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  1. As a kid reading these comics who played the games first. I didn't really dislike Tommy for his focus or him over shadowing the FF or whatever, honestly I just bought the comics back then to watch Sonic and other game characters do cool shit and I didn't really grow to appreciate the rest until Ian started making them more interesting and likable. I simply did not like Tommy because he was fucking BORING, they couldn't come up anything for him to do so they just made him a smart guy when the good guys already had TO MANY smart guys. Hell friggin Rotor was losing relevance as the smart guy so what chance did Tommy have when competing against Rotor, Tails, Uncle Chuck and even Snively at one point? And giving him nanintes didn't change anything he was still boring! Good on Ian for blowing him to hell the first chance he got
  2. just find posts like this super shitty official games are one thing but comparing fan projects like this comes across as hella distasteful 

    1. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Don't care for Sonic Omens.

      But that "Sonic 2 HD" bit is a huge YIKES.

    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Sonic Omens isn't a fangame, it's a bootleg.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Sonic Rifts better than Omen


      It has savviness to not exist

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Are we really cancelling Omens?

    5. azoo


      Sonic fans are a special breed of shitty lol

    6. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      I don't see any reason to be nice to a project whose pursuit of profit could lead to the death of fan projects made on passion alone.

    7. azoo


      It’s not the death of it and extremely likely isn’t gonna be but go off I guess 

    8. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Well, I can't know that for certain, and neither can you, really. Only difference is I actually want to be wrong.

  3. I have no stake in the Omens debacle so when I see the game I just see a rather impressive 3D fan game that obviously had a lot of work put into it. Obviously there's some noticable gameplay and graphical issues but for a FAN game it's impressive. So to me when I see a lot of the more vitriolic comments from sonic fans I've seen on Twitter and such it comes off as bad faith because they hate the whole patreon thing (something I also don't really have a strong opinion on) since normally they're pretty chill  and respectful when it comes to most fan games from what I've seen 

    1. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      It's also backlash from the over-hype and praise. That and people overlooking egregious flaws in the project too.

    2. DanJ86


      I saw it a couple of days ago. Had no idea it was controversial and I didn't see any hint of it being so in the comments I saw.  

    3. azoo


      I’ve seen far more anger over this thing than I ever saw “over hype and praise” lmao, unless you’re one of those who watches sonictube orsomething.

      Also find it awfully weird that people seem to say they’re averse to the “sega hire this man” mindset and then criticize the game for not being good enough to meet their standards for what they think should be hired by sega. (especially when this is the closest I’ve seen fans get to something bigger than a lot of 3D fangames do).

      almost as if there’s a double standard here.. or that the Patreon fiasco is clouding their judgment from being fair. feel like it should be celebrated that fans could do this much and do a half decent job at it. not blind praise but acknowledgement at the very least 

  4. >UNPLAYABLE T-The base game is done, it's finished, it's 10 years old, it's simple and it functions. This isn't 06 or even Unleashed, the improvements one can make to it should be relatively easy and cut and dry and yet they fuck it up???????? I know it's just a rumor but given Sega's atrocious track record with remastering/porting their 3D Sonic games this isn't out of the question. This should've been the easiest thing to do. It's like making cereal and somehow setting your house on fire in the process. Hope it's not true because Jesus
  5. With the next main game now likely not comming until late 2022 I think this is officially our longest wait between main games since...well Forces actually. From 4 years to 5 now, hope it worth it 

    1. azoo


      Last gap this big was between S3K and the international release of SA1 lol 

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah, it'll be the biggest gap and tied with S&K to SA1 (although Japan did get SA1 almost a year before anywhere else). The wait between Lost World and Forces was 4 years technically, but Rise of Lyric was supposed to be a big, main entry even if Boom was a spin-off. 

    3. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Did sonic 3d blast come out sometime between sonic and knuckles and sa1? Also what about sonic jam the collection?

