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  1. So there really is no excuse that they have been so silent on the Sonic comics then. Just acting like it never existed.
  2. July Sonic yet again. I'm gonna call it a day on the comic. My blood pressure can't handle this shit anymore.
  3. I gotta agree. It definitely hit a noticeable nerve with him didn't it? I don't think he has ever snapped back like that. Plus he has been unusually quiet as of late. Maybe he fully believed it was over and was prepping to make a jump for the Sonic license. Seeing solicits with new dates probably reeled him back down to earth fast and hard. Lets hope the Archie solicits for June bring us some hope.
  4. Hope Alan doesn't literally mean "friend". (Didn't know if this was a LSC post or a Sonic Boom post but I also didn't think I would ever have to make that decision...)
  5. Let this be a reminder to everyone: when Ken says he really cares about the Sonic comic, its another straight up lie. He is clawing at the bit for Knuckles, its literally the only thing he cares about. If he ever had the chance, he would take Knuckles and leave everything else behind.
  6. Ken expands on peoples recent questions about "Sonic Armageddon". So surprised that his comment about SEGA not at all being behind making the film and of course it's Ben's fault in the whole scenario. (sarcasm)
  7. Early reviews were actually positive and I gotta admit, it just finished up and it wasn't that bad. Certainly not as dark as they promoted it. I think it was a successful premiere but then everything comes down to numbers.
  8. You know, I'm done with this dude. It's clear he wants the comic to fail because he NEEDS to be right. He needs to be justified in his reasoning. There is NO correlation between Riverdale and Sonic! NONE! I am so done with this guy.
  9. Hey did you guys know that Robo-Robotnik-Eggman has been in the post-reboot this whole time no matter what current writers, editors, people with common sense say? All hail Penders for his unquestionable knowledge!!! Seriously like Sorcerer Lance and myself disput to him on Twitter, he used the Robo-Robotnik plot device to introduce an in-canon explication to the Adventure redesign (not as bad as Sonic's but lets not go there). Fleetway did it too, it wasn't an original concept to begin with. And it has been clearly stated the current Eggman is not Ken's "Medieval Spawn" variant, it's not even Archie's character, it's Sega's character like it always has been. But if it appears in a comic book, of course it has to be "stealing" Ken's "original" character. 🙄
  10. Oh look guys, "credible source" confirms Sonic is ending. Yeah you are saved by a stupid-ass and confusing plot device in the mess leftover when YOU LEFT the book. You neglected to participate anymore/play ball with SEGA and only filed for copyrights long after all your other avenues didn't work out. I'm fairly certain Ken could have cared less about the comic when he left.