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  1. SSMB needs a hard reebot, only new members after today

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Everyone with a echidna avatar is now owned by Ken Penders.

      Please await your redesigns.

    2. BenderMania


      Everyone with Mania in their name is promoted to Admin.

    3. Mikyeong


      *changes my name to include mania*

    4. Zaysho


      I'm free.

    5. Ryannumber1gamer



      Sorry hotshot, but you're never free.

  2. How do I get rid of quote boxes when typing a post? I can't even refresh the page, they just stick around and I have no idea how to make them go away 

    1. Soniman


      Like how do I get rid of this

      Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.41.13 AM.png

    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Click underneath the quote and hit backspace. That's what I usually do.


    3. Soniman


      That worked, thanks!

    4. Marcello


      Another way is to hover over the bar at the top until you see a box with arrows on the left. Ctrl+Right Click it and it gives you some options.

    5. Tara


      A problem that could have been averted if IPB hadn't gotten rid of the god damn BBcode editor.

    6. Blacklightning


      Why the fuck DID they get rid of the raw BBcode editor? I still can't wrap my fucking head around that.

    7. Tara


      I'm thinking their reasoning being is that BBcode is perceived to be a relic of early-to-mid 2000's.  From the perspective of a potential customer, having a WYSIWYG editor paired with a BBcode makes the former seem unreliable (which, let's be honest, wouldn't be inaccurate in IPB's case), and modern internet users expect an editor that is as close to the simplicity of just typing something up in Microsoft Word as possible.  It's what separates IPB from the likes of freeware alternatives like phpBB.

      I'm thinking their reasoning being is that BBcode is perceived to be a relic of early-to-mid 2000's.  From the perspective of a potential customer, having a WYSIWYG editor paired with a BBcode makes the former seem unreliable (which, let's be honest, wouldn't be inaccurate in IPB's case), and modern internet users expect an editor that is as close to the simplicity of just typing something up in Microsoft Word as possible.  It's what separates IPB from the likes of freeware alternatives like phpBB.

    8. Celestia


      You can also simply click on the "banner" at the top of quote (and also spoiler, I think?) boxes and then press the delete key.

    9. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Dear Sega, can we please get Classic BBC back as an optional skin for Sonic Stadium 4

  3. Back at it again at waking up at 6am, an hour earlier then I have to for class because my wonderful roommate just couldn't resist watching Netflix at such a convenient hour 

    1. Soniman


      Rage, murder, piss, fuck, shit, kill, hate 

    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Looks like somebody needs to invest in a pair of headphones.

      Though I can relate because I had a pretty rough night too. Protip: Midnight is a terrible time to practice the violin in a dorm hallway. Especially for somebody who is clearly inexperienced with it.

    3. I'm Dan

      I'm Dan

      Have you legit talk to him about it?

    4. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      I honestly think you should try to do something about this problem, I don't think it's healthy to just keep seething with rage about this forever. Of course I'm not sure if anything will help...

  4. Using the Sonic CD gimmick and implementing it into new levels would be pretty rad honestly
  5. -Has appeared in an anniversary title alongside current Sonic -Has his own game due to popularity and demmand -Has appeared again after everyone was convinced he'd never appear again after inital appearence. It's to late for that bro,
  6. Really dialogue heavy quasi political anime aren't really my thing but Psycho PSs us pretty good so far (I'm also watching the extended edition to get the full impslact) 

  7. I should join in on those MK8 games sometime 

    1. Soniman


      Because if I can't beat Nep in Sonic debates I can at least beat her on the circuit 

    2. Dejimon11


      ....yeah god fucking luck with that. As much as I hate to admit it Kakarot er Nep is good 

    3. Mikyeong
  8. To cleanse my pallete im finally watching psycho pass

    1. Nepenthe


      I like how a total upgrade is a pallet cleanser. xD (I'm sorry.)

