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  1. I have to say the artwork is better than Lien Da- but it just looks out of place with the background- I mean, the background is amazingly done- but the character looks like s**t when you place it on that background (probably would still look s**t). They should tone the background done so it looks as stupid as the characters or...and this is a big maybe.... get the characters to actually look good (but that is a big ask!)
  2. Still waiting for sonic 260 on the comic app. Yesterday they "officially" release universe 63 though it's been out for two weeks already.
  3. I don't tink Penders would design a video game. If anything even a little success (I'm talking one sale) would probably make him want to contact Sega and do cross-over. Seriously the design looks like crap- I could do better and I don't even draw!!!! Everything about it looks wrong. I did like the other design by the other artist which took a whole new approach- I would actually have brought the comic if that was the new design.
  4. Preview is available on the Sonic App Store however there is an issue downloading the issue itself. First couple of pages are looking good though
  5. Midday- usually 4/5 pm UK time. Though Archie App hasn't updated the front screen as their still showing 257 even though 258 is on there.
  6. I just have to laugh at Kens stupidity and every morning I look at his twitter page as it puts me in a good mood with his comical comments. With each new comment he says the more I believe he's digging himself a hole. He wants to link it with the older series but will be completely restricted by not being allowed to use Sonic and co. I'm actually shocked there are people who are aupporting him still.
  7. I think the people we really need to name here are the legal team involved in suing Penders and putting a bit of a s*** case. Literally Penders has made fan characters and they couldn't even do anything about it. Let's be thankful that someone said hit the rest button (Finally!)
  8. Didn't know that but my point still stands *Shakes head* This is what we get when crazy super fan boys get a job to do with their fandom- they claim every fan character under the sun as theirs.
  9. True but Sega do this for a reason and considering the way they would like the comics to go I believe it is important they maintain that control. For all we know the cameo appearance of "Silver's Mother" from a fan comic could lead to dispute like the Penders case (I'm taking about a completely extreme case here). Somewhere along those lines or they moved offices but back in the 90s everything was quite laid back. The issue with the lawsuit was that Penders claimed her never signed any such contract that meant all rights went to Archie etc. whilst Archie insisted he did though the paperwork was most likely lost.
  10. Really happy by how the new continuity is doing so far. I think a lot of the fans are happy that the freedom fighters are all back together for the first time in almost 6 years (since 175 when Rotor was sort of taken out of the Freedom Fighters due to his injury). I'm not entirely sure about Sally sort of taking the back seat in this issue considering how her fighting skills have significantly improved since the genesis wave but hoping she'll play more of a role in the upcoming issues.
  11. All I'll say is go for it Ken- Let's get the comics back to it's roots of using SatAM and Game characters. Edit: Just looking at Ken's page. He was talking to Michael Gallagher as he needs HIS permission to use him. I wonder how that will turn out.
  12. Did like omochao showing up. Only another week before shadow fall part 2 comes out as well. Speaking of penders he has announced via twitter that there is an app being developed for his series. I, for one, am looking forward to it. I'm just so excited to see how penders can create a series which is based around a character that's the daughter of a character that cannot be named because he's owned by Sega.
  13. Got mine through the comic app this morning
  14. I am kinda hoping that they are gone. No disrespect- some of the characters were great but the comic series needs a reboot and bringing back everything that can be brought back doesn't necessarily mean good. Characters are only interesting when they serve a purpose in a storyline- I think a lot of fans probably wouldn't have cared if substitute freedom fighters were gone if Ian hadn't brought them back in new roles that impacted on the story. The comic shouldn't bring back EVERY character it can because it can- they should bring them back for a purpose to the storyline and ensure that the characters are going to be developed and not just their for decoration (I'm hinting towards the Echidna population that Penders "invented" - that didn't really bring about much in the end) . The main freedom fighter team are back and with the focus on just them for a while can help bring some character development that's much needed. In the meantime I am checking my iPad for signs of 256 this week and hoping that it is going to be out Wednesday rather than next week.
  15. All the attention penders is getting is all negative. Plus it's just fun to see a grown man with the imagination and drawing skills of a monkey believing he will actually get this idea off the ground. Plus everyone is actually just buying time until 256 comes out.
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