    4. azoo


      if we count those you might as well count the sega ages ports of S1/2 and team sonic racing between forces and now

  6. Honesty im starting to doubt even that with basically no assurances for 2021 regarding the franchise
  7. So much is wrong with how this franchise handled from top to bottom I don't think removing Iizuka would change much. Like you really can't point to a single person to remove and expect everything to change for the better, massive shifts in thinking, planning, development need to be made before we start seeing any big positive changes
  8. It really annoys me when people get pissy about fans wanting Sonic news like we're asking them to crunch to get a game out when all we want is a simple confirmation that SOMETHING is being worked out. I don't care if it takes 2-3 years from now I just wanna know something ANYTHING exists 

    1. Thigolf
    2. pppp


      That's the thing Soni, we know we're getting a Colors remaster, most likely this year , why the fuck can't they just announce it?

      Are they so cowardly that they think journalists are gonna trash them just cause they're re-releasing a non Classic game?

    3. Wraith


      A new colors remaster is a hard sell for me regardless so I don't really care what they do with it.

      Colors is only like..3-4 hours long at best anyway. It'll just unleash a brand new string of whining based around "This is all we have to look forward to! How did they expect this to hold us over etc."

    4. Diogenes


      if all they did was say a game was being worked on we'd all be complaining about announcements of announcements again.

      we're all antsy for news but you've just gotta try to put that energy elsewhere, worrying about it isn't going to change anything.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      What the hell can they even announce though? If there's no game releasing within a year, then what is there to talk about? Colours Ultimate is the only thing that's pretty much a certainty right now, and everything else is up in the air. They can't talk about about a new game if there isn't one.

      And whilst I'm sure that there is a new game, they can't talk about it too early. I'll never forget the endless bitching about how long we waited for news on PS17 after it was teased at the 25th anniversary party. And I don't think that > 1 year "hype" periods do anyone any good, especially where relatively small like platformers Sonic are concerned. There's not enough to talk about to be strung out for so long.

    6. Soniman


      Still I don't see how asking for news is the same as asking for crunch x_x

    7. Wraith


      Who said you were asking for crunch

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Nobody said you were asking for crunch though. We're not saying "bump up the release date and crunch the game development so we can get it sooner". It's just a matter of not wanting news and announcements too far away from release. That would end up resulting in drawn-out hype cycles, more news droughts (ala Forces), the game being announced in a state before there's anything to show (again Forces) or the game changing drastically between reveal and release.

      I want news too, but even more than that I don't want news before the right time in relation to when the game releases.

    9. Thigolf


      Soniman's right, though, this exact argument gets thrown around by Sonic fans when people ask for news under the official social media posts. Quite a bit, actually.

      I haven't seen it here, but it's pretty rampant on other platforms.

    10. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I only really look at here and Retro. Coming here to complain or talk about behaviour elsewhere without saying that you're talking about other platforms is kinda pointless and totally confusing.

      As far as I can tell, both here and on Retro people are getting antsy, but very, very few people are being unreasonable. So when I hear about unreasonable behaviour, I'm just like "literally where?".

    11. Strickerx5


      Honestly, it's been interesting watching the tide on this slowly turn over the last month or so. Seems like the consistent comments of "be patient" are slowly starting to give way to more of "yeah, what is going on here" lol.

      Personally, I've been kind of off put by it for a bit now on the sheer bases that we seem to be getting news from just about every other source besides Sega. I guess it's less annoyance for me and more of... idk, anxiousness? Like, outside of that Colors remaster, we really don't know what this next game is going to be. Add in this abnormally long silence and Sega's history with the franchise speaking for itself and... yeah, can't say this "the wait will be worth it" mentality some have works for me.

      Sort of like a teacher waiting on the last kid in class to hand in their test. You know the kid has a history of doing poorly on these things and the school day is already over. You don't want to rush them and you truly are hoping for the best but, at the same time, deep down ya already know what the outcome is likely to be and you just want to see where they are in the course.