    2. Wraith


      tfw we're bullying him about this but we're sonic fans


      (still no voltron huh soni)

    3. Nepenthe


      We roast each other about our Sonic tastes.

    4. Soniman


      This just means my taste in anime is all reaching from the lowest of lows to the higest of highs, and im proud of that tyvm

    5. dwibs93


      at least it's not school days or eiken

    6. Dejimon11


      @Wraith that's the same thing I've been saying all day

    7. Soniman



    8. Dejimon11


      It's on Netflix ya scrub. I'm sure you have access to it

  9. I hate Chris Thorndyke, why did I make this bet.

    1. I'm Dan

      I'm Dan

      chris is the sonic fandom


      oh fuck

    2. Flare Sakitha Sol

      Flare Sakitha Sol

      Hehe, he's now yours @Soniman , he's now yours 

    3. ThePrinceOfSaiyajins


      This is why you don't bet in Ash's favor... Presuming this is related to that.

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      I made the mistake of letting SSMB vote for J Jonah

    5. Forte-Metallix


      I bet I'd buy every XY episode if he won.

      I ended up emptying my spirit instead of my wallet.

    6. Briraka


      Because you hate Chris Thorndyke.

    7. Celestia


      I mean, it wouldn't have been much of a bet if you had chosen a character you didn't hate.

    8. Ruby Havoc

      Ruby Havoc

      because you gave ash the benefit of the doubt you silly person

    9. Fusionwatch


      Can't you just change your avatar? o_O

  10. Speaking of I have another rant One of my major problems with the Kalos League (besides the obvious) is how Ash, on a emotional level is given no attention whatsoever, even up till the climax theres no care in how he’s reacting to anything at all for me. I mentioned it before but yes it does bother me that Ash pretty much had no significant reaction to losing Ive heard folks bring up the Greninja Arc as an argument, saying how because Ash had developed and learned to not let losses effect him/not obsessed with power/winning he shouldnt have any negative reactions whatsoever to him losing. On the one hand, yeah I understand that fine and that is consistent characterization, but on the other hand emotions dont work like a light switch, you can’t just turn them on or off whenever it’s convient, and maturity doesnt mean you arent still prone to negative thoughts, emotions feelings, etc. Because that’s just simply being a human being, and ill get back to that in a sec. Right from the beginning it was clear that the Kalos League put all the emotional focus on Alan because he’s basically the main character of XY now and so building up his character for the TF arc stuff made more sense to the writers, it’s his baggage with Sycamore, his strained relationship with Manon,his dynamic with Lysandre that’s put on the forefront, and in the case of Manon is what ultimately led him to victory. Ash though? He’s pretty generic and you dont feel like you’re really watching the League from his perspective most of the time, it’s weird to explain but it’s like your an outsider looking at Ash rather then seeing it through his eyes (this is weird to explain but watch the Sinnoh League and how everything led up to his confrontation with Paul and i think it would make more sense). The most we get is his relationship with Sawyer, because that actually has some emotional roots because it tied back to how he acted during the Greninja arc, and the consequences from there get resovled when they have their battle, Ash was determined to show Sawyer “the real him” that he deserved and I thought that was pretty cool, but like I said, that’s pretty much it. Even in the filler League episode that was about character depth and development, guess who the lion’s share of that went to? Alan and most TSME related characters (Lysandre, Manon, Sycamore, Malva). And what did Ash get?We got an explanation (but not really) for Ash-Greninja, and him making his usual “lets do this team!” speech, before having a talk with Lysandre (which at that point is basically more TF hype). The fact that he shows no amazement or even really mentions he’s going to the finals IS a big problem that I have honestly, because it makes light of Ash’s accomplishments and makes it unintentionally seem like he doesnt care that much and that brings me to the finals.. I don’t even feel like I have to to mention just how “nothing” Ash and Alan’s relationship is honestly, it certainly didnt have the emotional gravity to really feel like a bonafide final challenge for Ash besides the fact that Alan just being really strong and physical challenge for him to overcome. Alan is nothing more then a strong opponent to Ash, they havent interacted off the battlefield. Again though, emotionally Ash means a lot more to Alan then the other way around, from his narrations he sees Ash as some weird outlet to vent his frustrations by finding fun in battling him because everything else about his life sucks right now, and for Alan that makes sense but again, it’s not a interesting two-way dynamic. And then finally there’s the loss, the loss that didnt really effect Ash in anyway. Like I said earlier just because he’s had his growth doesnt it mean it wouldve been completley ooc for him to be looking the least bit melancholic, not front of Alan of course but maybe in the locker room by himself, maybe wistfully starring at Greninja’s pokeball with Pikachu comforting him before getting back to his usual spirits. This is not a huge thing im asking for, I just want some validation that these constant League losses actually matter anymore, that Ash truly wants to do better and achieve his dreams because right now I dont get that feelings whatsoever, and that’s so weird to me considering how well he done, he was the runner up but I feel like the narrative doesnt want us to evencare. I guess you could make the argument that there’s simply no time for emotional focus because, once again, Team Flare’s arc takes precedent (seeing the problem here) Im not saying other characters arent allowed to take the forefront of the show over Ash from time to time but I still want the writers to care about having Ash’s role/goal not being totally disregarded. All I can hope for now is for XY to do the BW thing and try and salvage Ash’s emotional investment in his dreams after straight up acting like they didnt matter and shove it all into its last episode(s). Im glad Ash can walk away feeling satsfied by the battle Alan gave him and not harbor any negative feelings towards the guy, im not just not happy he gives no apparent fucks at how he failed again, how ‘broke’ the promise he gave to his mom, how he failed his Best Wishes self by making a solemn vow to achieve greatness and victory, none of that matters because Ash’s character right now doesnt matter, and to me that’s a huge injustice to him. That said the Flare Arc looks pretty great so..yay for XY not ending on a terrible note at least lol
  11. I'm so glad we have this trainwreck of a League to commemorate 100 pages of this topic lmao. Sighhhh if you can't tell I'm still depressed
  12. Sigh....... This is gonna mess me up for the entire day lol 

