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  1. Sonic Forces OST - Fist Bump (Piano ver.)

    Yall don't think this won't play during the avatars death?? It's obvious to me. "Before I say goodbye to you, one more last fist bump" RIP
  2. This, I could accept Gens as a one off silly what if adventure but now Forces has to go and give it narrative weight and actual attempts at an explanation and what we got was fucking dumb. This isn't TMNT, as far as the games are concerned it's supposed to be ONE continuity
  3. Man that trailer was great! I can't wait to.... Watch all the cutscenes on YouTube
  4. ever stop and wonder how the Boom franchise actually happened, was intended to be this big thing but was a huge dumpster fire and failure and now is almost dead with the cartoon probably on its last legs and you stop and wonder what a huge waste of devlopment, talen and money it was. It wasnt popular, it wasnt liked, resulted in THE worst 3D Sonic gaame ever made review AND Sales wise..Like am I the only one utterly baffled why Sega tried DOING this??

    1. Dejimon11


      I've been complaining about this for years. Like seriously what the fuck was the point of all this? I know it was intended to bring back interest in the series and attract ppl who left and get new comers but hot damn was this the biggest waste of time/effort/money out there.  

    2. Ferno


      and now there's fans of it who'll be mad if it dies

      good one sega

    3. Dejimon11


      @Ferno oh ppl will be complaining regardless plus it's not like SEGA will lose anything if they just killed it off

    4. Forterror-Metallix


      We got the best Sonic cartoon, the best voice acting in the series, cool merch, and a great short-lived comic out of it.

      I wouldn't say it was a total waste.

    5. Josh


      Pretty much everything that came out of boom was trashy for me and I'm only glad it was easy to ignore after the games tripped at the starting line

    6. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Other than the whole Rise of Lyric/Shattered Crystal debacle and the subpar comic, I liked everything else about Boom. The TV show was and still is comedy gold, even by today's cartoon standards.

    7. Izuku Deku Midoriya

      Izuku Deku Midoriya

      Yeah, Sonic Boom is a good example of something that was an absolute waste of time, money, and effort because nothing was accomplished in the end. 

      Amazing this was tempted.

    8. Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Honestly,  everything but the games turned out splendid.

    9. RedFox99


      They might end up transferring Sticks to the main series given he apparent popularity

      Part of me hopes they transfer some of the Boom characters to the main series. Maybe a version of Hedgheog Village where most of the people aren't jerks.

    10. RedFox99


      What's sad is how Sega was responsible for RoL as they signed the Nintendo exclusive deal.

    11. Polkadi


      The games got a Guinness world record.

      Granted, it's a bloody participation award... But still.

      Yeah, the whole subseries was a waste of time for the franchise, but I still enjoy it.

    12. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Publicity stunt and nothing more.

    13. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Because Sega was probably attempting what fans have been suggesting for years-- a spinoff series where a variety of developers can put all the crazy and new ideas and see how they pan out before implementing them in the mainline series.

      It didn't work out as planned, and that's the understatement of the century. But we got a really good TV show out of it (which I should note, has the most episodes of any Sonic show-- if it were truly as unpopular and hated as you claim, it would have gone the way of Sonic Underground and been cancelled before the first season ended), and despite all odds, Boom did manage to get a fandom. For the most part, that fandom is comprised of some of the nicest Sonic fans I've ever met-- people who know how it feels to be mistreated just for having a controversial but harmless opinion, who know how it feels to be at the brunt of another's bitterness, and so have decided to be better than those days. From my perspective, ending Boom for good would be a huge loss for those fans, who've fought hard just to find places where they can be taken seriously and listened to only to possibly have people forget and regress back to thinking that Rise of Lyric represents the quality of the Boom franchise as a whole and that people who like Boom are idiots. Sega would also end up missing out on views and profits in other countries-- America is not the entire world, and Boom has apparently been doing well in countries like France or Israel (especially ones where Sonic is mostly known as an animation icon as opposed to a video game icon, such as in the aforementioned Israel) and also has an impressive amount of exclusivity deals with various networks (quite a feat, considering they cost a lot more and so are only done if networks have complete faith in the program). Plus its apparently doing well on Netflix/Hulu.

      Hell, Nielsen ratings aren't perfect either. They don't count OnDemand viewings, Netflix/Hulu viewings, pirated viewings, and only count DVR views made within a certain timeframe. Disclaiming this with a statement that I do not support or condone piracy, Youtube videos that are basically uploads of full episodes can still consistently get 1,000,000+ views if they aren't taken down too quickly for that volume of people to watch it. I think that says a lot about the dedication of the Boom fandom.

      In short, hindsight is 20/20, and you'd be surprised that some people actually do like Sonic Boom a lot and are invested in it. Its hard not to read comments that make claims like "nothing was accomplished in the end" and "It wasnt popular, it wasnt liked" as very rude, dismissive, and ignorant, even if its not meant as a slight against any one person or meant in malice.

