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  1. I'm heavily disappointed in the Pokemon Fandom during this whole debacle even if their complaints are justified, how they've acted during this whole thing has been totally embarrassing 

    1. AlphaRuby


      Like using the Twitter hashtag in posts not relevant to Sword & Shield, or being called a "shill" if you wanna get the game regardless?

    2. Soniman


      Yeah just shitty behavior like that. Just never completely turned against a Fandom I was a apart of so quickly 

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      This whole debacle is quickly ruining Sword and Shield for me. Not because of what GameFreak has done (frankly, I couldn't care less), but because I can't enjoy talking about anything related to the game anymore without a bunch of people coming in shoehorning #BringBackNationalDex into every stupid thing related to the games.

    4. Speederino


      I'm very much an outsider looking in but this whole thing does look pretty silly from where I'm sitting, even if there are some legit grievances.

      But I've totally been there with the Star Wars fandom a couple times so I know the feel.

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