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I know that feel, man.

      This is among the dirtiest ratings traps I've ever seen; right up there with TTG's "Return of Slade" and Family Guy's "Life of Brian".

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      @Forte-Metallix Do GatLA and HatCoA count as ratings traps? I think they count as ratings traps (or the cinematic equivalent).

    3. SenEDtor Missile
    4. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Genesect and the Legend Awakened and Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.

    5. Ferno


      I can sympathize with you. Still being a fan after the rest of the world leaves, then for a brief moment it looked like everyone was crawling back, only for them to leave again once the status quo returned. 

      If it means anything I may still watch through the XY series when I have time. Yeah it's the same status quo, but from a writing and animation standpoint, at least they tried hard to make it interesting this go around, which could be seen as a good enough compromise.

  13. At the very least with Gen 7 having no gyms I get to see Ash doing something away from the league cycle of failure for a 3-4 year period, hopefully he suceeds in whatever Alola's League equivalent is.
  14. I still enjoy XY and wil look forward to the Team FLare arc, but this League was just a disaster, Sawyer's battle was the only really good aspect of it imo. I also hate this League loss because for awhile it was nice seeing people happy and positive about the anime for a change, thanks writers for shitting that all away lmao
  15. Still dead inside

    1. Kabalni


      When you chose to have Chris as your avi, then yeah you're pretty dead.

      You'll live though.

    2. RosaRosaRosalina


      ^ he didn't exactly choose this, life chose it for him

    3. Kabalni


      life can be cruel, you know

    4. RosaRosaRosalina


      ^ he didn't exactly choose this, life chose it for him

    5. Kabalni


      What if I am Life?

      Would that deteriorate the natural balance of the world?

    6. RosaRosaRosalina


      whoops my bad

      suddenly my phone decides to repeat messages 

    7. Kabalni