    14. RedFox99


      That bit about Israel interests me.

      Plus Sonic Boom got a Japanese dub for Season 1 during the summer.

    15. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      @RedFox99 I wish I knew more lol-- mostly going off of a post I read from an Israeli fan on this site. I'll try to dig it up, but its quite old and I don't know the language or go-to media websites enough to make the appropriate searches to verify it (if somebody does, that'd be wonderful). All I know is that when Sonic Boom was announced, a lot of Israelis were hyped for what they saw as the return of Sonic after years of no Sonic shows in sight.

    16. Clewis


      I thought most of the stuff outside of the games was okay.

      Funny how you could honestly say the same thing about the main Sonic branch.

    17. Yeow


      They honestly should had just made the TV show as part of the main series and maybe the spinoff comic based on the show.

      Aside from the sub-series falling flat on its face outside the TV show (even then, it's a miracle it's still around given how CN treated it); the whole notion of making another new face of Sonic was outright unnecessary when they already had to deal with two was absolutely unnecessary.

  5. Good or bad, will be interesting seeing Sonic Team cobble together the next Sonic game depending on Forces reception 

    1. TCB


      My one decree is that whatever it may be get this man to lead it


  6. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Its a very common thing you see in the fandom nowadays, some Sonic fans want brownie points for dislking the "the good Sonic game". Im not saying its perfect or even a great game, its just something ive been noticing a lot lately. And with Forces looking like hot garbagio, people can just shift the blame on Colors for its bad level design when the problems run much MUCH deeper then that. It's a lazy scape goat
  7. I know a bad game doesnt nessecarily justify or fix the flaws of a diffrent game but man SLW looks so good right now lmao.

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      I enjoyed Lost World despite of many problems it had. So i agree.

    2. Penny


      the one thing I'll give LW is that it did its own unique gameplay for Sonic, unlike Forces which is tarnishing a well-liked formula with awful level design

    3. Strickerx5


      Eh, I’d take 1 Forces over 10 LW personally. That game just did nothing for me in every department.

    4. Dejimon11


      Sticker thinks that Mania would of been better if it had a homing attack soooooo 

    5. Celestia


      The level design reminds me pretty heavily of LW (and Colours for that matter) so uhhhh

    6. Nix


      Well of course the game with good ideas looks good when you compare it to the game with bad ideas.

    7. Soniman


      considering SLW's man tube like level design gimick is absoltuley nowhere in Forces am inclined to disagree, maybe the 2D I guess but the 2D has been the same in every boost game

    8. Ayliffe


      I really like LW's gameplay and controls, actually. If we had that in more open levels and actual momentum physics for a new game I'd really dig it.

    9. Creep Dude

      Creep Dude

      Well it brought back the Spin Dash...

    10. Ruby Havoc
    11. Celestia


      Good thing I mentioned Colours too, specifically thinking of the 3D sections.

    12. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Lost World could have been the start of something. 

    13. Strickerx5


      @Dejimon11For the record I think I specifically said the homing attack just for to troll at the time.

      I still stand by other modern moves like the wall jump tho

    14. Celestia


      I would've liked to see LW's style get the Unleashed -> Colours -> Generations treatment instead of immediately being thrown away. That was always futile tho' given the game's reception, but even then I was hoping the next thing would at least be a sincere attempt at something new instead of going back to the boost from now until the end of time. Sigh.

  8. 4  years

    1. Dejimon11


      Yeah Mario Odyssey has been in development for 4 years

    2. Yeow


      I still don't believe it (regarding Forces). Game looks like it started being fudged together shortly before it was announced.

  9. Why the heck would I buy a bad game? Its not even about supporting a franchise, im not buying a game I wont even like just to keep Sonic alive, that's dumb lmao.
  10. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    For all the issues SLW had at least the levels looked fun to play before the game came out to a ceartain extent. The enemies were glorified bowling pins, and it required mroe player input then... DAMN man
  11. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    I didnt notice, I was to busy being BAFFLED at how that entire autoamted light dash section lasted so long
  12. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    When Cac swings over that path in the air, how cool would it have been to have landed on it and be taken to a new section of the level? But that's something level designers would think of so never mind
  13. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    This looks awful... Like, Green Hill Zone Modern had more going on then this. It's just one big straight line, the fuck is happening with this game man...
  14. As someone who has been more lenient on Forces then most, I must say. The Chemical plant level  looks like shit 

    1. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Ya don't say. Maybe it's just another early level and things will change later on :V

  15. Double Dash is Double DOGHSHIT

    1. Ferno


      im calling the cops

    2. A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      FUCK you, f*ck your cartoon hotdog husband, fuck his stupid sunglasses, and  FUCK THE KETCHUP KIDS