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  1. A good deal for collectors out there. Tracy Yardley has put a permanent discount on his Sonic pages. Use code SONICFAN to get 33% off at checkout. https://tracy-yardley-comic-art.myshopify.com/ EDIT: Not sure if the deal is related to whats going on in the comic but still a good deal none the less...
  2. ...So did anyone watch the stream? Was anything brought up?
  3. Hope Alan doesn't literally mean "friend". (Didn't know if this was a LSC post or a Sonic Boom post but I also didn't think I would ever have to make that decision...)
  4. Speaking of...back then you had said there was a rumor starting to float around and shared it so people would be aware. Do we know the source of that rumor? I ask because its clear that rumor is becoming fact more and more everyday and maybe this source can give us a better understanding of everything.
  5. Let this be a reminder to everyone: when Ken says he really cares about the Sonic comic, its another straight up lie. He is clawing at the bit for Knuckles, its literally the only thing he cares about. If he ever had the chance, he would take Knuckles and leave everything else behind.
  6. Ken expands on peoples recent questions about "Sonic Armageddon". So surprised that his comment about SEGA not at all being behind making the film and of course it's Ben's fault in the whole scenario. (sarcasm) http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spiu17
  7. Early reviews were actually positive and I gotta admit, it just finished up and it wasn't that bad. Certainly not as dark as they promoted it. I think it was a successful premiere but then everything comes down to numbers.
  8. You know, I'm done with this dude. It's clear he wants the comic to fail because he NEEDS to be right. He needs to be justified in his reasoning. There is NO correlation between Riverdale and Sonic! NONE! I am so done with this guy.
  9. Official Sonic stream going on right now on Twitch. Maybe spam the chat? ? (I know it's not a good suggestion but I am tired and we haven't heard anything yet.)
  10. Hey did you guys know that Robo-Robotnik-Eggman has been in the post-reboot this whole time no matter what current writers, editors, people with common sense say? All hail Penders for his unquestionable knowledge!!! Seriously like Sorcerer Lance and myself disput to him on Twitter, he used the Robo-Robotnik plot device to introduce an in-canon explication to the Adventure redesign (not as bad as Sonic's but lets not go there). Fleetway did it too, it wasn't an original concept to begin with. And it has been clearly stated the current Eggman is not Ken's "Medieval Spawn" variant, it's not even Archie's character, it's Sega's character like it always has been. But if it appears in a comic book, of course it has to be "stealing" Ken's "original" character. ?
  11. Hopefully it's just an over sight but I even went into the renewal side on my account and they aren't there either. That prompted me to check the main site. I've already started putting the pressure on Twitter to Archie, Ian and Vin. Hopefully I get something to report.
  12. Not to alarm anyone but I figured it was worth mentioning...I tried today to renew my Sonic The Hedgehog Subscription online and it's not there. Only back issues are available in the Sonic and Sonic Universe stores. No subscriptions. Please tell me I am looking in the wrong spot....
  13. Actually, in response to Ken's response to me, Tenko/Fanged Sniper is again laying out the sanctions that Ken has previously stated in the past on how Archie can use his characters/stories which would basically give him control over the property. Sanctions you have to dig deep for like you said @horridus because he certainly doesn't make them clear when he is ragging on how Archie is always the mean bully to him:
  14. God it is so hard to fight the urge to respond to some of these misinformed followers of Penders or Penders himself (I did cave by the way, I feel dirty now). Spitting half-truths and allowing fear mongering, I don't care if Archie has issues internally as a company, ever damn company has them. I care about purposely spreading and inflating misinformation that he know, THAT HE KNOWS, to be untrue and he just sits there with a shit-eating grin and let's people buy it. Not trying to get political here but he talks so much about hating Donald Trump he acts a hell of a lot like the guy. Archie may have it's problems, but at least they cut a huge one out of their circle years ago.
  15. Probably the terms were that he wanted the unpublished works as canon and Archie said no? Seriously why would it feature UNpublished works rather than his main stories? Sounds more like something he suggested, they thought maybe, then he said "well this is how you are going to do it", then they were like nevermind...
  16. And my birthday is just full of these fun KP tweets. I think he believes if he @'s them enough they will respond though I feel they already have him on mute. Also as much as I hate it, I had to check the responses to Ken's tweets (I wouldn't recommend it because you could go brain dead). However, some supporters feel he lead them on with the whole #300 BS so some people aren't too far gone...
