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  1. Solicits for January 2017: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #291 SONIC and Tails head for ADVENTURE in “Genesis of a Hero” Part Four: Our celebration of the Blue Blur’s 25th anniversary comes to a close with a look back to the most titanic turning point of the Classic Era! Sonic and Tails have been diverted, trapped and attacked all across Angel Island by the mysterious native called “Knuckles!” Now, deep in the heart of the island, they confront Dr. Eggman’s latest minion in an all-out brawl! Featuring cover art by Sonic comics veteran Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante plus a “Sonic VS. Knuckles” variant by long-time Sonic comic colorist, Matt Herms! Script: Ian Flynn Art: Tracy Yardley, Terry Austin, Gabriel Cassata, John Workman Cover: Patrick Spaziante Variant Cover: Matt Herms On Sale Date: 1/25 32-page, full color comic $3.99 U.S. SONIC UNIVERSE #94The PIRATE PLUNDERING reaches its peak in “Case of the Pirate Princess” Finale: The Chaotix Detective Agency’s deep cover in the pirates’ ranks may be too deep to escape! In the heart of a long-lost temple, Cpt. Shellbreaker stands poised to find an ancient power. Can the Chaotix finally rescue Princess Undina? Can they rescue themselves? Or will the Chaotix turning pirates be their saving grace? It all comes to a head in this frantic finale! Featuring cover art and an “Excitement Under the Sea” variant by Mr. Sonic comics, Tracy Yardley! Script: Aleah Baker & Ian Flynn Art: Adam Bryce Thomas, Jim Amash, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli Cover: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Ben Hunzeker Variant Cover: Tracy Yardley, Steve Downer On Sale Date: 1/11 32-page, full color comic $3.99 U.S. SONIC SUPER DIGEST #19 Ready, steady, go!—it’s Sonic Super Digest! Spin dash into some of Sonic’s grandest adventures from the Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe and Sonic Boom™ comic series! Join Sonic and his pals, the Freedom Fighters, as they work together to protect the world from the evil Dr. Eggman! Dash into adventures that only Archie Comics and Sonic Super Digest can bring! Featuring awesome cover art by Jennifer Hernandez and story & art from the biggest names in Sonic comics history! Script: Ian Flynn and various Art: Various Cover: Jennifer Hernandez, Gary Martin and Matt Herms On Sale Date: 1/25 128-page, full color comic $4.99 U.S. Absolutely love that Matt Herms variant! Also: YAY ANOTHER BACK TO THE FUTURE VARIANT COVER!!!
  2. It seems Archie is more making sure that they appease Ken's ego so they don't have to deal with him again. I do agree that Ken did absolute shit on the Encyclopedia (except make it completely unnecessary since it came out right before the lawsuit-reboot). Putting Penders before Flynn makes Ian's hard work of putting it ALL together look insignificant. They aren't highlighting the man who actually did the work and not really showing that Archie is standing behind him. I'm sure Ian doesn't mind (or he will say he doesn't since he is a nice guy) but Archie really should of thought that through first.
  3. Sooooo...is the whole Fulop thing settled or does Archie just doing what they want? Half of these are Pre-SGW issues and feature some of these characters... Maybe it's clear to not worry or maybe Archie/SEGA aren't going to be bothered by another lawsuit.
  4. Stay classy Ken... Really? Your fight with Archie is just like Benghazi? Are you out of your damn mind?
  5. And here is Ken posting the full letter I'm sure he technically isn't supposed to be posting on Twitter: Don't worry. I took screenshots when he denies he posted it in the future.
  6. He finally admits it! And still believes like it would only be a matter of paying lawyers...
  7. KP Update from SDCC today (because spending money to have a table there 3 years in a row to promote something you have ABSOLUTELY NO product for makes sense): Can anyone confirm his table is a "happening spot"? I mean anyone can sell out of a book if you only have 1-2 copies... (just apply the classic Penders inflation design and you can make anything sound incredible when its actually mediocre)
  8. Guys and Gals...there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this horrible modern character design: SEE?! Totally makes sense! So adult and relatable to modern times. It blows the minds of all who now understand this incredibly creative explanation. </sarcasm> Also when did Penders copyright "Mobian"? (Serious question)
  9. I'm more interested in him finally being at a convention that we can get a solid idea of his progress and ultimately WTF he has actually been doing. What does the app look like? Where is he at with the story? Is he going to force you to take pics in front of a cardboard cutout that's 3 years old? This is the opportunity to see what he really has done and if it holds water as to what he's said in the past. Since it's a Sonic convention I would expect a few people on here would be attending and could report on it. As for the controversy surrounding him going to the event, he was a major force in the comic back in the day. You can't deny him that. I personally am not fond of the guy, have no interest in meeting him but I know some people do because his characters did make an impact. So I won't throw ill will to those fans and the convention organizers. I'm just concerned if he is still going to act like he does on Twitter and other outlets, being pompous, unreceptive to critique, disagreeable and spreading half-truths about his whole ordeal with Archie.
  10. Still looks like Archie is shooting for Worlds Unite Vol.1 to release in July. Pre-Orders on their site are available and you get two free, randomly selected Mega Man, StH or SU variants if you pre-order through them. So are we fine with believing them at this point that it's coming out? Haven't seen them promote a GN this hard since way before the cancellations. I think it's time to enjoy things again...
