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  1. Like I said on Twitter, you REALLY are a saint for keeping such a cool head during that whole discussion. I made it my New Years Resolution to not engage with any of Penders' fanbase, you know the 4-5 people who speak for the entire "Archie-Sonic fandom", and it has really been therapeutic for me. Last year I spent a few times trying to convey facts when they just fought back with half-truths and grudges. I would get so upset and angry with it I would be sweating and typing furiously on my phone. And it would just drag on for days with them. I still see so much misinformation from that side but I can't do it anymore, it's not healthy to engage with them. Now I realize I just need to wait it out. They really aren't worth it but I do hope they will see Ken's true colors eventually. Look forward to this; a new Sonic comic is starting despite Penders' best efforts. I'm excited for it, a lot of people are. I'm not going to let that minority of people and their toxicity prevent me from enjoying the hell out of this comic. Ask @Adamis to keep you in check, he does it with me! Lol
  2. Wow I can't possibly imagine why he would want it to release in March...a full month before another type of release... And I seriously doubt he will hit that mark, he seems to be heavily invested in shooting The Republic right now.
  3. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!! I woke up to that response and I just nearly rolled back over saying F it. I’m not responding to him on it. He is impossible plus I’m getting responses from his latest fans which also seem to not understand.
  4. ...I didn't say anything about the story. I said it stars two characters you DO NOT OWN! But you don't even know me. I could be a damn copyright lawyer for all you know. It was pure luck how the Archie case swung in your favor and I think just because you own the story, you can't republish without SEGA's consent...which they WILL NOT GIVE YOU! What a great public response though that highlights your best quality, being a jerk to anyone who doesn't praise you. You certainly don't know a thing or two about keeping to your promised release dates...
  5. To clarify, the tweets in my original post are from me putting pressure on Ken's answers about how Sonic and Knuckles are somehow not being used to promote the LSC by way of reprinting M25YL in his app. I made sure to tag Sega in the second tweet since he flat out admits he is going to print martial with their character. Here is the original tweet from one of his fans that questioned his intentions of the M25YL page being used in the app:
  6. ...it's Friday, Ryan. It's Friday and you had to just go ahead and spoil it by engaging him... I gotta say, if anything else, at least it was one of his devoted followers that pointed out Ken's hypocrisy. Maybe people are beginning to learn.
  7. Ahh you are right. I see the classic Penders "cone nose" on him.
  8. Background AND Foreground... Also that looks like Butler's artwork for Knuckles (here its Knuckles, not K'nox) and Kargok.
  9. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Shut up shut up! If I don’t hear you it’s not illegal! 😜
  10. I’m shocked he has responded yet. More than likely he will give a half ass congrats then ramble off why IDW is a horrible publisher and that “someone” else would do better. Also he will mention that he will make sure to offer them the chance to use his characters, pretend that he made the offer and lie that they refused and make them sound like the bad guy. Also again talk about that stupid app for a comic that hasn’t been fully written yet.
  11. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I am excited. And to those who are a little upset on them not taking a chance on someone new, I get it but I feel more confident in the book’s success with Ian at them helm initially. He has proven himself by going through more crap with Sonic than any other writer. Its more than possible IDW are priming themselves by using Ian since he has been a dedicated writer and has a track record of working really well with Sega. If you put an unknown player in the driver seat right away, they may end up in another Penders situation. Give Ian some time to build a good base and then maybe he will move on. Rather have him prep it for the next writer than have someone else working it out as they go.
  12. Doesn't sound like it: At most he probably changed the direction of the story a few times to again excuse his inability to get it released. Also sketching...sounds like hard work for the "savior of Sonic". SPEAKING OF: So basically saying "Do you want my writing or someone else who in my opinion isn't as good as me?" Dude came back to full force after his break.
  13. It's like suddenly, wherever the Sonic comic goes, he is the ghost that follows it. It can't be coincidence that he has suddenly dropped Archie Comics from his tweets and replaced it with IDW. It just can't be. He is so pissed that comic is going to continue without him. And the last tweet "That's right. Neither @IDWPublishing or @EaglemossLtd have any documents showing transfer of rights from @StarTrek comics creators."....HOW IN THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW THIS KEN?! How and not because "you're in the business". You have barely been in the business for years! Suddenly you have all this intimate knowledge of IDW and their contracts? How?! Basically saying, "why do you attack me all the time and not Ian?" There are plenty of people who attack Ian, mainly at your behest. The difference? Ian allows them to actually criticize him without having to respond like a crying child. Even Ian's supporters have had criticisms on some of the stories he has done. While some don't like you as a person, people actually like some of the elements you introduced. The same for Fulop or Boilers or other writers. You choose to blow up over the slightest bit of criticism and turn it into an attack on your integrity because you can't be proven wrong. You just can't, because you need to be the "savior of Sonic". So many people have already responded to this but it blows my mind that there are still supporters for this guy. He calls people who criticise him bullies but his responses to them are way worse. Though I gotta admit, this was the best response I've seen to Ken in a long time:
  14. Yeah you are right. My bad. I don't know how to delete a post though.

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