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  1. Tbh I had no idea Pokemon fans hates Z Moves so much I honestly thought they were a mostly inoffensive concept 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Well even if it was a problem with fans, there could still had been a way for it to be improved in a later game. But guess what? They won't bother. There just gonna sweep concepts under the rug without getting any proper development and just make up new ones to throw at a wall.


      Gee that doesn't sound familiar.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      They look like the gayest shit. And the names of the moves are cringey too.

    3. Celestia


      One of the main things I always see brought up is that they never skipped the animations at all even if you had seen it before in that session. Compare that to Megas where not only is the animation a lot shorter anyway, but it's even shorter after the first time each session.

      Though speaking of, as far as concept goes I like Z-moves way more than Megas. I don't actively dislike them but I just never got into the hype at all (also a good chunk of them were like "wow, these sure are cool designs I wish were just normal evolutions").

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