  11. Which he already has done. Reading some of the replies hurts my head. He is using his status as a former writer to spread misinformation and half-truths and people are buying it for some reason. Horridus, your post should be put as a disclaimer on his Twitter page when someone clicks it. Lol
  12. Subscriber question...has anyone gotten their new issues in the mail yet since the end of this unannounced hiatus? It's been 2 weeks now since #279 released and I still haven't gotten it in yet. I could have grabbed it on my usual comic run if I knew it would have taken this long.
  13. I can see why you would think that but we are talking about Ken Penders here. Sure paying just one creator is easier than paying several but we are talking about the guy who won't allow you to use his characters unless you change basically the entire format of the series itself, a fact he constantly skirts around when saying "Archie themselves decided to not use my characters", effectively placing the blame squarely on only them. I'm sure that he still wouldn't make it easy on Archie to continue reprinting Archives no matter how simple the process is or should look on paper. And I would hope that Bollers would have more sense to keep his characters then sell to Ken. Let's look at it this way, Ken is offering creators a one-time lump sum and then looking to benefit from the reprints correct? If Archie approached all past creators and struck some sort of level ground, all creators could benefit for as long as the reprints were around. That would make Ken's proposal actually look small in comparison to the benefits of letting Archie continue with their characters. I would think (and hope) it would be in Archie's best interest to start reaching out to cut Ken off at the pass.
  14. Just a heads up, should be seeing some Archie Sonic news today.
  15. Can someone tell me where Ken actually plans on getting the money to buy up all these character rights? I mean I'm sure they won't come cheap especially with some of these creators that don't like him or don't understand his plan. He went through a whole court case which I'm sure made him take a hit, he hasn't produced ANY work in years, he hasn't sold ANY LSC merchandise nor provided any update that the project is still alive in any fashion. Sure he has bought and resold Sonic Archives (which by the way is that legal?) at conventions but to have a table at a convention is expensive in of itself (especially if you are promoting a project that doesn't actually exist). Now I don't know what his wife does but how can he think that buying rights to characters that do not appear at all will be profitable? And he really really really needs to be clear on his wording. He keeps saying "SONIC rights" and that is confusing some people. He isn't going after the rights to the franchise, he is going for the rights of former characters once used in that franchise. He needs to be more responsible and actually be clear on what he says because so far he has been switching up terms making everyone confused and him not correcting anything. That is really incredibly irresponsible on his part and down right unprofessional (not like he has been so professional in recent years). Now if he REALLY is talking about wanting to buy the Sonic license from Archie/Sega, then he is too far removed from reality at this point...which unfortunately is a likely possibility...
  16. I decided to "bite the bullet" and tweet back to Ken and now my head hurts from banging it into the desk. He needs to stop making such cryptic statements and never explaining them. We all clearly don't "think" like him to understand what he believes is "clear reasoning" for unnecessarily buying up copyrights for characters now long since dead in the minds of most of the community.
  17. Oh good, I was hoping somebody would post this since I was busy after calling him out (yes I am FairGuy07 on Twitter). I love how he mentions he never promised a specific date. I'm sure somebody on this board has kept track of the multiple release dates Ken has mentioned. Last I remember, he was suppose to have the first issue/digital/movie/hologram released for San Diego Comic Con last year, right? And seriously Ken, what are you doing that NO ONE ELSE has done? An app with a digital comic? Way behind on that one, sir. Maybe even a motion comic? That's literally been done 100 times already and it's not even the most popular medium. But he is right about one thing, no publisher would ever do what he would do (release products for a nonexistent media that has changed about 50 times in the 5 year planning process and spend more time arguing on Twitter about why he was god's gift to a franchise he is clearly copying from than actually show any movement on said fan fiction).
  18. I actually just brought this list to his attention on how these women basically have become regulars on the book within the last few years. Can't wait to see him justify his answer on why it's not the same.
  19. But was there an agreement that Archie had to reproduce a certain amount of reprints of his work? Or that even Ian's reprinted stories had to have some type of credit to Penders since it was based off his previous work? Just trying to find whatever crazy straws he is grasping at. Seriously though, what is his game? Does he need to buy more time by making up another excuse as to why his 5 year old fan fiction still isn't out aside from two pages and an overhyped app with only his word that it actually exists?
  20. Either that or him saying something is going down at Archie because he is always "in the know".
  21. Does he enjoy doing this stuff? Let's sit back and see what "insider info" he thinks he has now.
  22. Hmm...looks close enough. I believe we found our traced stock picture.
  23. https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/619238278747701249 Look at him trying to fan the flames of fandom fear. Sucks for him that Archie already posted a pic of someone winning a Mega Man helmet set just for buying the Mega Man Comic-con Exclusive Variant. Granted I haven't seen a pic of Archie's table but if you can get variant covers of a comic he claims is non-existent on their table, I'm gonna take his claim with a grain of salt. I mean why even have an Archie Action Panel at the Con this weekend if you have nothing representing it at your table. Too late on that one, Ken. Besides, I would love to see all the material you have on your...oh wait...
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