      But then again, May is still a prime announcement period so... we'll see

    12. Jango



    13. Soniman


      As a rule of thumb when I complain about dumb Fandom behavior I'm usually referring to the greater scope I see on big social media sites like Twitter and YouTube not the small insular fourms filled with people who know better because they been through this song and dance multiple times already lol

  9. OH SHIT ITS TIME LET'S GOOOOOO ITS HAPPENING GET HYPED etc Yeah no its a nice thought but I ain't holding me breath. Incedentally I can't even remember a time Sega has ever shadow dropped a reveal without any sort of lead in before like a conference or stream or even direct. They never surprise us like that
  10. The dark age era of Sonic has gotten a lot of love these past few years due to growing discontent with how things are now but how do you feel about it genuinely? 

    1. VisionaryofSUPER


      I liked the games. Didn't like the reputation and mockery.

    2. Wraith


      unmitigated disasters with a lot of talent, creativity and genuine enthusiasm behind them. a lot of those mechanics, story beats, characters, music and setpieces will be in my mind forever.

    3. Thigolf


      The quality wasn't there in most cases but I was a fan of the style and flair they had.

    4. The Master

      The Master

      I liked them, happy public opinion is changing.

    5. Speedi


      It's a pretty damn fun and cool set of games. Could have used more quality control, though.

    6. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I'm going to say this with a very heavy sigh but I genuinely miss that era. It was an era where Sonic at least tried to make bold steps, even if was ultimately not good.

      I feel like the current era feels too...safe. Forces was the biggest bomb we had in the longest time, even then I feel like LW was just too experimental but not outright hated like Forces ever got.

      Its just the dark era was endearing with its stories, character arcs, and funny glitches. Ok maybe not that last one endears to everyone but I do like it personally. Yeah this was a time where Sonic became a major mockery by the public eye but eh who cares. Enjoy what you like I'd say.

    7. HPX


      Infinitely preferable to the past decade+. I will always admire and find value in earnest creativity over mere competence. There's a lot that should have been more thought through and/or given more time to be fully realized. What happened arguably needed to happen, the problem is that none of the right lessons were learned. So now we're of a fandom that cannot face this franchise's past because the brand itself refuses to confront it on good faith.

    8. Diogenes


      it'd be nice if sonic could actually be good instead of just different kinds of bad.

    9. Soniman


      From Shadow to Black Knight I can't remember any games I personally enjoyed playing even as a kid. I didn't play  Unleashed HD I didn't have a DS so Rush 1-3 wasn't an option. So all I had were Shadow, Unwiished and the Storybook games for console games which I thought were disappointed with in varying ways, the Rivals games which were...OK but nothing special. I did enjoy Riders 1 so there's that. I didn't play 06 so at least I avoided the worst of that era if I couldn't play  the best of it either but my nostalgia during that time was quite low compared to how it was during the Adventure era were I enjoyed most of the content from there as a kid and today.

      IT would be disengenous for me to say it's without merit and there definitely isn't aspects worth praising or celebrating especially hindsight but yeah still kind of a lame era for me personally.

    10. Strickerx5


      They’re what made me a fan in the first place. The overall quality was lacking but the actual drive behind it rarely was and that spoke to me.

      Sonic was simply allowed to be cool and push ideas forward on all fronts. A lot of it didn’t pan out but damn was it more engaging than what we’ve been getting for the last decade.

      Now there’s been this running idea that this is just the current vocal generation talking. That people giving these games the positive time of day are simply the people that grew up with them and that we’ll probably see a similar deal in a couple of years with the 2010s. To an extent, I believe that to be true (at least for me) but I do hope that the actual points being made about them now aren’t being dismissed. And, honestly, I look forward to seeing what that generation has to say in regards to titles like LW or even Forces. I hope we’re past the point of dismissing entire titles out of hand and more of discussing the specific ideas behind them if that makes sense.

