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  1. Sounds like sonic team is still taking it safe (character wise), but oh well this game sounds fun already. I think i read a rumor somewhere about it being playable at E3. I hope that there will be a decent hands on player.
  2. i thought they looked similar myself
  3. Its rumored that retro also helped with making a DK track. The hype for the next mario kart is growing well.
  4. OMG... he found so much crap i didnt see
  5. my seaside hill speed run, my little brother showed me that shortcut @ the beginning
  6. my time on sky sanctuary it was really hard to do... :/
  7. Ok EST coast people we might get the game tomorrow or sat. because think about it, we are farther away then the shippers... right?
  8. So guys, does this mean the street date is only broken there... or across the states?
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