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  1. This was supposed to be the Sonic equivalent of buffles. Forgot the spatting and handwraps
  2. Sadly I don't have much to contribute right now. But can I just say I love this thread. (I'm trying to learn how to use image software that isn't Photoshop CS2 so time to practice I guess.
  3. What is Sonic stadiums host? Curious

    1. Marcello



  4. Sans has scary fans.

    1. DBZHedgy


      Undertale has scary fans.*

    2. RosaRosaRosalina
  5. I kept spoiling Undertale so I just bought the darn thing. Should have done this already, pffft.

  6. Is "intercourse" literally an inherently sexual word now. Like I thought people were at least aware it has another meaning.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I actually wasn't aware of another meaning

      I can't believe I didn't know the original term. Hm. Learn something new each day, I guess. 

    2. DBZHedgy


      well I realize it has another meaning, but because sexual intercourse is used more commonly than the other, most people tend to assume that this is what it's referring to

      Sort of like how most people see Gay to mean homosexual more so than happy 

  7. These are pretty cool. I used to collect screenshots, development images and render images big time. Yep, files. Pixels with no monetary value. They make good drawing reference, avatar/signature, fansite material and desktops images though. Also good for making sure there's a backup if obscure images go missing elsewhere
  8. I'd like to see better quality overall. There is just so much off-model and dodgy stuff in Sonic toys and I see other game franchises with great toys.
  9. I swear Sonic's accent slips when he says "Drop the critters Eggman!"  Even though his normal accent strikes me as basically Rogers's own.

    1. Haalyle


      I don't hear it (and I've been replaying that one line heaps of times now). Then again, I'm quite used to hearing Roger's voice anyway.

    2. Marcello



  10. This is something I've been considering for a while now, but your interest in Korea strikes me as a tad obsessive, and I think this is what is making people angry. Perhaps you are stereotyping Korea as this magical place that it is not? It's good to study language and other countries, but putting putting Korean words on your art and making your characters Korean on not-korean forums and announcing your love to the world strikes me as...off. What are you in love with? Is it not a flawed country (or rather, two countries) just like ours? Isn't it just everyday life for the people living there? Why post things in Korean when your audience doesn't understand?
  11. I liked Designated Heroes. It's cool to actually see Eggman come up with a pretty good plan instead of something ridiculous and I especially found Sonic and Tails to be entertaining and endearing when on their own and being subject to their own flaws (in a believable manner that didn't make them into complete idiots) Tails yet again shows me why Sonic boom is my favourite interpretation of him, and Sonic didn't fail to deliver either.
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