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  1. Every Sonic Forces topic ends up the same way

    1. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Then do something to change it.

    2. Soniman


      just an observation, im not gonna rock the boat

    3. Ferno


      the the rock you want to see in the boat

      *be the rock

  2. For the ones who love Forces: 
    What do you love about it? (And don't just say "everything")

    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      -Vocal tracks

      -Soundtrack sans Classic GHZ

      -Japanese written/serious story


      -CaC (It has potential.)


    2. JezMM


      • Return to boost gameplay (pending level design, currently on edge because it's looking a bit Colours-ish, even for an opening stage)
      • Soundtrack, including a return to vocal songs and generally "cool sounding music" as oppose to Lost World's decent but very "video game" soundtrack
      • Return to serious plotline with lots of characters (pending overall quality)
      • Storytelling playing out during gameplay via radio messages (pending them doing anything substantial with it)
      • Aesthetics (City Heights/Park Avenue really looks gorgeous and is exactly the kind of aesthetic I wanted for a more serious Sonic game - still bright and vivid and full of detail)

      You'll note that almost all of these are things I love in theory.  The potential they bring is why I haven't written off the game like many have.  But that's not to say I trust the team to deliver on these things - I'm just waiting and seeing.

    3. Celestia


      Gameplay wise I think it looks about as fun as Sonic Team's other recent outings, so I expect to enjoy it. Tho' I can see why people have issues, especially with Classic in GHZ (fuck dash panels).

      Park Avenue/City Heights looks fun.

      Kinda interested in where the story's going.

      This one is entirely just me and my weird tastes, but I'm happy to see ruins that look more like the "traditional ruins Zone" in a Modern game. (Curious if it's a returning one that isn't instantly recognizable due to 3D + changes by Eggman or if it's a new location.)

      I love the Avatar's stage themes. They're cheesy but in a fun way imo.

      And there we go, a serious answer to a status riffing on another status. Good morning, everyone

      Oh yeah and I like the Avatar in concept even if I hate that we're getting this instead of, like, Tails/Knuckles/Amy. If we were getting this on top of that then I'd have no complaints on that front.

    4. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      The thing is that, none of us "loves" Forces yet, just looking forward to it.

    5. Fusion-Ellipsis


      Coming from someone who's cautiously optimistic/neutral about this game: (spoilers for length)



      The music and the vocal tracks are nice. (Park Avenue avatar and Infinite's theme). There's a bit of Green Hill avatar and City Heights Modern heard in the gameplay but I'm gonna wait for a better quality version before stating my thoughts about those.

      Modern Sonic and Avatar gameplay looks alright, boost for Modern and a fusion of colors gameplay/Wispon for the avatar.

      The asthetic of the new zone Park Avenue/City Heights. The visuals of the game in general look pretty good, but I do hope Forces has more new zones than old ones.

      The cautiously optimistic bit i got is the story. After the meh stories of Gens, Lost World and the...madness that was Sonic Boom shattered crystal, I was interested in a more action/serious storyline.

      Granted Shun Nakamura has got more control of the story, and he did direct Sonic 06. On the other hand... It has been 11 frickin years since that came out. I'm curious to see how much has he improved after that.

      The extended cast seem to be doing something, taking charge of the situation and communicating via radio. I thought Amy and Silver's dialogue was alright.


      But yeah amongst all this, I'm also waiting and seeing on what else we're gonna get for this game. With Mania released, here's hoping we'll get some more info.

  3. Surprised theres no My Hero Academia topic yet....

    1. Ferno


      If the series continues on its currently rising path...


      there will

    2. Dejimon11
    3. Tatters


      We don't deserve something so pure.

