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  1. Sounds like sonic team is still taking it safe (character wise), but oh well this game sounds fun already. I think i read a rumor somewhere about it being playable at E3. I hope that there will be a decent hands on player.
  2. Guys... what if they brought whisp back for other characters? Sonic just needs rings to boost, but the other characters would use wisp for boost and other stuff. What im trying to say is different characters would use wisp in a different way.
  3. Some things that i noticed -bell using the question mark Sound in sonic hero's(Could be a place holder) im guessing the new checkpoint? -Falling terrain -Old enemies from Sonic CD -Spindash looks like its a reward (right now) -Rings follow sonic... kinda like boost? -It looks like if your going fast enough you can vault over things and not come to a complete stop. Even though we don't see boost i think its still there, which isnt a bad thing (for me atleast) i like boosting.
  4. Is sonic running in his figure 8? really liked that running style i hope they brought it back.(still kinda looks like classic sonic's generation running style) the game play is really cool, it looks like speed is a reward again (tails almost confirmed?).
  5. i thought they looked similar myself
  6. Its rumored that retro also helped with making a DK track. The hype for the next mario kart is growing well.
  7. OMG... he found so much crap i didnt see
  8. my seaside hill speed run, my little brother showed me that shortcut @ the beginning
  9. I would love to see that as DLC for PS3 (it wont happen though) But if there ever is a mod for playable characters in classic stages ill download steam version
  10. my time on sky sanctuary it was really hard to do... :/
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