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  1. I'm inclined to believe @Dejimon11 claims right now because honestly, its the first time we heard any positive news about the whole situation. Every month has been "my source said it's cancelled" from a different user with no confirmation. Now Archie is actually responding (barely but still) and now we have a positive source. Could it be true? Still take it with a grain of salt but after weathering 6 months of "its cancelled, my source is always right" it's interesting to see the exact opposite of that is happening.
  2. I tried poking the bear again. At least they haven't blocked me yet...
  3. Even more interesting, never seen them Like a comment on the matter before...
  4. Wow...can't believe they responded to me too. Same old song and dance though...
  5. So it should just be attributed to an Editor sharing another Editor's work? Is that what you meant?
  6. Seeing some interesting things lately. Tracey Yardley has added some new comic pages to his shop and there is this awesome Sonic Riders page he posted: But the interesting thing about this is that Mike Pellerito (Archie's President and Editor) retweeted this. May be nothing, he may just be supporting Tracey, but this is the first time in a LOOOOONG time he has put anything Sonic related on his feed. Also Ian shared a humorous blog post but he mentioned about writing Sonic like he was was still doing it along with BumbleKast, again might be something or might be nothing: Ian is also doing a "Best Sonic Universe Story Arch" poll on Twitter if you want to voice your choice.
  7. Didn't know Ian changed his name to Ken! Wow they certainly respond fast when a news article broaches the subject but not the actual fans...everyone start writing articles!!!
  8. I completely agree with @Ryannumber1gamer at this point. There has always been "someone with a connection" popping up every month that seems to say the same thing. And to be honest, I thought it was credible this time because at first I thought the person was an artist on the books but I've been told I was wrong on this. So again it's more of the same thing and yet again no one wants to name their source. It happened with a "credible" source on 4chan a few months ago and has popped up monthly ever since. Like Ryan said above, it's probably the optimist in me but I can't trust anything until I have official word from an actual source or name at this point. And everyone else should probably do the same. It helps calm your blood pressure.
  9. In case you were curious on the status of Ken's other decade long projects:
  10. Delusion would explain why Ken Penders thinks the way he does. He must have gotten wammied real good
  11. So there really is no excuse that they have been so silent on the Sonic comics then. Just acting like it never existed.
  12. July Sonic yet again. I'm gonna call it a day on the comic. My blood pressure can't handle this shit anymore.
  13. I gotta agree. It definitely hit a noticeable nerve with him didn't it? I don't think he has ever snapped back like that. Plus he has been unusually quiet as of late. Maybe he fully believed it was over and was prepping to make a jump for the Sonic license. Seeing solicits with new dates probably reeled him back down to earth fast and hard. Lets hope the Archie solicits for June bring us some hope.