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  1. Soniman

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch, 2019)

    This looks like and sounds like a Nintendoland game. Like one of the attractions you'd play with its distinctly toy like asthetic. That's what I get from this. Might warm up to it but for now I'm just kinda put off
  2. Soniman

    Jump Force (February 2019)| Goku in America

    Shit game which is kinda sad since it looked kinda cool and interesting on reveal. Oh well at least I can laugh at this dumpster fire
  3. I wanted to download the TSS Remix Albums (2011 and 2012 specifically) but there's literally no download links of any kind on the sites that host them. Can anyone help with that?

    1. TheOcelot
    2. TCB
    3. Soniman


      @TheOcelot yeah thats where I went but theres no download link on that page whatsoever unless im missing something

      @TCB thanks! iBut is there any placIe to download it all at once instead of each track individually??


  4. Soniman

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Game of the fucking year

  6. Soniman

    Will 2019 be a good year for Sonic?

    IDW and TSR being innofensive to good content for Sonic in 2019 means we aren't looking at another disaster at least. I have no doubt there's something unannounced bring cooked up though sadly
  7. I don't care what sonic team does at this point since I have no faith in any of their projects turning out good anymore but at least a SA1 remake would have me be mildly interested instead of trying and failing at another new venture
  8. Both SLW and Forces tried to beat Sonic down and both failed at it. Might as well stop trying Both SLW and Forces tried to beat Sonic down and both failed at it. Might as well stop trying
  9. Man...they couldn't even pretend to be good, straight up just fucked right out the gate. Never had any hope for this movie since day one so I can only laugh at how garbage that Sonic looks. Will be good for a few laughs since apparently Sega want us to laugh at their mascot at this point
  10. I expect you all to have those written apologies to Eddie LeBron handed in by the end of the day 

  11. Soniman

    Sonic Forces Anniversary~

    SLW doesnt looks so bad now eh fandom 😛 Anyway I hate this game, worst 3D Sonic game I personally played. I pretty much dont like almost anything about it. Bad story, unintersting levels in both design and asthetic (egg gate is the only one I kinda dont sleep at), weakest 3D Soundtrack (though there are some goodins in there), shitty conntrols for al three characters, none of which are particuarly fun. Levels themsselves only last 1 minute and encourage empty repeat playthroughs that you get noting out of. Not even 3 hours long, its a fucking shit show man. Not being glitchy is it's only sucsess. Im embarassed ST felt like this game was okay to put out, it makes me so mad this is what they think their flagship franchise deserves
  12. time to get started on that SLW 5 years later topic, im sure SSMB will join me in appreciating the things this game has done for the franchise sense

    1. MegasonicZX


      If anything i'll finally be able to share in depth why I think the 3DS version is actually pretty darn great and how the wii u version sort of pales in comparison.

    2. Strickerx5


      ... i mean it... there could've bee-... it wasn't the worst.

  13. Team Sonic racing delayed tilled late May, god DAMN

    1. Strickerx5
    2. Soniman


      To bad they cant do this with the game that matter most but its nice either way

  14. Soniman

    Are we in a new dark era?

    I just kinda hate this franchise right now and tiny beacons of light like Mania and the comics are the only thing that kept me going. Forces man.....that game just...broke me finally, and id always consider myself a optimistic fan of the series! Ill still be around when they decide tonot suck and make a good game again but until the this series is so far off my radar now because they just... refuse to do anything about their current situation and how its hurting their flagship brand. Idk it just blows my mind that Nintendo have such careful control over the quality output of their IPs while Sega doesnt even seem to give two fucks, toss out rushed poorly made games constantly (NEVER LEANRING THEIR LESSON THAT IT DOESNT END WELL FOR THEM EVER WHEN THEY DO THAT), making shitty live action movies that completley betray the spirit and tone for some nonsense...idk man I just dont know what they're thinking right now
  15. Between the comics (Archie and IDW),Mania,Mania Adventures and even the Boom show you get the impression that literally everyone who works on Sonic has a genuine passion for it except Sonic Team and that’s really sad

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