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  1. I don't even like Captain Marvel the movie or character that much but the sheer quantity of video essays (which  all garner hundreds of thousands of views) deriding her (character and actress) as cinematic cancer is ridiculous to me, rather then just accepting the whole captain marvel character/movie as just kinda mediocre and moving on people seem to want to prove something by shitting on her. It actually reminds me a lot of the TLJ/Rey situation and I'm pretty sure there's overlap with the "fans" of both. And I notice this usually always comes with targeting female characters in a position of power or authority. Not saying there's not obvious legitimate writing problems worth pointing out and not everyone is a raging bitter anti-SJW,  but the sheer ZEEL certain fans have in doing so is really sus as hell to me. Anyway that's my ted talk

    1. Soniman


      Like I can't really think of a similar situation to a recent male character in film that got this same blow back treatment which is why I brought it up 

    2. Kuzu


      It's the Alt right up to their usual shenanigans 

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