    11. Rabbitearsblog


      This is something that tends to pop up no matter what generation you are.  First, you have the classic era fans not liking the Adventure Era.  Then, you have the Adventure Era fans not liking the dark age.  And then, you have the dark age fans not liking the current era.  So, I think the quality of the franchise each era depends on what era you had grown up in.

      Anyway, while the dark age era had a couple of bad games (Sonic 06), it at least tried to take more risks with the story lines that the current era is lacking.  Let's hope that the next Sonic games tries to take more risks with the story lines like the dark age era did.

    12. azoo


      They have more personality than anything in the past ten years but there’s pretty much nothing good about the era except riders (a spin-off) and unleashed (the transition from that to the “modern” era). it’s called the ‘dark age’ amongst most fans for a reason. no amount of apologism for 06 or black knight is gonna sway me lol

    13. GentlemanX


      It's an uneven era for the franchise in terms of quality of gameplay (great games like Rush on one side poor games like Secret Rings on the other), but it always felt like each game brought new and interesting things to the larger franchise. Engaging stories were seen as a benefit to the series rather than a hindrance and worth devoting time to. Great and largely original music including tons of sweet vocal themes were regularly added to the franchise every year. Blaze, Silver, the Babylon Rogues, and more were introduced the former two are series regulars now and remain quite popular. Ian Flynn took over the Archie book and created countless great stories utilizing everything that came before him with a new, SegaSonic focused, lens. There was always something new to talk about during that era. While unpopular with folks who grew up with the Genesis games, the dark era was still a popular period in the franchise for kids growing up in the 00s, and saw a lot of financial success for the series.

    14. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      In just three words, not for me.

      For a better explanation, the dark age represent games that have a bunch of technical issues that didn't really get fixed. When you play a game and you fall into the floor or a pit, when an enemy kills you despite trying to attack and wasn't your fault, it says a lot about the game. It gets really annoying... The problems have been there since Sonic Adventure but got worse since the PAL version of Sonic Adventure 2 and kept until Unleashed. If it happen once, it could be just a glitch but not for like three main games, a port and a highly advertised spinoff. During this time, only played on Rush and Rush Adventure, the latter was better of the two since Sonic Heroes put me off the series nearly for good. Oh and Sonic Gems Collection but really doesn't count. Got to play the other games later but only the HD version of Unleashed was sort of decent out of the bunch with some good graphics and Sega Superstars Tennis that itself is a Virtua Tennis reskin. The Riders series have bad controls and the steep learning curve is an excuse (especially since Sega have racing games with good controls), Rivals was boring but couldn't get past the first level on Rivals 2 and only played the first stage of Shadow until that ugh... it's not fun to play at all and got rid of it ASAP. Not touching 06 or the two Wii storybook games, two of them are completely broken.

      People go on about a story however personally more focused on the gameplay especially when it comes to something like Sonic. The storylines weren't for me. It was actually during the dark age where I actually questioned whether I still am a Sonic fan and sadly it made me a casual fan. To put it in a nice way, the dark age made me skip Forces and Team Sonic Racing.

    15. jungle_penguins


      I always liked it. The presentation, mainly the tone, story, music. The gameplay in retrospect was mega frustrating, confusing, and outright unfair. Future memes in the making with some of that gameplay stuff. 

  11. On the bright side of the Balan disaster maybe people will be nicer to Journey of Dreams lol

    1. HoloLynx


      JoD was actually good. I don't see why people are so harsh on it.

  12. SonicTube really is just an awful place for content in my perspective idk how people can watch that stuff 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Soniman


      Just content made by Sonic focused youtubers for the most part 

    3. azoo


      they're all just insane people chasing clout off a series that doesn't even have enough steady content to justify their presence, let alone quality

    4. azoo


      I'm not even just talking about the main ones everyone looks at to balk about news or their cult-o-personality I also mean the ones that upload gameplay footage every day. Like "This is Sonic Generations But Better" and its like some new mod that adds a blur filter and replaces every jump animation with him breakdancing or something

    5. Speedi


      I like gameplay Sonictubers who just show off cool mods, fan projects n stuff like that (with no commentary I should add).  But yeah, some of the more "well rounded" ones try a little too hard to stay relevant with the making videos about every rumor possible nonsense when things get dry.