  17. I guess since its "hot air" and Archie is still clearly putting out future release solicts coupled with Ian's recent comments on the matter, you can name your source so everyone can make their own decision? Or they can at least join an official forum like this one and explain their case? Just feels like everytime the comic is gaining some type of steam, SINCE the lawsuit, a "source" comes out of the woodwork to throw baseless speculation into the gears and we watch fans run with it. Now I'm not saying VEDJ-F had this intention and she just wanted to report its out there. But it still comes down to the WHO is speaking the rumor I had a, lets say "interesting" conversation, with a gentleman on Twitter awhile back who had "facts" but no sources aside from a flawed website but truely believed he knew/wanted the book to go down in flames. Now that does sound like someone who would want to throw out a rumor just to watch the world burn. To me: no source, no story.
  18. One thing I noticed that I'm sure some other people will like, they removed the left side border from the covers allowing more space for the artwork.
  19. Extending an olive branch...Ken Penders... He basically said everything after him was garbage. Garbage that is suppose to be ending this year according to him so why is he so concerned about issue 300? Because he was wrong and is trying to course correct and make himself look like he is better than everyone else. And the big problem? People believe him because he is amazingly outspoken and unprofessional while Ian, Vin and company are actually working on issue 300 and making it about the franchise/the fans and NOT themselves. Sorry, didn't mean to rant but I got triggered i guess. Do kids still say "triggered"? ?
  20. Just to add to SBR's post, here are more comments from Ian: That's what a lot of people who like to throw sales figures on here and act like it's the end of the world. It's not. And from Ian's comments, it looks like no one at Archie has need to worry. Looks like they are hard at work like any other comic company doing their best to put out stories people enjoy. The numbers may have fluctuated since "savor" Penders was running the show but we all know that times have changed and numbers don't exactly mean what they used to in the past (for any company). Also like Ian mentions, there are many different books that make up Sonic now-a-days. Instead of one we have two strong series and multiple offshoots. Split the numbers from the late 90's/early 2000's for one book between the number of series we have now and it looks even worse that what StH alone is producing. There are more avenues for stories now. Also good to see subscriptions are on the rise too.
  21. Yeah but then Ken ruins the art request by putting his own "take" on it: Also wonder if he is planning on calling Robo-Robotnik "Robotic" in LSC or if it's just a misspelling.
  22. Could just be no reason to bring it up. Don't think Archie would have a reason to change the series format. I'm thinking each part is focused on an original Freedom Fighter: Part 1 Antoine then Bunnie, Rotor and Sally.
  23. I'm down for Freedom Fighter focused stories too, we've spent enough time on Game characters. I've been itching to fill in more of their individual backstories and flesh out their personalities since the reboot. So far they have just been "there" and haven't provided much except being Sonic's backup so I welcome more stories for them. For those characters not accounted for since the reboot, I really can't think of anyone really important except the Babylon Rogues like VEFJ-F mentioned. Maybe they will be popping up in one of the Freedom Fighter stories as villains? And to be honest, I don't understand the negativity for these issues right now (way before anyone has seen them too) but then again I've never understood the negativity and hair splitting people have about the comics in general. I really have had no problems post-reboot except for the ungodly length of the Shattered World Crisis. Maybe I'm just easy to please in my old age. I have 20+ years of reading the comics under my belt and I can think of way worse stories than this that were approved in the past. I'll only complain after I read the issues (if there is something to complain about).
  24. Continued dishonesty and continued ability to spit half truths. Ken is constantly vocalizing that Archie had the opportunity to work with him and THEY decided not to, putting the blame squarely on them and pushing the agenda to demonize them. However, he never seems to ever go in depth into what his actual demands were. Weighing the options, his demands would have done far more damage to the comic than just his characters being removed and only a certain group of the fandom knows it (mostly here). I've seen many a fan turn on Archie for not working with Ken when they in fact don't even know what Ken's terms were really about. They just know Ken's side because he is the most vocal so you really only hear one side. I agree that Archie does share the blame for what happened but Ken is spinning it to be that they are the ONLY ONES to blame.
  25. I'm all for more species diversity. Better than "Knuckles clone #10004738390".
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