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  1. ^Me right now.


  2. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Are these Wario and Waluigi's fursonas? They look alright I guess. It's nice to see some variety in body shapes and not the same little bean body with noodle arms that most characters have.
  3. The AMAZING new Nintendo product:

    Cardboard Boxes

  4. Sonic Forces is officially fixed.

  5. Hmmmmm...



    1. FirelordZuko


      More like one OC with a magic rock.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      My OC is Goku, he can bounce back the sun anyday.

    3. Shiguy


      @The Tenth Doctor

      But if it's Superman? Nope obliterated. Cause Goku can't anticipate that :V

    4. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor


      Might be able to now, has a new form that means he can pretty much read anyones movements and dodge/block it. May not damage as much but sure seems able to anticipate anything.

  6. Would anyone be surprised if this was real?


    1. Clewis


      The "fucking" gives it away.

  7. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Infinite is Slenderman!
  8. (tweet)

    Cosplay has reached a new level.


  9. (tweet)

    Mike Pollock is a treasure :laughing:


  10. I can't believe Sonic the Hedgehog has fucking passed


    1. Polkadi


      Damn, that's creepypasta material

    2. Dangerous ball tower engin
    3. Shiguy


      Why is it that unintentional bootleg stuff is creepyer then the intentional creepyasta that it's based from?

      Cause that legit left me a little unerved.

  11. Man, I can't wait for the officially licensed Sonic Forces porn parody:

    Sonic Foursome


    1. Dizcrybe


      Sonic's Foreskin

  12. Oh lord, my sides has left this plane of existence! :joy:


    1. Maxtiis


      I swear, every time I see a picture of Iizuka he has the exact same expression on his face.

  13. Who needs antidepressants when you have this?

    1. DanJ86


      I approve. :)


  14. Knuckles Mania & Knuckles

    & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles& Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles


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