The PC version comes out 8 days before my birthday! I want this game for pc!
  16. Oh for gods sake SEGA! Make up your minds about the release date already and stop changing it!
  17. I remember when I pre-ordered my copy of Pokemon Black DS. It arrived on my doorstep on the day of its UK release which was a Friday.
  18. Sorry for the wait but here they are: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2205731783990.2128936.1268257261&l=adb1f1d5ae I've included text captions of the images and the hand's on in the image descriptions as the image quality is a bit iffy but still viewable
  19. I'll see what I can do. The images might not be clear but I shall try my best.
  20. Hey dudes and dudettes. The release date has been confirmed by GamesMaster magazine. The image below displays the date but incase you can't see it, I'll tell you: November 22
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