    6. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne


      they're all

      Ehhhhhhh. Not really.

    7. Soniman


      @azoo oh man I see those kinds of mod videos EVERYWHERE they clog up the search and recommendations like crazy and it's always totally uninteresting mods the barely change anything. Fan works like fan games and remixes I consider a world away from stuff like that and rumor clout chasers 

    8. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Oh, special mention goes to Darkspinsonic. Uhh....he hasn't been subject to any controversies, has he?

      I hope he's still cool.

    9. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      Sonic Paradox and the animators involved in it have been responsible for keeping me interested in the series for a long time because of their creative takes on the characters. Not sure if they count as SonicTube, though, since they originated from Newgrounds.

    10. Winston


      I like LS Mark's secondary channel dedicated to Sonic for the most part. Splash Dash, I think it's called. 

    11. Rabbitearsblog


      I honestly don't like it when some of the Sonic Tubers do videos about rumors that haven't been confirmed yet and are convinced that these rumors are true.  If nothing has been confirmed by SEGA or anyone working with the franchise, then it's not true.  They are giving out false information to the viewers looking at the video and that can cause people's hopes to get dashed if the rumors turned out to be false.  I know I sound a bit salty about this, but I just get so annoyed when false rumors get constantly put out like this.

    12. Mega


      I mostly just watch J's Reviews, Game Apologist, and Cybershell, tbh. Dunno what the greater Sonictube sphere is like.

    13. Rabbitearsblog


      I mostly watch Sam Procrastinates, Tails Channel and SpeedSuperSonic for the most part since they usually just post information about Sonic that's actually confirmed.

    14. Kuzu


      Young, naive Sonic fans who have nothing better to do than to watch the latest Sonic news and define their entire identity around Sonic. 

      Its not too unbelievable when you remember who the target demographic for this series is.

    15. Strickerx5


      Honestly, I find most of it to be decent background noise while working. If you just dump a load of salt on anything anyone says, it's pretty fine imo.

    16. Kuzu


      I can't even use it as decent background noise lol. 

      Only Youtubers I respect are ones who actually know what the hell they're talking about as opposed to talking a fucking rumor from 4chan. 

      Like come on, only a desperate person would take anything from 4chan seriously and try to make a legitimate discussion about it. And that pretty much defines most Sonictubers right now, desperate for content to talk about and monetize because they probably have no other source of income. 

      I don't wanna sound too dismissive, because I'm sure most of these people are good and are just trying to make ends meet, but come on man. You can do so much better with your life than about Sonic the Hedgehog rumors from 4chan. Is that what you want your life to be defined by?

    17. azoo



      theres much better bg noise about sonic on youtube

    18. Kuzu


      Ahh Youtube Poop, that takes me back. 

    19. The Master

      The Master

      I'm enjoying the Game Apologist nowadays, and Badnik Mechanic gives interesting videos on Sonic and Sega in general. I still make videos for Sonic but I take forever but I'm not supporting myself with it, its just fun. Good old Sonic GeneraShorts still gets a conversation started for this old Spudhead.

    20. Teoskaven


      I still find hilarious how iteachvader has created the headcanon that AoStH Robotnik is Tails' father.

