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  1. thats also a Colors thing, HA has crazy rnage in that game
  2. its not the responsibility of the consumer to have Sega realize they arent doing hte best job they can, and the fault shouldnt fall on them if they see on issue with it if they dont and can get some enjoyment out of it. Frankly im suprrised this is even a disscussion, maybe im the crazy one here, I just find hte concept of people literraly liing Forces as a "harmful problem" to be just, well, really condescending and dumb to be honest. Why should people conform to the opinon of the cyncial...just because they say so?
  3. "someone likes thing I dont like and thats bad and should feel bad" That's honestly what it sounds like??
  4. Why do you have to be like this man, who cares what other people think and what they find enjoyment with, is it reaally worth losing sleep over?
  5. Im sorry but can we PLEASE get a new quote system? The one we have is fucking AWFUL

    1. RedFox99


      What problems do you have with it? 

    2. VEDJ-F


      Not unless the ones running the software change it. 

    3. shdowhunt60


      I have to conclude with this though. It's not intuitive in the slightest.

  6. So the same result but wsomething vissually diffrent to mix things up. Like I said its SOMETHING, who knows, there could be some gameplay implementaations with it were not awre of, im just not dismissing it competley because something something automation.
  7. I guess I just dont see what's to get mad at, HA' chains arent the most interesting things in the world, I dont really mind them adding flare to to something that is just mindlessly hammering A until it's over otherwise. I know this fandom is extremely anti automation but in this case I think its fine, at least it keeps the speed going whereas normal HA chains usually doesnt.
  8. Shadow topic turning into every Forces topic weve had on here so as usual ill bow out till the next one

  9. its just for enemy chains....the homming attack works basically works the same the other 90% of the time, no need for the hperbolic statementss already lmao
  10. Yeah so Shadow has multi chanin homming attack that carries his momentum, that's his unique abillity
  11. yeah thats one of them so far, we should be getting a video of all this stuff in a bit.
  12. Let a FEW things be a surprise, god damn

    1. Soniman


      Heh I deleted the part about the abilities,  doesn't look like anyone saw it anyway :)

  13. He glides when boosting don't worry
  14. If they're gonna include multiple characters I'd want them to function similarly to Sonic yes. Even Tails and Knuckles in Mania are like this to an extent. So I don't think it really speaks to the boost's restrictiveness, more just shows how easy it is to integrate him with the style and they should've done it years ago