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  1. So yeah looks likE we're getting a very comedy focused yokai watch-like saga and Ash is making funny faces and getting into various hijinks. God forbid if hoped on board during XYZ because this pretty much lloks like its exact opposite imao. Ash looks better here then he did in the initial trailer imo, im willing to give it a shot
  2. So Fire and Ice wasn't a steaming pile of shit after all, that's nice 

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      Gotta start somewhere.

  3. So when is SSMB making another Sonic Album? 

  4. Ssmb is like Sonic, no matter how many times it dies it keeps riding from the grave 

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      It's called Sonic Stadium Message Boards for a reason.

  5. A bit of a bummer but it doesn't curb my enthusiasm for it. I'll be looking forward to to seeing what new bells and whistles are added to the returning stages (plus a greater chance for Hydrocity so I mean...)
  6. Back from Hi, School!

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  7. oh hey its been a month, im free

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      Change back on Thursday that's when the episode aired

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  8. i just dont care for Ash's design (though his official art looks better then it did in the trailer), and some parts of the animation still look rough + plus the lack of shading imo Either way, responding to people who arent 100% on board with it with"well XY isnt special looking either so why complain" isnt really gonna help in the long run either
  9. Dont apprecaite the bit of elitism there but ill bite, i do watch other anime, other well animted anime, and I still enjoy and love the animation for XY, of course its not the pinaccle but cripes its still really impressive all things considered So not gonna start dumping on something that looks good and excites me because other better looking anime just happens to exist, sorry
  10. Plenty of times? I can assure you OS was not the only time Ash has acted in a overly cartoony way and had wacky reactions/faces, because Pokemon at it's heart is still mostly a comedic kids show despite it's dances with action, dramatic stakes and serious moments (roughly 70-80% of the episodes are still silly filler after all). Its clear we simply value diffrent things when it comes to the feel of the anime, but I welcome the change if its not as questionable as it is in the trailer, I still dont like Ash's design much but I do appreciate the attempt to liven him up more.
  11. There are a decent number of scenes on XY that convey well animated character emotion but I don't think that would accomplish anything as you've never watched XY so I mean?? Why the harsh judgements on its animation quality compared to SM? I honestly doubt the the animation will be any more "on" like that as any previous saga, there were shots like Ash with the Bearware that honestly don't look diffrent from the previous saga if it had the same scene. And scenes where characters are completey still like the Team Skull shots, and regular normal unexaggeeated scenes like everything in the classroom which again, don't look any more visually engaging then what you'd get in the main anime so all it has to rely on is the artstyle. And keep in mind that a saga runs for over a hundred episodes every Gen so be prepared for the occasional dips in animation quality
  12. I'm just judging by what we've seen, you're right in that the very brief glimpses of battle we do see aren't to shabby so my mistake there. However I still think I need to see more to be completely sold on it, I'm not dismissing it, I'll still watch of course, if I'm watching this show I'm not gonna have especially high standards to begin with lol. I'm more then willing to give it a chance cone air time, I'm simply not completely won over yet
  13. To people who don't like/watch/care about the anime to any degree past OS and disliked the previous animation/artstyle and all that jazz and are being reeled in with this, more power to them. As someone who HAS enjoyed the anime who has liked the previous artstyle and found it charming and it was nice to actually see it consistently evolve into something really polished and good looking for ONE SAGA, before replacing it with a weird style with a bad Ash design TO ME, yeah it's gonna take a bit of getting used to, I'm not gonna hop on board right away just because it's diffrent and therefore better. And I don't even especially dislike it, it's just.. I don't instantly prefer it to the old style is all. Like you can tell me all the ways current Pokemon still looks bad but when I see the animation go from this  to this I think I'm allowed to raise an eyebrow and be at least a little skeptical on where the direction is going
  14. Am I not allowed to think it doesn't look utterly flawless and needs work and I should be elated a perfectly good looking style was thrown away for no reason? Or is that just not happening?
  15. If you say so :/ I'd rather take the style they've be fine tuning and perfecting for 19 years into something pretty dang beautiful and very well animated over something completely jarring and frankly, sloppy looking It boggles my mind that they'd want to reinvent the wheel for something that wasn't broken to begin with. I don't hate the new style, im sure it will grow on me when it comes time to air but maaaan it's gonna take some time getting used to lol And Ash's design is blah, it's the one thing I straight up don't like