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  1. It's like suddenly, wherever the Sonic comic goes, he is the ghost that follows it. It can't be coincidence that he has suddenly dropped Archie Comics from his tweets and replaced it with IDW. It just can't be. He is so pissed that comic is going to continue without him. And the last tweet "That's right. Neither @IDWPublishing or @EaglemossLtd have any documents showing transfer of rights from @StarTrek comics creators."....HOW IN THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW THIS KEN?! How and not because "you're in the business". You have barely been in the business for years! Suddenly you have all this intimate knowledge of IDW and their contracts? How?! Basically saying, "why do you attack me all the time and not Ian?" There are plenty of people who attack Ian, mainly at your behest. The difference? Ian allows them to actually criticize him without having to respond like a crying child. Even Ian's supporters have had criticisms on some of the stories he has done. While some don't like you as a person, people actually like some of the elements you introduced. The same for Fulop or Boilers or other writers. You choose to blow up over the slightest bit of criticism and turn it into an attack on your integrity because you can't be proven wrong. You just can't, because you need to be the "savior of Sonic". So many people have already responded to this but it blows my mind that there are still supporters for this guy. He calls people who criticise him bullies but his responses to them are way worse. Though I gotta admit, this was the best response I've seen to Ken in a long time:
  2. Yeah you are right. My bad. I don't know how to delete a post though.
  3. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    We have an editor!
  4. Yeah...I doubt your version would sell better too. Man is a bit salty to learn the party goes on without him still, huh?
  5. And there is the real Ken Penders everyone. He doesn't care how you feel. If you don't praise his work, you are not worth his sympathy.
  6. And there is the real Ken Penders everyone. He doesn't care how you feel. If you don't praise his work, you are not worth his sympathy.
  7. Does his App cure cancer or something? All the mentioned company apps allow you to read comics online, sometimes they have motion comics. What does your app do that their's doesn't....have crappy voice acting? Someone going to SDCC to get an actual look at this "super" app?
  8. So he is going to recycle Dawn's artwork on the app/website, then try to give the rest of the series his artwork? Isn't that false advertisement?
  9. Wait...not to break up the usual criticizing of Ken's work but did he lose someone like his son recently? I don't rememebr reading about that. That's who I'm assuming Dawn is talking about. Dawn's concept sketches are so good.
  10. I hate to do this to everyone...I really do but...Good Morning:
  11. Archie Sonic Hiatus Discussion

    I'm inclined to believe @Dejimon11 claims right now because honestly, its the first time we heard any positive news about the whole situation. Every month has been "my source said it's cancelled" from a different user with no confirmation. Now Archie is actually responding (barely but still) and now we have a positive source. Could it be true? Still take it with a grain of salt but after weathering 6 months of "its cancelled, my source is always right" it's interesting to see the exact opposite of that is happening.
  12. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I tried poking the bear again. At least they haven't blocked me yet...