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  1. The US is lacking some assassination attempts nowadays. Seriously. How come no one tries to kill politicians nowadays? (PS: I am not serious about this, just in case Nepenthe gets scared and thinks I am nuts. But I sure hate the MAFIAA as much as you guys here do.) Also, yeah, I know about the Internet Killing Partnership for some years now.
  2. Shit, Blink 182's first albums are so damn different that it seems I'm hearing a different band.

  3. I feel like I want to bury my head on the earth, ostrich style.

  4. Okay, my brain just spiraled out here. Aaron, sent you a message. Now I'm going to bury my own head on the earth like an ostrich due to shame on myself.
  5. On the country where I come from, hatred is pretty much a sport.

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma


      can't really argue with that

    2. Penny


      but football is great tho

      as in the not soccer kind

  6. It depends, do you defend it no matter how bad the games are? For example, I like Shadow's game, myself, though I recognize that the game was badly done in a lot of ways. Hell, I even liked Unleashed when I played it on PS2, despite the Werehog part being quite boring and dominating two thirds of the game. About RubyEclipse's reputation, he was known as such from BEFORE he was a PR manager, that's the part you're not getting.
  7. For the one who quoted me: I don't think so, about liking Sonic making us fanboys. To me, fanboys are blind people that will always agree to whatever the company does, no matter how crappy the game ends up being. For example, a Sonic fanboy loving Sonic '06 or Boom (the game, before people crucify me), despite those being trainwrecks. About RubyEclipse, my point is that I don't expect him to answer our lore questions, nor I want him to. No one should, also. It's not his job. As you said, he's a PR manager (and thank God he's better at it than Ken Balough). Now, about the discussion. Listen, I may be jumping to conclusions due to not taking my time to read all the text walls, but to me, Sonic's world is Mobius, and I don't do it because I watched SatAM or because I knew the Archie Comics. It's because Mobius as a name for Sonic's world makes sense to me. SEGA keeping that world unnamed didn't solve a thing, it only opened a new breach, a new abyss, know what I mean? I actually wanted to take Iizuka's place in there. Y'know, start correcting the mess Sonic Team made along the years, fix Sonic's lore to something people understand, make games that the people really wanted and needed. And yeah, I know this is much of a big distant dream.
  8. Just to make it clear, I think Aaron is not fit to answer any questions on what comes to Sonic's lore. Hell, not even Iizuka seems able to clear that confusion anymore. We have to take the right reins to fix this, not trust them to some fanboy or a man who can't do a good game intentionally.
  9. I don't know if this was you making fun of what I said or anything, but I'm glad to help. I think.
  10. For the second question directed to me, Aaron Webber, AKA RubyEclipse, is a known fanboy in the Sonic community, more namely the SEGA Forums. He worked for SEGA as Community Manager before.
  11. First: I can't believe that damn fanboy is back in there. Second: Really? Asking HIM about Sonic knowledge? One thing is asking Iizuka, he's the one in charge since Naka left after all, but HIM, RUBYECLIPSE? He has no f****** idea what he talks about! (Not that it seems that Iizuka knows better than any of us here in Stadium. That Sonic Mythos thread sure has some better writers and theorists than Iizuka. Won't mention Ken Pontac as anyone would write stories better than him.)
  12. Wow. That Penders thread actually DIED.

    1. Osmium


      Well, there's nothing to talk about right now. That and I'm tired of talking about Penders. That whole topic was just going into a rut.

    2. Celestia


      This is arguably a good thing.

    3. Osmium


      Yeah, I think so too.

    4. Zero Dozer

      Zero Dozer

      On the sense we're not hearing news from that moron?

  13. Looking at Tails' Maurice hairdo... Yeah, Penders was horrible at drawing.
  14. So... Is someone else unable to see the SSMB forum updating itself unless you refresh the page?

    1. gato


      Seems to be a known issue.

    2. Tara


      It is a known issue and one that we seem to have a lot.

    3. The Chairman Of The Board

      The Chairman Of The Board

      Yes when I post something in a topic it won't post unless I reload the page.

    4. Zero Dozer

      Zero Dozer

      So this is not my browser's problem. Interesting.

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