    4. Sonictrainer
  4. Does Sonic Forces make you nostalgic?

    Nostalgic in the sense that I'm like "man remember when this series had like no solid direction and haphazardly threw shit at a wall to see what stuck (which was usually nothing, the wall remained unblemished)?" Good times, except not really. Also Classic Sonic/his levels which lost its nostalgic charm to me a long time ago so it means nothing to me
  5. I'm just saying I've never really seen anyone (other then sonic fans for some reason) go on about how Colors and Generations "aren't that good" as some retroactive type deal. Just because those games aren't mentioned as frequently now doesn't mean the general public thinks their bad, outside of the critics that thought they were lackluster from day 1 at least. Hell I seem to recall many reviewers STILL praising their name when titles like SLW and Boom were comming out and leaving critics less than impressed. So always using the excuse "they were only liked because past games were bad" can only hold so much weight as time goes on
  6. These games werent made in the late 90s early 00s, they arent even ten years old. "Maybe they didnt age well" is a pretty weak justification honestly, especially when we're talking about games Tthat arent janky glitch fest and are more or less mechanically sound.
  7. Yes? I mean even so you probably wont see many people arguing that Mania isnt better which is why I assume the hyperoblic statements of its quality are said. Colors and Generations are seen as good games, but Mania is seen as exceptional, I think that's the key diffrence here
  8. Soniman's Art Zone - Act 0

    I come bearing gifts

    1. Dejimon11



    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Well if you're next to me, OF COURSE I'M GONNA BE NEXT TO YOU

    3. Ferno


      "just one last fist bump" would've sounded less redundant compared to "one more last fist bump"

  10. who doesnt live in the US, have Pokemon SM and wants to chain a 4IV Ditto for me?

  11. Honestly he should do some music for Forces, to go with the already fucking insane direction that game's music is going in
  12. Hunnid P dropped a new Knuckles track waht is happening


    1. The Deleter
    2. Shiguy


      This could clearly mean only one thing...


      (I'd would die if that were to happen)



    3. TCB


      What is happening


      Sanic adventure three biatch sanic adventure threeeeeee


    4. Ferno


      where was he in generations

      you mothertruckers think im playin but where was he

      where was he when we needed him most

      where was he in generations

      you mothertruckers think im playin but where was he

      where was he when we needed him most

      why did it post twice now they look like song lyrics i am so mad

  13. worst mania level?

    1. Red


      Time Over Monarch

    2. PaulyBFromDa303



      I'm on Lava Reef right now its tough. But so far Green Hill. I had a rough start XD


    3. Strickerx5



      titanic fucking monarch


    4. McGroose


      Hydrocity for me. I don't like the traveling bubble gimmicks and the miniboss is no challenge at all. the Titanic Monarch was surprisingly very fun. It's a long level, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I could only think of one instance in act 1 that really annoyed me. TBH, that part made no sense at all.

    5. サイヤ人の王子



      Ya'll are nuts. Titanic Monarch is rad. The worst one is easily Oil Ocean. The rest are pretty solid. 


  14. isnt it kinda depressing that sonic mainia is the best reviewed Sonic game in two decades and its not even made by Sonic team? Like I can think of no clearer evidence of the meme people make about the "fans being able to do a better job then sonic team"

    1. RosaRosaRosalina
    2. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      It's not depressing, to me it's refreshing. For years I've sat and watched one of my favorite franchises get dragged throught the muck because Sonic Team just needed to find some silly reason to reinvent the wheel. And then these fans came together and pulled things they all liked and Made a good game.

      I fully expect Sonic Team to miss the point about the receptions thought.

    3. Ferno


      it's a little sad yeah, but after awhile you realize that Sonic Team's had it coming and it's hard to feel bad for them

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      It'd be depressing if all they were able to do is what they have at their disposal during free time, what they can afford, and how little it'd effect the image or the more casual fans of the series overall as a fan game. But as an official game, there really isn't anything to be depressed about anymore.

      They've made it, my dudes

    5. Kiah


      Sonic Team doesn't have my sympathy either at this point. Especially considering all this time they haven't remotely gotten close to getting it right with Sonic in addition to failing to make up their minds and going in a million different directions instead.

      I'm just elated to see something being positively received about Sonic as it's been a long time coming. Seeing the positive reception with Sonic Mania is simply beautiful.