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  1. If Ken is still thinking of how to fit current world topics into this thing, he will never finish it.
  2. And here is the excuse he will be using as to why the app is yet again delayed. "Raves and gasps of amazement"...I will be honest, that is the best fiction writing he has ever done...
  3. You go to an image saying April Fools.
  4. Worlds Unite was the problem. They should have set that as a separate miniseries that didn't interrupt the main books. Still take place within the time frame that it did but should have had a teaser at the end of one issue and a "Takes place after Worlds Unite" at the beginning of the next.
  5. https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/1019628498338525184 Finally confirmation of an app. And it's...not unlike any other comic app. Also how damn small is that data file text? If you were reading it on a phone it would be impossible.
  6. Ian commenting on the backlash of #6's final page. Looks like there is more to the story than what we are seeing.
  7. Unless you go by Penders usually "inside knowledge", then it's an open and shut case for Scott. An open and shut case that apparently takes a very long time and has no public records of any updates within the past year... Pretty much this. Ken has proven himself to be just as manipulative as those he says are out to hurt him and his creativity. Ken loves to play the victim and starts every argument saying that "Archie can use my characters anytime so as long as they pay me". While that is a reasonable thing to ask and I agree Archie should have paid royalties to him and other creators, the major problem is there are various terms and conditions within that short statement that people seem to not realize and that are incredibly unreasonable. He wanted editorial rights over what was done with his characters, overruling even Archie/Sega. You can't do that with a licensed comic; any comic really that you didn't produce yourself. He has even stated these conditions back when the lawsuit had just wrapped up. He laid out a laundry list of rules that were laughable. However, the major problem is that a lot of his fanbase chooses to ignore that he has ever said these things when he has gone on record about it.
  8. Wow this first page is just layered with the message "I can't believe they didn't give me Knuckles"...
  9. What could have been...these look so epic!
  10. But that's more so she "ruined" the comic by not being Sally. How can one ruin the comic by only appearing in one issue though? Then again how can one ruin the comic before said comic even comes out? I try not to understand those types of people, it boggles the mind to no end...
  11. ...what is the purpose of this tweet? Ken complaining that because of his strict regulations on storytelling, no one except him is willing to use the characters? I'm sorry you can't let any of your characters grow, develop and evolve beyond their 2 dimensional personalities because you see it as other writers being "wasteful" of your creations. Does ANY creator think like this?
  12. Yeah I know. The first 4 issue story structure is planned as a weekly series though. I do think it was a bad move to release it two weeks early. It throws that planned structure out the window.
  13. Hi! That me! Story structure is clearly going to be different from your examples since it was planned from the get-go as a weekly series. So I see it as a giant size #1 instead of a monthly comic structure. Thats all. Plus I feel i saw some complaints about how Mega Drive #1 ended actually having a hook. So its going to be different person to person. No worries. It literally never has happened till now. I was planning on getting involved with this board again after the issue released; guess this was a good start lol.
  14. Wow I can't possibly imagine why he would want it to release in March...a full month before another type of release... And I seriously doubt he will hit that mark, he seems to be heavily invested in shooting The Republic right now.
  15. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!! I woke up to that response and I just nearly rolled back over saying F it. I’m not responding to him on it. He is impossible plus I’m getting responses from his latest fans which also seem to not understand.
  16. ...I didn't say anything about the story. I said it stars two characters you DO NOT OWN! But you don't even know me. I could be a damn copyright lawyer for all you know. It was pure luck how the Archie case swung in your favor and I think just because you own the story, you can't republish without SEGA's consent...which they WILL NOT GIVE YOU! What a great public response though that highlights your best quality, being a jerk to anyone who doesn't praise you. You certainly don't know a thing or two about keeping to your promised release dates...
  17. To clarify, the tweets in my original post are from me putting pressure on Ken's answers about how Sonic and Knuckles are somehow not being used to promote the LSC by way of reprinting M25YL in his app. I made sure to tag Sega in the second tweet since he flat out admits he is going to print martial with their character. Here is the original tweet from one of his fans that questioned his intentions of the M25YL page being used in the app:
  18. Background AND Foreground... Also that looks like Butler's artwork for Knuckles (here its Knuckles, not K'nox) and Kargok.
  19. Shut up shut up! If I don’t hear you it’s not illegal! ?
  20. I’m shocked he has responded yet. More than likely he will give a half ass congrats then ramble off why IDW is a horrible publisher and that “someone” else would do better. Also he will mention that he will make sure to offer them the chance to use his characters, pretend that he made the offer and lie that they refused and make them sound like the bad guy. Also again talk about that stupid app for a comic that hasn’t been fully written yet.
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