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  1. Happy Birthday Eggman 

  2. Sometimes you can shake the feeling everyone hates your guts whenecer you speak sigh

    1. Josh


      I still love you babe

  3. I'll never understand why the fanbase gets so tilted seeing the wisps still around (for story/continuity based reasons), like it's this weird hangup fans have held onto for 4 years since SLW even though it's something so minor I don't really get why people cared that much, I just assumed some stayed behind and left it at that. Then again I guess this just ties into the fact I stopped caring about consistent continuity in Sonic a long time ago anyway so eh
  4. As long as you can turn it off, people who don't wanna listen to the chatter can be satisfied, and I think sonic Team at least have enough self awareness to have the option
  5. By any normal metric in any other platforming franchise, the difference between modern and avatar are enough differences to be different from each other but not enough to be an entirely different gameplay genre. Think Shovel Knight and his dlc buddies
  6. I guess him and pontaff are collaborating? Maybe Flynn writing the general story and they take care of dialogue?
  7. Considering the general complaints of modern park Avenue are note for note exactly the thing iIzuka said they improved I'm left to assume he's either lying or simply meant later levels. And considering Modern Green Hill got the same type of scrutiny before people saw the rest of the Gens levels in willing to give him the benefit of the doubt
  8. Then just don't even make a archie cartoon at that point lol
  9. As always I'm not saying people don't have legit reasons to be mad about the CaC but once again I don't mind it,not even when it was first announced. I've been so used to sonic only for over ten years that seeing that trend continue makes me feel nothing, if it happens great but if they wanna take a half step first with this OC buisness I'm all for it, it basically is just modern Sonic with extra abilities which is what a alternate character should be in the first place. I can only hope if this goes well we can start seeing alternate characters slowly reintroduced to the fold again. It's smart from a buisness standpoint, fits the theme of a army facing Eggman's forces, and would appeal to kids, which this game is mainly being made for after all. This is faaaaaaaar from the worst gimmick this series has done imo.
  10. Pretty much 1:1 eactly how I feel I have nothing more to add. Sonic games are still fun to me, the game looks fun, nothing about the gameplay looks like something I cant have fun with. Ive come to stop being overly invested and take the games as they come, and if they look fun enugh ill check it out. And on its own Forces looks like a fun time, it wont be winning any awards from the looks of things but I dont really need it to personally
  11. We've got to hear a few tracks so we might as well get the ball rolling with this. So in a surprising upset, the music for a Sonic game has been seen as (like the rest of the game) very mixed by fans. Some liking what they heard, others finding it forgettable or just downright bad. So far we know that as usual, Tomoya Ohanti is heading the soundtrack and a another recently confirmed veteran artist, Naofumi Hataya, who lenses his talents to th eClassic Sonic boss theme. So far I'd say the music is pretty alright so far. The main theme has a nice kick, I really enjoy custom park Avenue simply because I've missed music in level lyrical tunes for Sonic despite its chessyness, and modern park Avenue is just good ol high energy rock which I'm always a fan of. However shit like Classic Green Hill sounds like a hilarious God damn mess lmao, sounds like a cacophony of random 16 bit instruments which vaguely has a melody (though Tomoya said its unfinished I can't expect THAT much change) if this is how classic's music will be handled then I have another reason to be annoyed with his inclusion. Classic boss music sounds fine though. So what's everyone else think?
  12. Guessing no lives system this time so not as needed
  13. Im sure they have a good reason for evil shadow then heh still banking on rouge/omega being used as leverage
  14. My  favorite part about Zavok comming back is that no one asked for it, he has virtually no fanbase so it's barely even fanservice, so that just makes me think the developers have a soft spot for the guy and that's a bit hilarious 

    1. Strickerx5


      Or maybe that they have a good story driven reason for him retu-pff

      Nope, couldn't keep a straight face while typing that.

    2. Dejimon11


      Bruh I'm sorry what? I wanted the D6 to come back for a while now

    3. Forte-Metallix


      They needed to fill the roster, and he was the only major villain left that was still alive.

    4. Zaysho


      Maybe he'll actually be deadly this time.

    5. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      I wouldn't say he has no fans, they're just comparatively small due to how recent his game was.

  15. Why are you bringing what I said up then? I don't know how clearer I can be when I say I tend to not compare unrelated games to each other and let the games positives and negatives speak for itself, I honestly don't know how clearer I can be because you seem to assume I just settle for subpar games or question your own methods in judging games