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  1. I'm done.

    1. Chris


      Do you just ignore what I fucking tell you or what? Are you dense as shit?

      Enough is enough.

  2. http://pyx-1.socialgamer.net/game.jsp#game=26 Play a freaky game with us!! Password is SSMB
  3. I wish the Internet didn't exist.

    1. TCB


      Well, that's...too bad then?

    2. Dr. Homem

      Dr. Homem

      Such a terrible thought! The internet is, bar none, the most incredible invention of the last few decades. Connecting the whole world and being able to access unlimited information anywhere, anytime, instantly? It's beyond anything our ancestors could have imagined. It's amazing.

    3. no one

      no one

      money's amazing too

    4. Solkia


      angst angst angst

    5. goku262002



  4. I need help with an issue. Someone PM me.

  5. So, I'm being bullied over tumblr now.

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma
    2. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      Ignore, block, mods, wathever.

    3. no one

      no one

      I honestly don't know, but they're going so far as to post my links and telling people to block me everywhere.

    4. no one

      no one

      @jin, i reported them just now... but i dunno

  6. Boy I sure would like to ink my Shadow drawing photoshop. That would be nice, photoshop.

  7. no one


    I was told "talent is subjective". I guess in some ways, this could be taken however you see it...
  8. I'mma TRY to go to sleep. Gnite SSMB.

  9. wraith knows what numbers are. do you?

  10. wraith is a wraith who wraithed the wraith wraith

  11. I'm watching Infinite Stratos... Seeing as I'm unfamiliar with how the anime fanbase works... I'm unsure whether or not I'm supposed to say it's stupid or it's awesome... sooo... I'm watching Infinite Stratos.
  12. What's a Wraith.

  13. Part of me's a little upset to hear the show will be geared on the comedy and only 11 minutes an episode. A TV show is great potential to see the characters broadened and expanded upon in terms of personality, not to mention having some cool stories that could get the viewer hooked wondering "whats gonna happen next?" and whatnot. Not to mention the recent attempts at humor in the franchise have been known to be a bit less than stellar. It feels as if they're trying to get better at something they don't do well at which is nice but I feel they're focusing on the wrong thing. Sonic can do just fine without comedy, but not so much without action and more broad things. I like some jokes here n there, in fact it's kinda necessary given sonic's cocky attitude, but what I'd really like to see is something in the sense of, say, Last Airbender or something along that style of humor-balanced-with-action-and-story. Plus, the 3d animation actually looks pretty damn good and seeing Sonic and his pals be lively in battle smashing bots sounds way more entertaining than having them stand/walk around and say funny stuff. I'm not saying the show will suck or anything. I just wish it was geared differently.
  14. Because of a focus on the combination of both speed and platforming, having a Sonic in first person in general may not fare very well. Not only because of potential motion sickness from seeing that through a screen or through the Rift, but because doing other techniques such as spindashing and homing attacks and such and such would feel less fulfilling and more dizzying. Plus, it could help if we could see Sonic as a character grow and branch out more and it'll be harder to do that with a first person game seeing as we'll mainly see Sonic more as the player than a character. Neat Oculus gimmick tho. It's a fun experiment. Just that I doubt it would work as an official game.
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