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  1. Plus copies of Sonic Transformed (PC version) to win, courtesy of Sumo Digital/Sega

    -Plus copies of MH3U (both 3DS and Wii U version) to win, courtesy of Capcom


    ASRT PC you say? I am so gonna enter this competition then smile.png I just hope that 3DS's will be provided as I don't have my own :3

  2. Sonic Heroes on the PS2 and I loved it for the fun gameplay, cool graphics and the catchy soundtrack :) I mean sure the controls were awkward as hell at times but compared to Secret Rings, Heroes controls was a lot better. Even today I still love playing it even though I may suck and spend more time dying then actually getting to the goal :P

  3. I must admit I did panick when trying to book my ticket and even though I succeeded, I gave mine back as one of my friends had put my name down on their group ticket but I don't feel bad about giving mine away as it means that a few more people will have a chance come wave 2 :) I'm still going though :) I cannot wait for August 3rd :D

  4. If Jun's being announced separately... I'm assuming there'll be no Crush 40 this year?

    You know, even if Johnny doesn't come to SOS this year, I will not care as having Jun there is enough as like at SOS11, he will rock the house and bring it down like nobodies business :D

  5. That one was actually done by an external documentary film crew. I was doing the video for this one myself.


    I had planned on doing a full comprehensive documentary for it, but the idea was dropped not long after we realised that the venue was changing. It was all a case of 'drop everything. All hands on deck'. I suspect I could make a longer music video, but I wasn't able to get anything completely comprehensive.

    Dang that sucks :/ Was really looking forward to seeing myself on camera being interviewed in the queue :/ Oh well :) Was a good short recap video anyway and I even saw myself a couple of times :)

  6. Hey guys, it's the dude who does the stream and filming funs. Incase any of you werent sure whether you wanted to go, we put together this little gem of memories smile.png


    Ah the memories :) Quick question: will there be a proper 60 minute or so retrospective of this event just like there was for SOS11?

  7. I'm gonna go again as SOS11 and SOS12 were great so needless to say it would be rude not to attend SOS13 :) Will be easier for me to get to once again as all it will take is a train journey followed by a short walk just like SOS12 :) Roll on August 3rd :)

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