    21. azoo


      noah fence to that guy but having the title Game Apologist and most of your content being sonic stuff sure does paint a picture huh lol

    22. Soniman


      As someone who has watched gsne apologist it's not as cringey as the name suggest he's an alright sonic guy who mostly waxes on lore with occasional game analysis 

    23. Polkadi~☆


      if it isn't cybershell, it isn't worth it

    24. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I like how all the mod gameplay channels used to be some great sources of gameplay footage, until SAGE came around and got them addicted to the opium that is "SEGA HIRE THIS MAN" fanbase and a hundred videos per month

      Only watch Sam, Evan, Cybershell, Badnik, and any big name on youtube who doesn't usually cover Sonic happens to make a video on him. J and Game Apologist are alright but they're mostly a case of deja vu that makes stuff like JebTube and co.'s videos so uninteresting to me. Chances are if they made a video essay on something, I've probably heard it before already.

    25. Piko


      The news side is a complete cesspool. It’s full of people milking stuff dry and talking about 4chan BS like it’s the gospel truth. As far as Sonic news goes, I only really watch Sam and occasionally Tails’ Channel; they know what they’re talking about and they never report on rumours without sources to back them up.

    26. Rabbitearsblog


      @Piko  I agree.  I also only really watch Sam and Tails' Channel when it comes to Sonic news because at least they aren't going by rumors just to get a video out.

  13. Balan failing does actually make me wanna check out Rodea to see of its good but ONLY the Wii version, not the shitty ass Wii U version 

    1. Dejimon11


      I am curious if the game is actually good and not one of those “nobody played it so I can it’s good”

    2. Strickerx5


      I played it for a bit and thought it was pretty ok. Though, I didn't go past 2 hours with it so that probably says something.

    3. Sonikko


      I played Rodea Wii for a couple hours as well. Interesting concept, okay execution but couldn't keep me hooked past the first world.

      Also too many cutscenes and interruptions, maybe that played a part in it. And it is slightly clunkly.

    4. Nix


      the funny thing is, when I went to buy Rodea months ago it was actually cheaper to buy the collector's edition that included both the Wii and Wii U version than it was to get the Wii version by itself lmao

      It's fine. I didn't play it too much but it's a neat little game.

  14. Man we really do need new shit to talk about 

    1. Wraith
    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      No. We need another 11 page long topic about why the Freedom Fighters should be in IDW. I totally didn't completely ignore the latest one because I was tired of seeing it talked about over and over again only for it to go nowhere. Totally. 

    3. Thigolf


      The wait will be worth it.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      My instinct was to make some sort of remark like "new or old, it will always be shit when it comes to Sonic", but for real I want something to talk about that isn't shit. I'm a little surprised to see how tepid the response to the Sonic Colours Ultimate leak has been here and on Retro. Colours isn't shit, but the prospect of a remaster (or whatever) isn't setting the the community on fire. Few people seem to be too excited about it and largely we're not expecting much, which kinda goes to show how tired everyone is of waiting for something actually new. If this was last year or if we knew definitively of a new game in the pipeline, I think people would have been more receptive to it. 

      I'm even getting a bit impatient now. Just want SEGA to come out with something. It's unheard of for Sonic to be this quiet for this long. The only news we've had about the series in ages is the voice actor exodus and that's not exactly good news.

    5. Soniman


      It's not even like I don't have other games shows etc to play and watch and get invested in. It's just kinda depressing how for the past three years things are so stagnated besides the once a month comic drop, like when Crash gives more new fresh topics to discuss it's so fucked 

    6. TheOcelot


      I'm happy we're getting the remaster, but I'd rather have news of the new game and I'm tired of waiting, the total silence from SEGA is so frustrating.

      15 Waiting Memes That Even the Most Patient Person Can Relate to

    7. azoo


      this is why the moment i saw colors was getting a rerelease my soul left my body. in a dry empty world where people talk of the same things over and over the one new slip of info is about something we have exhausted talking about 11 years ago lmao

    8. Dejimon11


      We can talk about other games 

    9. Blue Blood
    10. Soniman


      @Dejimon11 Who let you in here?

    11. azoo
    12. Dejimon11


      I love you guys too 

    13. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Maybe they'll add a colorblind mode

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